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Thursday 20 May 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 19th May 7.30 & 8.30 pm

Rule number one of Coronation Street; marriages don't last. Aside from the odd rarities, it's virtually written in stone in the cobbles themselves. At one time I would have said that Jenny and Johnny were an exception to this rule, but with his prison stint, and Jenny’s general gorgeousness, it wasn't going to be long before she attracted some male attention. As landlady of the B&B and The Rovers Return, it was a guess that guest Ronnie had her eye on the flame-vixen, and I don't blame him. Rule number two of course is that you will get found out, and with Jonny’s release from prison, it's surely a given!

Tonight, Ronnie is feeling the full force of Jenny's guilty complex and gets ready to make a hasty exit. Perplexed by a sudden shift in the atmosphere, Daisy does some digging and finds out the truth from Jenny. Ronnie tells his brother he’s gonna sell up on the business and move on. Facing Jenny before he departs, Ronnie decides to try to clear the air and offloads a bit of emotional baggage. With some viable tension between them, Jenny admits she’s keen to continue the affair, and at that exact moment, Johnny returns home. Pleased to see his wife, the ex-con is ignorant of Jenny’s guilt even thanking Daisy for helping out. Meanwhile. Daisy tells Jenny that she won't be able to keep the affair secret from Johnny, at which Johnny overhears. Questioning his wife, Jenny lies and tells him that business is slow, much to Daisy’s dismay.  

Ronnie tells Ed he’s heading down south and the brothers make peace. Ed decides to let him stay in the campervan whilst he makes his next moves. Jenny warns Daisy to stop stirring it or else she’s out as well!

Dev seems to have enjoyed a night on the wine with Sharon, whose snooping for Harvey is continuing. The old lothario is easy to charm, and feigning the loss of an earring, Sharon gets the keys to N0.7, and with no one home, her quest to find Leanne's location continues. Harvey calls at a convenient time and helps her access Simon’s online identity. She sends a message just as Dev returns home and misunderstands Sharon’s eagerness to get into his address, as a cue to get into his bed! Sharon plays along and dupes Dev into some slow-played out romance. Obviously a ruse, she tries to persuade Dev to block Adi from playing the console, until the message reply comes through.  At the hideout, Simon reads the message and regales at the content. Later, Sharon and Dev dine at The Bistro and she persuades him to take things back to his place. Getting access to the console again, Sharon reads Simon’s reply and asks him whereabouts he is staying.  At the safehouse, Leanne tells Simon to ignore any messages, and he tells his Mum about what's been happening in Weatherfield. Simon feels guilty for not being available and tells Leanne he wants to go home. She tells him just to wait a few more weeks for the court case to conclude. In the meantime, Simon removes his identity from the console. Sharon leaves without saying anything to Dev and calls Harvey. He tells her that she needs to get at Sam instead!

Alina and Tyrone are flat-hunting together but with Seb’s death, Alina is now reluctant to leave the flat shop and tells Tyrone that she’d rather stay put. Tyrone and Alina get amorous, and after a shower, Tyrone tells Debbie that her flat is a death trap. Debbie is quick in telling him that she’s going to sell it. Taking Alina’s disposition into consideration, Debbie offers Tyrone first refusal on any sale. Taking a chance, Tyrone asks Kev for a deposit loan but makes no promises. 

Elsewhere in tonight’s episodes; Carol tells Shaun that she still wants to join Double Glammy but he’s not convinced. Later,  Carol signs up with Daisy instead. Roy finds Nina’s discarded outfits and passes them to Asha for safekeeping. Asha tells Adi that she wants to try and coax a confession out of Corey. 

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Anonymous said...

It's such a waste of talent that Will Mellor has been cast as criminal Harvey. He is currently only making cameo appearances from the prison cell.
He should be portraying a different type of character where his talents can be better utilised and he can be on screen for longer than a 30 second rang to Sharon

Humpty Dumpty said...

And a waste of Tracie Bennett in a highly contrived storyline with a daft voice (which is not her own). Much as I like Johnny and Jenny together, Jenny might be even more excellent as the solo licensee. Like her predecessors in the Rovers, she would work well with a team to spar with. I'd love to see Evelyn helping out behind the bar but maybe too old. Could she be a more refined Hilda?

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with you about Tracie Bennett. I never liked her character when she was originally in Corrie, but no she seems to be a caricature of her former self. That cackle at the end of every speech is so annoying. I really can't watch Sharon on screen any longer. I agree with anon about Will Mellor though


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