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Saturday 1 May 2021

Corrie Comicals week ending 30 April 2021

You know how some actresses of a certain age seem to be unable to express themselves facially?  Somehow I think I can be certain that Sharon Bentley (Tracy Bennett joining the incomparable stable of National Treasures working on Corrie - Maureen Lipmann and Paula Wilcox; please pretty please will the powers that be get these three in scenes together?) has had none of that botox stuff - see above!  And milk has to be pretty old to turn to cottage cheese overnight in a fridge!  And Sharon likes the bad boys - so perhaps Gary will appeal?

Emily Gascoyne wrote the second episode on Monday and was gifted this scene with Hope (above) and Ruby (who has finally materialised) wanting to cross-examine Alina to see if she is fit to be their new mother.  Some of you might be scared of facing Hastings and Arnott in "Line of Duty".  They have nothing on Hope and Ruby who simply will not accept a "No Comment" response - but want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and they were soon sucking diesel I can tell you!  I just feel the producer should have let Fiz and Ty get married before splitting them up!

Analogue George Shuttleworth is hearing how they should move their operations to the "Cloud" and modernise from digital Todd ("Tony Blair") Grimshaw, which is odd as I thought delivering their clients to the cloud was an essential part of their business anyway!  Todd claiming that all this IT work (an online calendar) is above his current pay grade and that his salary package will need an upgrade (above).  Rightly George is ever so slightly suspicious of all this techy talk.

Speed Dahl order - just for Mary please note - a trio of dips and chutneys, one paneer tikka masala, one mutton nihari, one bagara rice, one stuffed naan, one onion bhaji and one almond kulfi.  I assume you will be having poppadoms with the dips!  I hope Mary is buying dinner as a house warming present along side the draught excluder doggy (on the back of the sofa behind Mary above).

Things Carla is least likely to say must include "I actually used to be really good at KerPlunk" and then she goes and says it.  For those who cannot remember there are a large number of marbles or similar held from falling by a large number of wooden sticks, with the aim of removing the sticks one by one and not letting any of the marbles dropping down the shute.  It passes the time!  I always thought it was luck - but Carla was obviously skilled!

Kev cannot bring himself to tell Ty that Alina is not welcome at the wedding and keeps dodging the issue.  Abi reckons he is like a robot vacuum cleaner who hits something hard and heads off in another direction (above), avoiding conflict at all costs.

Oh good.  Jenny is on Sharon's case and Daisy is on hand as well - she knows that something about that phone call was dead shady.  If Jenny has any sense she might ask Johnny a bit more about people talking about a Sharon visiting - prisoners do talk and the prison cannot be that large can it?  And will we end up with Jenny and Sharon having fisticuffs in the Street - long overdue a good sorting out!  And yes we do know that Sharon is doing it under duress - but that is no defence.

Which just about wraps this week for me.  There was no room for Asha and her kitten, Nick not knowing how to destroy a SIM card (and like Boris being unable to change his phone number) and I am just waiting for the moment when Sarah-Lou (its just Sarah these days) and Sharon exchange phone numbers (because as we know everyone on the Street has one another's number) and suddenly the random messages re-appear on her phone with "Sent by Sharon"!  And Todd has had a miraculous revelation that he was once "nice"; and it is not Billy who has managed that but George!  

And before you hear from me again I will be getting my second vaccination.

Written by: Chris Fewtrell & Emily Gascoyne (Monday); Mark Wadlow & Jonathan Harvey (Wednesday); Debbie Oates (Friday)
Directed by: Lee Trevor (Monday); Pip Short (Wednesday & Friday)


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coconno196 said...

Good to see a glimpse of "nice" Todd. Can he stay that way please? Let him use his intelligence and charm positively.

maggie muggins said...

One swallow does not make a summer, Todd. He's been one way since he came back with a new head. He would have to win a Nobel prize to balance that out.


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