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Saturday, 17 October 2020

Coronation Street Weekly Update, October 17 2020

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There’s a lot of testosterone flying around in the back room at the Rovers Return. Scott’s been growling at Johnny all week about Ray Crosby and how much he hates him. In fact he hates him so much he wants to teach him a lesson and burgle him and the Bistro. Scott tries to pull Johnny into his madcap plan while eyeing up Jenny who’s lapping up flirty attention from Scott.

Over at Gary’s emporium of tat, he sacks Fiz when he can no longer afford to pay her after he finds out his rent’s being increased. He’s determined to get to the bottom of who owns the place and is surprised to discover it’s Ray Crosby. Gary digs deeper about Ray and discovers he’s already offered to buy the Platts’ house after the sink hole appeared. Then Ray offers Gary a substantial sum to sell him the factory but Gary declines and wonders what Ray is up to. He puts two and two together and demands to know why Ray is interested in buying the factory and the Platts’ house and goodness knows what else on the street. Ray plays his cards close to his chest for now but it’s clear that without the factory and the palace of the Platts’, whatever development plans he’s got for Weatherfield are scuppered. Gary tells Ray he’ll sell him the factory on two conditions. The first is that Gary demands almost half a million pounds for the factory and the second is that he is given all the contract work to knock the place down. The week’s episode ended with Gary waiting for Ray’s decision.

After Todd returned last week, Eileen’s under pressure to fake a funeral for her son so that hardman Mick (who turns out to be Todd’s ex-fella) won’t kill him. Mary and undertaker George go ahead with the farcical funeral but Eileen doesn’t play along. Evil Mick turns up and threatens Eileen and Todd with a gun. Now, I quite like evil Mick and his comedy sidekick, it’s been a while since we’re had Corrie comedy villains and these two almost fit the bill. But Gary sticks his nose into Todd’s business and ends up getting beaten up by the devilish duo.

Elsewhere this week, Evelyn and Arthur go on holiday to the Lake District where they sleep in separate caravans. But when they return, things are a little cool between them both. Evelyn tells Arthur next time they go away, he can share her caravan, hinting that they can grow closer, in the er, you know, bedroom department. But when Evelyn asks Dev for more time off from the shop to go on holiday with Arthur, Dev declines her request. When news of this reaches Arthur, he and Dev almost come to blows in the Bistro.

Meanwhile at the Platts’ house, Gail organises a delayed 80th birthday party for Audrey but it all goes very wrong. Shona invites a bunch of builders to the party, one of whom mistakes Gail for David’s grandmother in a very funny scene. Then Audrey doesn’t arrive and Shona’s left nursing a cake the size of Salford. 

And that’s just about that for this week. 

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