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Saturday 15 May 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 14 May 2021

Good day; I am away next week so Ms Kelstar and I have done a swapsies and I get to to tell you about the comings and goings on the Street on Friday night.  Tonight was largely dominated by the after effects of Seb's death but to provide some relief Sam was drafted to firstly irritate David by wanting to discuss the deeper significances of Treasure Island - which David has never read (has David read any books, ever?).  Arising from a discussion in Roy's Rolls which Daniel overhears David coerces Daniel to do some Sam sitting which morphs into Sam setting Daniel a test on verbal and non-verbal reasoning!  Sam is dismissive of his test answers but still offers Daniel the job of tutoring him for the Oakhill entrance exam.  Daniel considers Sam a bit of a pain in the neck but when Sam (above) agrees to £35 / hour (over £60k pa) a rate at which I can see Natasha blanching ever so slightly Daniel can see this as a good way of funding his studies to be a teacher - as it is more than he pays for Bertie's babysitters!

The Seb story has various strands.  The police advise Abi that Eli Higginson and Jason Dowling have pled guilty to GBH on Nina and that Kelly Neelan has been charged with GBH in connection with Nina and with the murder of Seb.  Meanwhile Corey has been placed at the scene of the crime and remains a person of interest but has not been charged.  One of the accused has indicated that the attack took place because Nina was a goth!  The good news is that as charges have been brought Seb's body can be released for burial.  So the next we see is of Abi is at Shuttleworth's where George has had this amazing idea for the funeral utilising some goth aspects.  Abi wants none of that and storms out of the undertakers.  She takes her anger out on a car bonnet with an extra large wrench (above).  

The next strand revolves around Kelly who has a bail hearing this morning.  Laura Neelan (Kel Allan reprising the part) is laying the law down to Imran that he is to get her bail so that Kelly can live with her and she is going to see Social Services to organise it.  At the hearing Imran tries to get Kelly released whilst Abi glowers from the back of the court.  The judge is having none of it and Kelly is held on remand.  There are two outcomes to this Laura gives Imran a good telling off for failing to get Kelly released.  Outside Underworld Toyah (above) tells Kelly it is her fault for disappearing leaving a scared teenager in care.  Imran also has to tell Toyah that in the light of events Social Services will not be returning Kelly to their care - but he is determined to defend her as he is convinced from her reaction that she was not involved.  Earlier Toyah had said that Kelly returning to the Street and their care was probably not a good thing - but she seems less certain later on.  She and Imran agree that they have to help her and Imran tells her he loves her, especially when she gets her knickers in a twist outside an underwear factory.

Nina has had a dream and she thinks she is recalling events - and that Corey was definitely there - but she cannot remember much more.  She is however ready to leave hospital and Roy has brought her favourite dress and makeup.  She recounts the story to one of the policewoman who seems to be running the investigation - but she does not even know the names of those pleading guilty.  The police are blaming the CPS for not charging Corey rather than the absence of evidence.  Nina carefully re-applies her makeup before leaving hospital (above).  Even now she has to be herself.

Summer is caught up in all of this which gives Paul and Todd to have a shout at each other for no good reason.  She has bunked off school because she cannot face it - and admits as much to Todd and Billy when she gets home.  Todd however does find Paul and apologise - the latter was right over Summer and Todd admits it (above).  Paul apologises as well and they talk about Summer and Seb.

It is with deep regret that I have to report on the Bailey's.  Ed has bobbed off to see Aggie now the staircase is finished and Ronnie is hanging around like a bad fart.  Ed gives Michael the keys to the camper van and later Jenny gets Michael to go into the Rovers for free (Ronnie paid and Jenny insisted on cash - not payment in kind) drinks enabling Ronnie to get the van keys out of Michael's pocket (above).  Ronnie wants to re-establish himself within the family by getting the camper van ready for Ed and (presumably) Aggie's return.  Jenny and Ronnie seem to be enjoying some gentle flirting and interaction - Ronnie is no doubt about to be very disappointed.

Once she and Roy arrive on the Street she sees Asha and wants to know if the latter is still giving Corey an alibi.  Asha says she is not - with Nina calling him a scumbag and suggesting it is Asha's fault.  Abi emerging from the undertaker tells Nina that Asha is not to blame - it all started because of the way Nina looks with her stupid clothes and make up.  Abi tells Nina she is to blame for Seb's death.  If Nina were normal Seb would not be in the morgue according to Abi.  Abi carries on telling Nina "you ain't wise, you ain't woke, you're a weirdo".  Nina runs away and then Abi tells Asha to grow up - everything has consequences.  Roy goes to look for Abi as Nina explains to Carla what was said and the latter goes to the garage to get Abi to see some sense and apologise to Nina.  Abi does not see sense.  Roy finally finds Nina (above) and she is feeling the weight of Abi's accusations.  She cannot remember more and she wants to tell Seb she is sorry.  Nina is even asking herself if she is a freak as everyone has said for years.  Nina adds that she loved clothes, loved art, loved being herself, but perhaps she and Roy are the freaks after all.  Roy manages to get her to come home and once there Nina washes off the makeup, removes her dress and re-appears in the cafe in torn jeans and an old woolly of Shona's trying to be normal - and as everyone says she does not look like Nina (below).

As she says Seb was killed because of what she looked like, so she is not that person any more.

Written by David Isaac and David Proud on a first outing to the Street and directed by Peter Rose.


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