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Thursday 13 May 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 12th May 7.30 & 8.30 pm

Abi’s avalanche of emotion over Seb’s death has now seemingly become entrenched, with Corey being suspect N0.1. But are things that clean-cut? 

Tonight, the quagmire of grief continues to cause Abi sleepless nights, with Kevin and Sally worried about her past drug addictions returning to the fore. Igniting a fight against that, Abi continues to chase the police for updates and finds a voicemail from Seb that could hold key evidence in the murder case. Heading straight to the police, Abi replays the message in which you can hear Seb being attacked. The plot is sure to thicken. 

Kelly’s fight or flight instincts are now kicking in, and after Monday night’s revelations, she visits Corey and tells him that she’s thinking of going to the Police. Stefan conveniently interrupts the warring teens and warns Kelly off. Giving his son some clear advice, Corey’s Dad promises to defend his son at all costs.

Meanwhile, Imran and Toyah are contacted by social services, telling them that Kelly’s placement may now be unsuitable, just as Laura makes a reappearance. Ignoring her Mother's unsavoury advice, Kelly is called back by the police anyway. Imran passionately fights her corner, but she decides to go to the cop shop with her Mum. It soon transpires that Laura has returned due to her latest relationship fall-out, and Imran uses this as collateral, attending Kelly’s police meeting in her place. Meanwhile, Corey voluntarily visits the police with his Dad to offer information. The police then tell Kelly that forensics now place her at the scene, and not only that, at the forefront of the attack itself. Imran asks Kelly to come clean about the attack so she tells the police some details but, to me, it still seems to come across as being quite sketchy? She points the finger firmly at Corey until Seb’s voicemail is played. It’s clear that Kelly is laughing in the background of the call, but does that prove anything? Corey has been quick to ditch dirt on her, and by doing it voluntarily, it paints him in a different light. Taking all of this into consideration, the police charge Kelly with assault and murder. Imran promises to stand by her at all costs. Kevin promises Abi the same, as the grieving mother struggles with the latest developments. 

Meanwhile, Summer‘s sunshine spirit has been marred by a Seb shaped cloud and seeks solace in Paul. The sniping comments on social media and the climate at school are getting her down. Summer blames herself for Seb's death but is struggling to speak to Billy about it.  

Evelyn’s return to the cobbles couldn't be more timely, either. Surely Roy can rely on his old friend for compassion and comfort? Maybe not, as Evelyn’s sharply observant belittling of Kirk’s simple demeanour causes Roy to react in anger, and he kicks her out of his cafe. Cancelled by Cropper! Later, Roy apologises to Evelyn for overreacting and exclaims his indifference to society’s intolerance and barbarism. Regaling memories of Hayley’s struggles, Evelyn offers support to Roy’s ever-increasing dismay at modern indifference. Later, Nina finally prepares to leave the hospital but is still struggling to remember the events of the night itself. The injuries of the night are still visible but the emotional scarring underneath may be worse still! 

Elsewhere in tonight’s episodes; the Baileys bring baby Glory home and Ed has finally fixed that staircase. Getting involved in all the baby activity, Micheal also tells his Dad to back off a bit. Ed plans to give them a break by going to see Agi. Ronnie tries to smooth things over but Ed gives his brother short shrift.

Is Corey innocent or is he just pinning the blame on Kelly? 

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Fluttershy said...

Would Wethersfield Police really believe Corey's story that he tried to drag Kelly off, but the wee little girly was just to strong for a big hulking thug like him? They must be the worst Police force in the country, and Imran is surely the worst solicitor for not pointing this out to them. Love the way the writers are able to make us feel sympathy for a nasty little
madam like Kelly, great acting from Millie Gibson, she's a future star!

coconno196 said...

No way is Corey innocent. Why are the police so quick to believe him? Have his clothes been checked for DNA? If Kelly kicked Seb there would be evidence on her shoes. And who are these other mates that Corey mentions?

Humpty Dumpty said...

Can't help but think we're being given a load of red herrings in Seb's assault story. Corey so clearly seems to be the villain, washing away the evidence as soon as he got home, clued-up family probably employing the best legal team. In the other corner, we have Kelly from a troubled background, known to Social Services, absent mother. Did she initiate the assault or was she told to do it by Corey, who then couldn't stop her violence? We've been told it's going to be a class war, as well. I find that interesting as 'class' distinctions belong to old Corrie. These days, class divisions in Corrie are blurred, being more about rich and poor. Viewers have not been given any clues in the exchanges between Corey and Kelly, just a few references to 'telling the truth'. Or perhaps it was one of the others in the gang? With no CCTV, I still think the truth will come out when the police discover a recording on one of the mobile phones.


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