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Friday 7 May 2021

Seb’s Dead! - Corrie Blog speaks to Harry Visinoni about leaving Coronation Street

By the time you read this, Coronation Street will have concluded on a week of heinous teenage violence, airing a youth hate crime that has resulted in the death of Seb Franklin. 

In a storyline that's reputedly to last the remainder of the year, the attack will now have undoubtedly far-reaching and dramatic consequences for the residents of Coronation Street. The fall-out that follows promises to pit neighbour against neighbour, spouses arguing, and could even raise the issue of class?

This week, I joined Coronation Street online to chat with Harry about Seb’s demise, those fatal fight scenes, and what he learnt during 5 years on Coronation Street. He’s also got shorter hair now, in case you were wondering! Here is a pic to prove it;

Q What were your feelings on this storyline, and how did it all come about? 

HV  I had a meeting with producers and we looked at new avenues for Seb, going forward. This storyline was then brought up as an option and I decided it was a fitting end for the character and something I wanted to be part of. I never wanted to stay in Coronation Street forever, so it was something I couldn't pass up on

Q We've seen a different side to Seb in his relationship with Nina. How did you approach the filming of those scenes? 

HV  I loved playing those scenes and the way the relationship was written. It was so lovely and honest - a testament to the writers. We had filmed blocks of episodes that were the essence of that relationship. The reception for them has been wonderful, and it was necessary to the impact of the storyline  

Q What was it like filming the attack scene?

HV it is interesting, a younger Seb would have just got stuck in there and fought, but the mature Seb is there with Nina and he realises the best way to protect her is to get out of there

Q What was it like filming those fight scenes? The camera appeared to be on the floor during one scene!

HV It was really exciting! You rarely get to film that kind of thing at Corrie, I loved it. Night filming also gives it a different feel and the energy was there! It’s quite impressive that it's all been done socially distanced and more impressive for it! 

Q How was the environment when filming those scenes, did you manage to laugh it off? 

HV I got on well with everyone and we had a good group of people together

Q The post-attack make-up is impressive. How long did it take for them to add the cuts and bruises? 

HV  The make-up artists only had one hour to apply it due to Covid regulations. I didn't have any mask on or anything for rehearsal, so they had to know what they were doing beforehand. I sent a picture to my girlfriend when it was on and she was horrified!

Q What was it like filming the death scenes and hearing Abi going through that awful grief. Will you miss working with Sally Carman? 

HV Yes, I will. Just watching her in those scenes, her ability to tap into those emotions at the drop of a hat, I was quite awestruck. It was scene after scene, take after take. It was impressive and quite inspiring!

Q How important is this story to you, and what did it mean to you, to be working with the Sophie Lancaster Foundation?  

HV It was very important, yes! I think people are very quick to make drastic assumptions about people by the way they are dressed. Ignorance has consequences and it comes from a lack of understanding. Huge responsibility to tell the story and an honour to share it in Sophie’s memory

Q What have you learnt from your time on Corrie, and who have you learnt the most from? 

HV Well, I went to Corrie straight from college at 18 to becoming 23 this June. I've gone from being a boy to a man and have learnt a lot about TV. It's been an incredible education, and the opportunity to work with many different people. Not just one person, as you learn so much from storyline to storyline and from scene to scene. 

Q How was your last day of filming on Coronation Street? 

HV It was emotional, as the director said ‘it's a wrap for Harry’ I was welling up a bit which is rare for me. I will be watching the episodes this week though! 

The after-effects of this attack are sure to reverberate around the cobbles for months!

I wonder what Alina’s reaction will be! Will Tyrone show sympathy or will this cause the first crack in the new couple’s relationship? 

Surely Faye is going to be gutted, too? Will Eileen be comforted by George at the funeral?

How will Abi cope with the aftermath of such a tragedy?

Do I think too much about how these things will pan out for future episodes? You bet I do! That's why I write for this blog - I'm obsessed!

@rybazoxo  your cobbles connoisseur 


Fluttershy said...

Due to last the rest of the year? Does that mean we have to put up with the hideous Cory strutting around the Street for another 8 months?

A truly shocking and heartbreaking twist that I did not see coming, I always felt Seb was an underused character who had great potential (a bit like Emma). Good luck to Harry, I'm sure he'll be back on telly soon!

Anonymous said...

Seb's death with his mum and the scene with Nina were heaertbreaking to watch.
Great performances by everyone.
My only complaint is Eileen shoehorned in the episode,she wasn't even friends with Abi.

flippinmental said...

Great write up Ryan

flippinmental said...

Great write up Ryan

Anonymous said...

Seb used to live at Eileen's for a while. Only natural she would be told and get upset at the news

Louby said...

It felt a bit different, with the news being told to Abi quietly. So much good acting from everyone.

Did Seb live with Eileen for a while? I was a bit surprised to see her included in that end scene. I wonder if she will become involved somehow in the unfolding plot.

So sad that we won't see more of Nina and Seb's relationship, they were a great match.

Humpty Dumpty said...

The scenes of silent wailing were so much more moving than if we had heard Abi and Nina. I've seen someone claw the floor with grief and Abi's scene was very authentic. Going on to the end of the year means they may be tempted to over-egg the pudding. I hope the writers don't make Abi attempt a couple of murders which would get us into OTT soap territory. My guess is Corey has wealthy parents who will pay for a Mr Loophole-type solicitor. I only hope one of Corey's gang filmed it on a mobile and it will be found on the hard drive.

Sharon boothroyd said...

It was a shock, as I sort assumed they'd both get through it and the continuing storyline was about Corey and Kelly being arrested and charged, then it going to court.

Anonymous said...

Corey mentioned he's lived in Alderley Edge. Part of of the Cheshire triangle. Pricey properties.

coconno196 said...

Moving as it was, there was no need to kill off Seb after all the other recent tragedies. I am sure the Sophie Lancaster Foundation were just grateful for the issue to be addressed. Now we will get the usual revenge storyline, Abi possibly going back on drugs etc


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