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Monday 24 May 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 24th May

Poor little Sam's been in the back of that truck since Friday - I hope he's at least done a dirty protest. You'd think that given he's a boy genius, he could have fashioned a battering ram out of what he can find in the lorry, Hannibal and BA Baracus-style. He does have the wherewithal to find a bag of snack food for breakfast that the bearded hipster-slash-removals-man-slash-child-catcher has left behind. It's not as nice as the take-away brekkie that 40 a day woman Sharon has brought round to Shona and David to try to get some info. Later she spots Nick disguised (I use the word loosely) in a hoodie as he returns to the Platts to help find his son. Natasha blames him for Sam's disappearance, saying that there was no trouble before she let Nick back into her son's life. Well she did choose to return to t'cobbles, you know everyone's life goes straight downhill as soon as they exit the tram station onto Victoria Street. The plods turn up, having found the lickle lad, and Natasha and Nick go visit him in the hospital. On the way back, Nick takes a cab driven by...the childcatcher! He tells Nick that unless Leanne and Simon withdraw their statements, Sam will go missing again, for good. Well, if that happens, at least we won't have to hear any more Year 6 science.

Tyrone tells Alina that if she wants a fancy coffee machine, for their "new" flat, she shall have a fancy coffee machine. Next on the list is fancy coffee cups because a fancy coffee machine needs fancy coffee cups, apparently. I think Tyrone thinks he's the cups to Alina's Tassimo, but I reckon that he's more a mug of sugary builder's tea.

Tyrone moans that he has to go shoe shopping with the girls. Why doesn't Fiz dump Ruby, his actual child, on Tyrone - that might curb his new sex 'n' shopping lifestyle with his new fancy piece. Also Evelyn. Talking of, already annoyed with Ty for his wandering, erm, eye, she's even more aggravated when she finds out that he's moonlighting doing grocery deliveries from the shop (Deveroo?) and deliberately gives him extra bags to drop off, spoiling his romantic toad in the hole evening with Alina.

Johnny and Ronnie, sitting on a tree, t-a-l-k-i-n-g about football. Apparently Ronnie supported Rovers when he lived in Doncaster. Was he there in June 1995? I'm not sure I understand Ronnie's motivation for moving back to the pub, unless the camper van is more uncomfortable than Daisy's glares and Jenny's derision. Daisy then decides to blackmail Randy Ronnie, saying she'll tell all if he doesn't help her with Double Glammy. A minx gotta do what a minx gotta do. Ronnie tells Jenny and she says she'll sort out Daisy with a Rita-patented "Now look here, lady..."

There's a new kid on the block and he's an immediate hit with Emma, helping her with a beer barrel. He's an immediate hit with me as well, or will be when he grows up a bit, given that he's young enough to be my grandson. Less so with Steve, who says Curtis is the guy who knocked him off his bike, even though the young fellow-me-lad has turned up to return Steve's phone. After a pep talk from Amy, Steve agrees to cut back on the fundraising, but Emma says she will fundraise with him. And Curtis? He'll be fundraising too? Right?

In the comedy storyline, Elaine spots a mouse and blames Cathy and her hoarding ways for encouraging them into the house. Cathy runs off, annoyed, and poor Yasmeen does an eyeball roll and a sigh and a phone call to pest control. She got rid of two husbands and her grandkids and now she has to be put up with these two.

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Anonymous said...

I completely agree with your comment that Fiz should drop Ruby off at Tyronne's, that would certainly mess with their little love nest.


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