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Saturday, 3 October 2020

Simon Gregson interview: Steve's sacrifice to save Oliver

Steve’s world has been turned upside down now the doctors have said there’s no more treatment available to Oliver, does Steve feel there’s still hope for him despite this? Is it a case of not wanting to believe the worst or does he truly feel they’ve got it wrong?

He’s in two minds, he’s believing what the doctors are saying but then he’s hoping against hope that there is still a chance. But Leanne won’t take it on board at all and Steve is allowing himself to be persuaded by Leanne really because he wants to believe there’s still hope.

How prepared is Steve to take on a legal battle? 

They want to do everything they can but they’re not prepared at all financially because it’s a ridiculous amount of money but they’re determined to do anything they can and go to any lengths to give Oliver a chance. Steve offers to sell his businesses to raise money, Nick tries to sell his share of the factory, the whole family is pulling together, even Tracy agrees to sell the florists.

Are Leanne and Steve united in this? 

He’s definitely united with her yes. At the end of the day although he’s seeing it from a much more logical point of view, and has resigned himself to the fact that these are the experts and they’re probably right, this is his son and he’d die for him so he’s letting himself go down the path that Leanne’s going down because any hope is better than no hope.

How have you seen their relationship change in recent months because they haven’t always seen eye to eye over parenting Oliver?

There was always some issue and something to argue about so things have changed dramatically. I think Leanne is seeing that Steve will do anything for Oliver. Whether she knew how much he loved him at the beginning I don’t know but she sure knows now.

Tracy has really been there for Steve, have you been surprised by the shift in their relationship? 

I have been surprised by how nice Tracy can be but then one thing we do know about Tracy is that she loves her daughter. They share a daughter in Amy so I think she can put herself in Steve’s shoes, she gets that emotion. Deep down there is some warmth in there and I think this storyline has brought it out.

So how does Steve react when Tracy says she’s pulling the sale of their businesses? Is this a real kick in the teeth for Steve?

Initially it’s a kick in the teeth and he can’t believe she’s done it but deep down sadly he knows that Tracy’s right and that’s tough. But any hope is better than no hope and he’s trying to cling on to that and this feels like she’s trying to snatch that tiny thread of hope away.

How difficult are you finding it to play these scenes?

It depends how much you invest your own mind into it, luckily the scripts are so good you can read them and do the scenes like you really mean them. There are some days when you’re giving it everything, you’re looking at this three year child doll in the bed, which is the most lifelike thing you’ve ever seen, reading Mr Men stories to it then you go home and you’re reading Mr Men stories to your four year old straight after. That’s when it’s like wow, this is upsetting and you need to take a step back.

The research team have done a lot of work with the Lily Foundation? How important do you think it is to portray storylines like this?

I think it’s highly important, mitochondrial disease is something a lot of people aren’t really aware of, child life limiting illness often isn’t discussed as it’s so upsetting but there are families going through this and we need to highlight it so more research can be done with the support of organisations like The Lily Foundation. While looking at the research we did with the Lily Foundation it’s also important to realise that there are some people living longer lives with the condition. We’ve touched on the worst case scenario but there are children living longer, fuller lives so it’s important to raise awareness.

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