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Monday, 5 October 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 5th October

It's a natural response I guess, especially from a Battersby, to think that everyone is against her, that the doctor is stitching them up, and all that she has to do is fight for Oliver and then he will be OK. They have a mediation meeting in which Leanne accuses Dr Howarth of "putting the boot in" and "having an agenda" and does her patented storming out. As frustrating as Leanne is, Jane Danson has been brilliant throughout this distressing and horrible storyline. 

Leanne gets Imran involved as she and Steve decide that they're going to sue the hospital as they won't let them take Oliver to Germany - and it's come to sommat when Tracy is the voice of reason, pointing out that if the experts think it's against Oliver's interests to take him abroad, then maybe they should listen. She then tells Ray's buyer that they're not selling the flat, Streetcars or the florist. She 'fesses up to Steve and tells him that they need to be more realistic, that there are no more straws to clutch at, that they will lose the court case and they should spend what time they have left with Oliver, rather than in court. She tries to spell it out: Oliver will not get better, there's no improvement, or miracle. Steve treats her very unpleasantly, asking her for mate's rates for the flowers for the funeral.

Sally's bridesmaids are Abi, Fay(e) and Gail. No zoom-maids, Sophie or Rosie? Anyway, they're off dress-shopping but Geoff isn't allowed to know anything about the upcoming nuptials. So he's going to be the one hiding at the back of the ceremony waiting for the "speak now or forever hold your peace" bit? He finds out about the wedding anyway by earwigging over the fence and tries emotional blackmail to try and get an invite to the wedding (it's been a long lockdown, after all), saying that he sold his watch so that Tim could have a chopper bike. Didn't teach his son to read though, did he?

Gail is back back back! and finds out that she's a grandma again.

Talking of back, so is Eileen, for some reason taking a black cab back from the airport. Wouldn't she get a Streetcars taxi? Doesn't she get staff discount? Billy takes time out from worrying about Paul (the Rev needs The Little Book of Calm or at least some Xanax for his constant anxiety about everything) to tell Ei about P.I. Lenny finding out that Todd ripped off a gangster.

2nd December is Yasmeen's trial date (that'll be one for you then, Rybazoxo) as Alya meets her in the prison from behind a Covid-secure perspex screen (this is the most realistic time on remand that any Corrie character has ever done). Alya vows to track down Elaine, so I guess she's not in a shallow grave, after all?

Oh and Michael meets Tianna's real dad, who says that there can be no more contact. And let's hope that's the end of that storyline.

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Anonymous said...

Why do you always refer to her as Fay(e) ?

Louby said...

I never knew before that seeing Gail and Eileen again would make me so happy!

Trial is the first week in December? What a coincidence! I hope we get the result we're hoping for. Geoff was truly abysmal tonight, throwing in Tim's face that he had sold his watch to buy Tim a bike.

Anonymous said...

The Oliver storyline is still emotional but sometimes frustrating. Nevertheless, the acting from the main characters is still good. Jane Danson is obviously brilliant but now it feels like we are seeing the same performance over and over again- anger and heartbreak. Of course that’s the nature of Leanne’s role in this storyline, but it isn’t unreasonable to find it repetitive and frustrating to watch. Kate Ford was brilliant yesterday. Tracy has been very out of character in this storyline, nice Tracy is so unrecognisable. However, she returned to her character last night and the storyline should continue with that, don’t make Tracy too nice. This storyline has forced Simon Gregson to up his game from gurning clown mode to something resembling serious acting. While there are moments of good acting, I’m finding that those moments are when Steve is a side character. When the focus is on him, he doesn’t deliver a big performance. The last shot of Steve to end the episode I was expecting to feel very emotional but I just didn’t feel anything. Somehow Steve just hasn't really seemed the right character for the job here, even if he’s Oliver’s dad. On the other hand, this storyline has actually shown Ben Price's acting in a much better light than ever before. In fact, out of all the characters involved, I have found Nick probably the most convincing, which I would have never predicted at the start. The acting is very nuance, making Nick very intriguing to watch. Based on the acting so far, I would say Nick deserves a bigger role than Steve in this storyline.

Rachel Stevenson said...

Dear Anonymous, the Fay(e) joke was originally started by Glenda, blog editor, that I then appropriated. It was because, back in the day, Eddie Windass made a cake for Faye when they first adopted her but the icing lettering said Fay, rather than Faye.

Glenda Young said...

I think, might be wrong, that Eddie Windass squeezed an extra e on the cake when he realised he'd spelled it wrong, hence it read FAYe

Anonymous said...

I loved Kate Ford in this episode. She is being loving but firm. And if anyone can take Steve's attitude right now it is her. She is fantastic.
As for Leanne...I am surprised that I don't feel more sympathy for her character. She is a wonderful and talented actress, but I cannot 'feel' for her, I am annoyed by her and I don't know why.
Also...I think it is interesting....remember when Michelle lost Rorie and Steve was expecting Oliver with Leanne....well now....Leanne is losing Oliver and Nick is finding a son he did not know he had. Interesting...was this coincidence or a purposeful plot twist?

Anonymous said...

Anoymous[15;52]I have sympathy for Leanne as she is living through every parent's nightmare and I think she's having a breakdown.
It's Nick who disgusts me as it wasn't so long ago he claims that he loves Oliver as his own but when Leanne needs his support the most,Nick is making plans with his son Sam in the flat he shares with Leanne and almost forgetting about Oliver completely[that's the impression I get anyway].


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