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Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 12th October


Shona's a bit like our cat, awakening the whole household at 6 a.m., although my partner doesn't shriek as loudly as David does when Shona wakes him up. David rather uncharacteristically is trying to organise a party for Audrey (hunkered down in Grasmere Drive)'s 80th birthday whilst trying to stop Shona taking the wrong pills (he's already had one wife taking his step-son's medication).

Eileen says she needs to go to the mortuary (accompanied by P.C. Craig) to identify a body - surely the point is to not identify a body. She can't just know who it is, unless she's got a touch of the Mystic Megs. Anyway, Todd 2: Havana Weatherfield Nights turns up to try to persuade Eileen to go though with the deception and for her to pretend the cadaver is Todd. Don't the cops have access to dental records? DNA? Anyway, Ei doesn't go through with it and 'fesses up to Mary that <Brian Blessed voice> Todd is alive! Mary promptly tells all to Kenneth Gorgeous George, who tells Eileen that this Mick fella (who presumably took the turf of the gangster whom Ryan and Dr Ali got tangled up with) is vicious and not to be crossed.

It doesn't feel Todd 2 doesn't feel like he's bedded in just yet, but I suppose it's early days. I'd like to see him in a a scene with Billy (which will happen sooner or later, obviously) - Daniel Brocklebank and Todd#1 had great chemistry and hopefully Billy and Nu Todd can recreate that.

Scott has got a job with Rotten Ray (a.k.a Phelan 2.0) and Johnny immediately goes around to the Bistro (doesn't Ray have an actual office in amongst all of his deluxe properties?) to warn Ray off of Scott, who promptly sacks him. It turns out that Johnny has reasonable cause as Scott reveals his plan to do over Ray. Can't say the latter doesn't deserve it, but it doesn't seem like the best idea (Johnny has MS for one thing). Did the storyliners get this plotline from the OAP Hatton Garden heist?

Dame Maureen of Lipman plans a trip to Derwent Water with lovely Arthur. She spells it out, she's staying in the caravan, he's in the tent. It's October! And they are pensioners! I'm already under the blankets with the heating on and refusing to go outside and I live in the soft south. Anyway, it's all moot as Arthur has to rush off to deal with his doggie (Kendal, presumably named after his favourite Kardashian) and stands up Evelyn for three hours.

Maria finds Gary's credit card bill, which kind of puts the kaibosh on her plans to buy the barbers from Audrey, How many times has Maria tried to buy one of Audrey's businesses? Gangsta Gazza tells Fiz he's going to have to let her go (can't he furlough her?) and then Ray offers to buy the factory. Gary turns him down but Maria tries to get him to change his mind so she can fulfil her dream of doing wet shaves and fades for ever more.

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Charles said...

Maria trying to buy the barbershop from Audrey doesn't make any sense. Doesn't Maria own half the salon with Claudia? And yet Maria works at the barbershop (which Audrey owns) and Audrey works at the salon (which Maria part owns). Absolute nonsense.

Don't even get me started on Underworld's ridiculous ownership model. Gary owns the building, Nick owns half the business, then Carla gave her shares to some of the machinists, but they never actually ran it as a syndicate which is why Beth was able to sell her shares. Presumably this means that Gina still owns a share of Underworld, although I suspect this will be forgotten the minute they want Carla to take the reins again.

CK said...

Completely agree Charles! Do the factree ladies still have shares? I seem to remember them giving them up?

Anonymous said...

I agree Charles, the factory’s became a bit of joke hasn’t it? We used to see the girls sat working at their machines and now all we see of the place is the break area. Underworld’s basically become the new community centre where random characters wander in off the street for a drink and natter. Billy’s never out of there!

And don’t get me started on who owns what. I hate the new renovation as well. They should've left the factory how it was with Carla in charge, that dynamic worked well. The writers clearly realised this and are trying to undo their mistakes by sticking Carla back in there again!

So stupid. Everything about the show is becoming so convoluted that it's hard to keep track of.

dhvinyl said...

Charles.....nothing in Coronation Street makes sense! That’s the everlasting joy, picking holes in this nonsense while loving most of the wonderful bunch of actors who have to look as if it’s all real !

popcorn said...

Could somebody please get Gary a new hairdo?

coconno196 said...

Why is Audrey still working anyway? I don't know any 80-year-old hairdressers. Audrey planned to retire when she turned 70, and move to Greece with Lewis. Lewis didn't steal her money in the end, and I can't remember why she went back to the salon.

Abercrombie said...

Yes!!! A swagger and a hard side head shave maketh the villian! Not.


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