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Thursday, 1 October 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 30th of Sept 7.30 & 8.30 pm

Aside from last week's farcical factory scene with Toyah, we hadn’t seen much of Michael Bailey, or any of the family, in quite a while. I did question this in last week's review, and now I wish I hadn't. 

Following Monday night's episode, I was adamant that it would transpire that Michael wasn’t Grace’s Dad, but to turn it around that she isn't even her real Mother, either?? It is just COVID or is Everything a bit weird at the minute? Despite promising to James (where the has he reappeared from) to not do anything stupid, it was obvious that a swift kidnapping was to follow. 

I do wonder whether restrictions have prevented a more dramatic staging, in this storyline? Anyway, as kidnapping goes, Ed quickly finds Michael with baby Tianna at Victoria Gardens (across the road!) Why Ed had to turn up randomly again, I have no idea, as though that proposal wasn’t strange enough. What has been niggling me about this whole surreal saga though; where is Aggie? She never liked Grace and warned Michael against going anywhere near her. We know her absence has been explained as off-screen ‘looking after a relative’, yet I think she would have added a lot more gusto to this bizarre Bailey betrayal. I ended up feeling sorry for Micheal in the end, and for more reasons than I wish to write about.

Drama for drama's sake then or is Carla and Peter’s relationship really on rocky waters? 

It has never been plain sailing for these two, but I’m kind of hoping this is temporary rather than a permanent collapse in their coupling? It can’t help Peter living in The Rovers and Carla being back at the factory, so, it’s a seemingly strange direction they’re heading? Adam is rarely the voice of reason (divorce, cash raids, extramarital shagging) which I think tells us all we need to know about Peter’s mindset. Carla seems more interested in Sarah’s marriage too. I can’t quite fathom this storyline if I’m honest, and I’m a big Carla / Peter fan, personally. Are we covering old ground here? Also, whilst on the subject, wouldn’t Adam Barlow have bunked up with Laura Neelan? I would have thought that rather than some one-scene randomer!

Nina's unique persona & aesthetic is what I like about her, and the online feedback agrees, so to see her heading over to Underworld’s employment, has to be The best thing to happen in tonight’s Corrie. Is Nina is going to be the new Angie Freeman (check Corriepedia if you’re too young)? 

Can we also have more of Carla chastising the men of the cobbles please, too? Reminiscent of Elsie Tanner that was, and I absolutely loved it!  

Ray's criminal capers continue and seemingly roping in another Platt boy, he tells Nick he’s not interested in the factory shares but will donate £10K to little Oliver’s lifeline fund, so what is Ray up too? Has he forgotten about the sinkhole now, suddenly losing interest, perhaps or does he have his roving eye on Gail? She loves a bad boy, doesn’t she? Just a thought. Less flush than Ray, and taking a big hint from Nick, Steve’s plans to sell all of his businesses is picking up pace, but is Tracy really going to sell the florists to pay for her husband’s illicit, yet seriously ill love-child? We know she’s mellowed these last few years but I can’t see that happening, can you?

I also cant see Geoff letting Daniel get away lightly with that cash robbery either. 

Saying that though, all of the characters seem out of sorts at the minute, so who knows? 

Is it COVID or just a weird Weatherfield vibe at the minute? 

Answers on a socially-distanced postcard, or tweet me @rybazoxo your cobbles connoisseur 

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Fluttershy said...

I did enjoy the whole Michael storyline last night, I genuinely felt so sorry for him, it was classic Corrie. But the whole thing was wound up so quickly, that was a revelation that should have taken a couple of weeks at least, rather than just thrown out on a Wednesday two-parter. All of the soaps need to understand that if they want us to care about new families, they need to put the characters into relationships with existing characters we do care about, rather than just leaving them to their own isolated storylines.

And I groaned at the whole Nina is a secret underwear designer thing, the worst of all possible Corrie clich├ęs. Can we not have at least one female character with aspirations slightly higher than working in the local knicker facktry?

Scott Willison said...

Nina was introduced as a fashion student - she was making her own corsetry and so on. So it makes more sense for her to work at Underworld than in Roy's! However, I'd have preferred her to work with Alya (another fashion graduate) on their own business. Far more interesting.

coconno196 said...

Does Nina now have a full-time permanent job at Roy's? Did she complete her college course?

Anonymous said...

Last night felt like the return of Carla Connor and I loved it!
The scene between her and Adam when she threw a stapler at his head and went into an empowered speech about her sex life, finally admitting to the fact she was raped again, was brilliant and really felt like the Carla of old.
Carla's at her best as the feisty businesswoman, not mopey victim, so I hope we get more scenes like the ones we got last night.

Sharon Boothroyd said...

I loved the Micheal and Grace story line - it was nice to be surprised!
I can't see Ray going for Gail- he's more likely to be interested in someone younger.
I hope Sarah and Adam get back together.
I've never understood why Peter and Carla haven't got their own place, really.
Apparently Craig is suddenly going to fall for Fay soon! He hasn't spoken to her for ages.
I'm still puzzled why no -one shows the slightest interest in The Platt's sink hole.
I'm also puzzled how Ray and co managed to secretly carry the sabotage out!

Tilly Flop said...

I'm sure the sink hole situation will be clarified in due course.
I really enjoyed last night's episodes. Best in a long while. It was nice for the Bailey's to get a storyline, although it's fairly obvious that Lorna Laidlaw is self isolating. Come back soon Aggie, we need you to get the men in your life back in order!
I also loved having feisty Carla back and it was nice to see Peter and Carla getting their mojo back!
I think Nina will be fab at the factory, I love her character

Anonymous said...

Carla was definitely the highlight of the episode. When she threw the stapler at Adam and gave him a verbal dressing down, it reminded me of the time Elsie Tanner put an ashtray in her handbag and tried to lamp Ray Langton with it!

Carla and Elsie are very similar; they’re the defining ‘strong’ women of their Corrie generations and I hope this is the start of Carla getting her mojo back because she’s become a bit dull in recent years, but last night showed she’s still got it!

I’d like to see her buy Nick’s shares of the factory and become the sole boss of Underworld again because she’s in her element running the factory (and the clueless Sarah- Lou being her superior is wrong on so many levels).

I enjoyed last night's episodes but I do agree that Corrie's losing it's way and becoming too far fetched with these outlandish plots (sinkhole anyone?). I think it needs be less plot focused and more character focused.

popcorn said...

Angie and Nina - 2 of my very favourite characters! So appropriate that Nina is followinng in Angie's footsteps.

Louby said...

I was hoping Craig would get together with Emma!

Louby said...

I enjoyed last night's episodes way more than any other recent ones. I especially liked being surprised by something in the storyline that I hadn't heard anything about. I don't think it's all over just yet though, Grace is still out there and I'd have thought that Michael will want some answers from her!

And feisty Carla too, yay!

Anonymous said...

I also feel sorry for Michael and I hope Grace does not get away with her deception as Toyah did when she lied about Susie.
I'm disappointed that the writers seem to think that if you had a miscarriage that it's 'okay'to keep someone else's baby and pass it off as yours.


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