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Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Dan Brocklebank interview: Billy and the return of Todd

Is he committed to Paul?

I think he is, but it’s an odd thing to put a current partner through searching for an ex! He is conflicted, I think Billy believes he genuinely is doing it for Eileen’s sake but he has questions of his own that need answering.

They are two very different men, what drew him to Paul after Todd left?

When you look at it, Paul is the opposite of Todd. Todd is smart, witty, well dressed. Todd was the love of Billy’s life, certainly in the time we have known him. He has replaced Todd with the exact opposite. With Todd it was playful, passionate and fun with Paul it feels quite parental and he’s always trying to fix Paul, which isn’t a healthy relationship.

Talk to us about the first time Todd and Billy meet again?

It’s an absolute gem of a scene. It is perfectly Corrie with drama and humour because they are in the middle of an exorcism involving Mary so you can imagine what that was like to play – it was an absolute joy. To have Todd walking down the stairs after three years it’s like being smacked in the face for Billy. It’s disbelief at first and then realisation and a mixture of emotion. He didn’t know what to think. The scenes that follow were beautifully written and brilliantly directed.

How does Billy feel when Todd makes it clear he still has feelings for him?

The audacity of it! He just walks back in and wants to pick up where he left off. Billy does still have some feelings for him as there was never any closure, he was never able to get over him fully.

What did you think of Gareth’s portrayal in the screen test?

He was just Todd! It was just brilliant, he just has what Todd is. The confidence, swagger and charm but the beautiful balance of making him genuine, not smarmy. Even though he’s duplicitous there is still something endearing about him.

Is he worried about how Summer will feel?

She’s his daughter, he’s not her dad legally but he is in every other way and of course he’s concerned. She has already lost one parent, had a homophobic grandmother but she is also now 16, quite headstrong and very much has her own mind. I am guessing Billy will give her a choice.

How does he feel about the potential promotion to Arch Deacon?

He’s very excited by it, it’s the bishop’s right hand man and it’s extra responsibility. He is worried that he does not have time to split between this consuming job and Paul and Summer. He flits between absolutely wanting to go for it and then not because of everything that is going on. It’s Paul who convinces him to go for the interview.

Are you looking forward to what is to come?

It’s been fun to play so far and Gareth is absolutely fantastic. It’s very Machiavellian in its composure. Paul is not the brightest spark, he plays into Todd’s hands quite easily. Todd obviously has a lot of fun manipulating all of that. He has the job at the factory so he is always in Paul’s ear. Paul hates him and feels very threatened by him to begin with but Todd is very clever! I am thrilled to have such exciting storylines coming up, the return of Todd changes the dynamic of so many relationships and situations, it is certainly not going to be plain sailing.

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