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Friday, 2 October 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 2 October

Evening Corrie fans, it’s Kelly here with your Friday night review.

Michael and Ed are still struggling to come to terms with Grace’s deception. We hear that Aggie is devastated, but apparently not enough to leave the hospital. She seems to have been isolating for about two months now. What has she tested positive for? Bubonic plague? 

As Michael mopes and Ed rages, Grace turns up on the doorstep. Getting rid of his dad, Michael tells her he wants to hear what she has to say. He probably regrets that decision, as Grace is quite clearly a bit of a fruit loop. She tells him that she lost his baby after they split up and wanted to make him feel some of the hurt that she felt (ok girl, with you up until this point). Then she tells him that it was sort of his fault that he thought Tianna was his as he jumped to the wrong conclusion (err…?) She then says that she really does love him, and that they should run away to Spain and start a new life together before the police catch her (someone please check the kitchen for long-eared pets in saucepans).

Unbelievably Michael agrees and goes upstairs to pack a bag. While he’s out of the room she pulls out a positive pregnancy test. Given her recent behaviour, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to learn that this was one of the dodgy ones that Bernie was hawking when she first arrived. But before she has time to announce a third child to Michael, we find that he has in fact called the police and one-man crime fighting team, PC Tinker arrives to take her away. As this is basically a remake of Nick and Natasha’s storyline, no doubt we’ll see Bailey Junior again in about ten years’ time. 

Back on the Street, Maria and Gary are back from honeymoon. Maria is delighted to be invited to a girl’s night out at Speed Daal with Shona, Carla and an uncomfortable Sarah. Maria delights in boasting to everyone about what a brilliant bloke she has. But Gary himself seems keen to prove her wrong when he turns up looking shifty (as usual) and nervously warns Sarah not to say anything to Maria.   

In other news, Paul lies to Billy about spending the day helping Rita but later reveals he was actually volunteering at a helpline for teenagers. And in the best news for ages, Tim reveals to Sally that he forgot to cancel the original booking for their wedding so they can get married in two days’ time. Yes!

Over at the factory, Nick is on the phone desperately trying to sell his shares. Carla tells him she’d buy him out if she could afford it. So that would mean that she would have owned half the factory, given it away to the workers for free and then bought it back. I’m no Alan Sugar but that doesn’t seem like the greatest deal? But before Carla can think about selling Aidan’s kidney to raise the money, Nick gets a space-themed letter from his long-lost son.

Touched by the letter Nick rings Natasha and tells he he’s changed his mind and wants to see his son. Natasha turns up at the flat with mini-Tilsey, Sam, a Milhouse van Houten lookalike with a passion for astronomy and the statistics of bicycle theft. He’s quite charming, but then so was Simon when he first turned up, so no doubt he’ll be mugging Audrey in a few months’ time. 

Nick’s so happy with his newfound fatherhood that he doesn’t answer Leanne’s frantic phone calls from the hospital. Leanne as usual is going totally Krakatoa as the doctor has told her that after discussions with the clinic in Germany, they’ve reached the decision that they’re unable to offer Oliver treatment. When Nick finally arrives, Leanne has already accused the doctors of abandoning Oliver and is demanding that Dr Schmitt comes over and examines him. To support her, Toyah tells her she will put her fostering plans on hold as this is not the time to bring in a new child. As she says this Nick surreptitiously picks up a voicemail from his son, which he ends with ‘Love you Dad’.

And that’s all for this week. I’m off to buy a hat for the Metcalfe nuptials. See you at the buffet or on twitter @mskelstar 

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TOTP Glam King Archiver said...

Having guessed that scene in tonight's Corrie saw us reeling with the departure of Grace and she had a "pregnancy test" we could be the same copy of the Nick/Natasha secret-son storyline in ten years from now, the storyline now paves on for the TV Choice front-page "Wedding day revenge" for Tim and Sally Metcalfe, despite it is the first time we saw Gary and Maria returned to the cobbles since their wedding in over mid August and we also have the return of Gail Rodwell and Eileen Grimshaw and lastly a new Todd Grimshaw Mk II is introduced to the scene next Friday.

Well it is the third anniversary of the Classic Coronation Street repeat archive on ITV3, from today, the sequence of the episodes which paves us between Sunday-Monday & Wednesday-Friday episodes, it is the first time a "sequence" of the episodes since the summer of 2018 when an actual ITV Telethon from 1988 couldn't show a Monday episode on that date and we'd had a similar sequence of episodes from late May 1988 to October 18, 1989 in the spring of 2018, as with November 24, 1996, saw us introduce a fourth weekly episode on Sunday evenings where it would stay until January 2008, then they were given "extra episodes" on that date from later on in 2008 in where special hour-long or half-hour episodes took place right up to September 2017.

This consecutive run of November 24, 1996 right up until Christmas Day 1997, where we screw it up again in the New Year for repeats on ITV3 with Friday-Sunday & Monday-Wednesday sequence into 1998. The only other actual error was the December 23, 1991 repeat showing and then replaced it with two Christmas Day episodes in the wrong order, the following day they're were back in the correct order, they haven't skipped a episode since unlike Casualty or EastEnders have skipped their episodes on rival channel Drama due to copyright issues or inappropriate scenes aren't showing during the daytime.

CK said...

I'm really trying hard to sympathize with Leanne but she's grating on me. She was indignant when Nick used his phone, umm what if it was his job? Someone has to make some money, something Leanne doesn't ever seem to have to worry about.

Anonymous said...

Aggie's not at the hospital, she's supposed to be looking after a sick relative, aka Lorna Laidlaw shielding

Anonymous said...

CK,Nick was the one in the wrong being more interested in his son Sam [whom he still hasn't told Leanne about]trying to speak to him on the phone than speaking to Oliver's[whom Nick claims he 'loves' as his own son]doctors.
Maybe it's just me but since Nick has found out he has a son he seems more concerned about Sam than he does about Oliver.

Anonymous said...

So you are just going to ignore Nick trying to sell his shares of Underworld to raise money for Oliver’s treatment, how he was the one who found the German clinic in the first place, how he told Natasha that he had to put Oliver and Leanne first yet his siblings guilt trip him to contact his son, how Leanne has been pushing and pushing away yet he is still helping her and Oliver?

Yes, it is just you

Anonymous said...

Well said, Anonymous at 22:47.

Anonymous said...

Anoymous[22;47]What I take exception to is Nick inviting Sam to his and Leanne's home behind Leaane's[what if she or Simon came home?] back because he still can't tell her but has no problem telling his siblings about Sam and is making plans to have his son be part of the family while Leanne's son whom Nick claims he loves as his own is dying.
Nick's lies and secrecy will make life worse for Leanne especially when she finds out everyone knew about Sam except her his soulmate.

Anonymous said...

He talked about Sam to his siblings, Sam’s auntie and uncle so they’re not just “everyone”. Besides, Sarah was the one who told David, not Nick. Sarah was the one who was trying to convince Nick to meet Sam, even through David. If it weren’t for her, chances are Nick wouldn’t want to meet Sam and still focus entirely on Oliver and Leanne.
But him meeting Sam anyway is his right as his dad and Natasha was the one who said to meet at his flat, Nick even offered to meet at their place. With everything that is going with Oliver, one could argue Nick isn’t in the right head space to make decisions, which is why he is easily influenced by Sarah, David and Natasha.
In terms of Leanne, Nick has only met Sam once whereas you are making out he has been meeting Sam behind Leanne’s back for a long while. Nick is going to tell Leanne sooner than you think.
When it comes to men on the street, you all on here give so many passes to Peter, David, Adam, Daniel, Billy, etc yet they have been behaving much worse than Nick this year who you all are much harsher on.


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