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Saturday, 3 October 2020

Five Things We Learned In Corrie This Week

TWIST!  The death of Princess Diana.  JFK being shot.  September the 11th.  All moments in time, significant events in history, that dumbfounded and astonished people, to the extent that even today we can remember exactly where we were when we heard the news.  To that list we can now add "Michael finds out Tiana isn't really his child", because let's be honest, I don't think anyone saw that coming.  It's been four days and I still can't decide if it's brilliant storytelling or lockdown insanity infecting the writer's room.  So all that angst, all that drama, was because Grace wanted to get revenge on Michael?  That's dark.  That's really cruel.  We've had this storyline running for months, which makes me wonder what her end game was - was she going to simply vanish?  Tell him Tiana was dead?  Marry him, because that would be pretty cruel too, what with her being super-boring?  The surprise of it all hid the fact that we were getting "woman loses her child, goes mad, abducts someone else's baby" again, but played out slightly different (incidentally, shout out to Grace's friend Lisa, who decided the best way for her friend to get over her miscarriage would be to take care of her own newborn.  Sensitive).  The main takeaway from this, for me, was that parents who don't live with their child should get solicitors and the Family Court involved right from the start.  If Michael had tried to formalise their arrangements, as Aggie had suggested, with properly defined visiting times and parental responsibilities, Grace's scheme would've quickly been exposed and it would've saved everyone a lot of heartache.  (I missed Aggie so much this week, by the way; she's reportedly come out of isolation and gone to look after an Aunt, so at least we can be relieved the Covid hasn't got her).  Grace is apparently now pregnant by Michael, but hopefully she'll disappear before she has the baby and never be seen again and Michael can go back to being mildly amusing.  No more inventions though, please.

Incidentally I don't think we should lay all the blame on Grace's shoulders; Tiana should take some of the responsibility too.  If she didn't wander round calling every bloke who tucked her in for a nap "daddy" this might have all been avoided.

Fashion (turn to the left)! Fashion (turn to the right)!  Ooooh, fashion!  Sarah-Lou's continuing project to drive Underworld into the ground took a step closer this week as she had another one of those incredibly important meetings with a client that they absolutely had to win or the entire business would collapse.  Again.  Nina provided the illustrations for Sarah-Lou's rather basic designs:

Not to put too fine a point on it but those look like they've been dragged out of the sadder reaches of Emily Bishop's bottom drawer.  They probably arrive pre-stained with a free saggy gusset.  Nina took it upon herself to improve the designs, which she did with the power of felt-tip.

To my untrained eye they seem to be exactly the same but with squiggles on them, but the client was impressed, so Nina grabbed herself a job at Underworld.  Presumably in the hitherto unseen Design department; the chances of us ever seeing an actual sewing machine get smaller and smaller.  I think we all saw this coming when Roy presented Nina with Hayley's sewing machine so she could stitch together a lacy corset but I'm glad they finally followed through on it.  Personally I'd have preferred Nina to team up with Alya - another fashion graduate, though they seem to have forgotten that - and they'd set up their own range of stylish outfits (probably in black).  They could've used that shop that Sinead was going to use.  It could've been the new Miami Modes. 

In other fashion news, Grace made a memorable appearance in a set of pleather pants that screamed "vaginal thrush".  Not to be outdone, Nicky Tilsley also turned up in pleather:

I think it's best if we draw a veil over that, don't you?

Carla Connor is BACK.  Finally the writers seem to have remembered who Carla Connor is and she spent the week rattling round the Street putting wayward men in their place and being smart and clever and not banging on about her recorder or something.  She battled with Peter over their deteriorating relationship and the fact that he seems to consider her being sexually exploited while mentally incapacitated as some kind of fling.  They had a heart to heart in the back room of the Rovers, though I had trouble concentrating because Jenny's dining set is so awful.

Apparently they've been having problems for quite some time now, which is the first we've heard about it, but never mind.  "We never have fun any more," Carla complained; nobody in this show has fun, love, have you not noticed?  There's no time for entertaining side stories where nice characters go out for a fun dinner and a film, there's plots to unfold.  They soon reached a state of detente, so she turned her attention to Adam, who'd taken time out from his busy day in the solicitor's office to diddle some random girl, despite having claimed to still be in love with Sarah-Lou about fourteen minutes prior.  This culminated in him getting both a stern talking to and a stapler being thrown at his head; I fully believe that Carla was only trying to scare him and she could've got that square in the middle of his forehead if she tried.  The result of this was Adam's hair looked even more chaotic than normal.

Carla's now on a streak; hopefully Monday's episode will start with her giving Daniel the talking to he needs, then she'll smack Geoff about the head for a bit and uncover Gary's schemes before lunch.  In fact, never mind that, make Carla Connor: Agent of Female Vengeance an ITV2 spin-off.

The Kids Are Alright.  I admit, I have a sweet spot when it comes to child actors.  Normally I find them extremely annoying and sigh when they have to laboriously recite their lines.  I much preferred the days when Rosie and Sophie were silent for 98% of the time, only piping up to ask for more fish fingers.  The exception to this is super-intelligent precocious little darlings, who I love, so I immediately fell for Sam as he waffled on about astronomy and stars.  Is this connected to the fact that I was a hyper-precocious child who was also obsessed with astronomy?  I couldn't possibly comment.  Anyway, Sam is adorable, and I hope he's in the show for a couple of years being nice and pleasant and normal, and then leaves before he hits thirteen and is transformed into a rampaging hell beast like all the other Corrie teens.  

Sally might get a yucca.  Good news everyone!  The Metcalfes are back on track!  Only the good ones, obviously; Geoff is still awful.  Sally realised she couldn't be without Tim once she'd seen his usefulness as a houseplant stand-in and agreed to marry him in two days time.  I'm thrilled.  Hopefully this will mean nobody ever mentions that whole bigamy storyline ever again and Tim and Sally can do what they do best; getting mucky with one another in ever more inappropriate fashion.  This week we learned that Sally always knows when she's going to get lucky because she hears him giving his mouth a good going over with an electric toothbrush; the scene ended with her telling Tim to put it on charge, then they exchanged these looks:

Absolute filth.

Apparently Rita is currently staying with Mavis in Cartmel.  Greater Manchester's in lockdown, Reet, you shouldn't be spreading your potential infection to the Lake District!  I mainly wondered if Mave is still running her B&B or if she's retired.  If she is still open for business, can someone forward me her booking details via Twitter @merseytart?  I fancy a little break once all this unpleasantness is over.  Ta.

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Anonymous said...

I cheered when Michael called the police on Grace [too bad Johnny didn't do the same to Eva and Toyah]and I hope she doesn't get away with it as Toyah did.In fact Grace should also be arrested for fraud for taking Michael's child support money.
Nick has sunk to a new low inviting his son[who resembles his gran Gail]Sam behind Leanne's back when she needed his support at the hospital with Oliver.
What if Simon came home while Sam was visiting?

Anonymous said...

The Carla Connor who attends school reunions, plays the recorder and pulls pints isn’t the Carla I know and love so it was great to see her back being her sassy, upbeat, energised self this week. Chucking a stapler at Adam’s head and calling him a ‘rutting chimp man’ was classic Carla. Let's hope the writers keep this up and don’t revert her back to the bland, boring background character she's become this last year and a half.

Also, Sarah being the big boss at the factory doesn't sit right with me. Only one woman should be running that factory and it’s not Sarah Lou!

I had to laugh at Carla joining Maria, Sarah and Shona for a girlie lunch. Without her twin Michelle around, Carla’s really scraping the bottom of the barrel for friends because no way in hell would she enjoy listening to Maria’s empty-headed chatter.

You know what would be a good friendship? Carla and Tracy. I know they had that feud a while back, have tried to kill each other a few times, but that’s all in the past now, and Tracy’s softened a little, so maybe they could be frenemies? They’ve both got the same prickly personalities, the same level of intellect (way above Maria), I could see imagine them hanging out in the pub and making bitchy remarks about everyone there… Tracy and Carla as BBF's - I’d be here for it!

Anonymous said...

well sarah and david practically forced him to meet his son. nick gets lots hate compared to other characters like peter, even when he has been very supportive towards leanne and peter has treated carla awfully recently. i still can’t believe he said what he said about jordan

Anonymous said...

Sam was adorable! What a brilliant young actor Jude Riordan is! He is levels above many actors even ones who have been on the show for years. I thought Ben Price was great as well, loved Nick’s reactions to his son

Anonymous said...

Rob Mallard’s a fab actor but I can’t be doing with Daniel anymore. He’s become a misery fest who throws his family’s efforts to help him back in their faces time and time again. At this point I wouldn’t care if Daniel and Bertie hopped on a plane with the Baileys and never returned. Gemma and the quads can tag along too.
I don’t understand the sudden rift between Carla and Peter. It’s come out of nowhere. Are we meant to think things have been rocky since the Jordan thing? I got the impression that Peter (rightly or wrongly) harbours some resentment towards her for what happened which is why he’s been acting distant. They seemed to patch things up on Wednesday but I don’t see that lasting because once again they skirted round the issue that’s troubling the relationship; Carla’s assault.
I’ll bet any money Peter goes back on the booze and starts an affair with Abi before the year’s out.
I wasn’t thrilled about Nick having a secret son but found myself pleasantly surprised by how endearing Sam was and it gave this story a breath of life. I can’t see Leanne and Nick lasting when she finds out though. How can she grieve for her son while Nick brings his new son into the mix? It just can’t work.
Gary and Maria had a long honeymoon, didn’t they? Can we just get this Gangster Gary thing over with now, please? It’s gone on far too long. Same with Geoff. Both need their comeuppance.
Anyone know what happened to Johnny and Scott? Things were just getting interesting and then… nothing.

Anonymous said...

I think all the storylines have had to change ever so slightly by that thing you may have heard mentioned in news once or twice in the called Covid-19. Why can't people cut Corrie some slack? Yes some of the storylines have been ridiculous, but like everyone else, they had to make the best of a bad job. You mention Gemma and the quads, but the quads haven't been seen on screen since filming resumed. We are not living in the same environment that we were prior to March 20, and Corrie, like the rest of us have had to cut their cloth accordingly

Maricha said...

That would be a good friendship. And frankly if Carla can even speak to Peter after everything he's done instead of crossing the street to avoid him, she can bury the hatchet with Tracy.

Sharon Boothroyd said...

Great post, Scott.
I don't understand why Michael or Nick didn't ask for a DNA test to prove paternity. DNA is only brought in when it's needed for a plot - otherwise it's forgotten.
What has happened to Simon? We've seen Amy asking for a sarnie in the cafe, but no Simon.
Sam was a real cutey, with brilliant acting ability.
I was impressed with all the lines he had to learn! It was great to see pride and warmth on Nick's face.
I found the girl's night at Speed Daal tense and silly.
Wonder when we'll see George Shuttleworth again and why isn't he hacked off that Audrey inherited from his dad instead of him?
Has Liz been written out now? She's still mentioned, so maybe not.

Anonymous said...

Sharon Boothroyd, you make a good point about Simon. Why can other kids make an appearance but not him? No one ever seems to mention him either, it's like even Leanne's forgotten him. I'd like to see Peter become involved in this story because he's Simon's father and still cares a lot about Leanne, so I feel like he should be involved but to my knowledge I don't think Peter's made a single mention of what's been going on with Oliver.

Anonymous said...

I feel a bit awful saying this but I thought Sam was far too precocious he is really going to annoy me.

Anonymous said...

Liz. Yes. Beverley Callard's contact had ended. It was mentioned she's now in Spain with Andy
Alex Bain-shielding, as with other cast members. Repeatedly mentined on here time and time again

Anonymous said...

I agree. They tried to make him out to be another Young Sheldon type character. Hopefully they'll tone him down in the near future

Anonymous said...

He's not a kid. But he's shielding. I don't understand how people don't get this. Same as Sue Cleaver and Lorna Laidlaw

Anonymous said...

The thing I find really annoying is how Sarah Loiuse has the temerity to portray Adam as the cad and leaver of the relationship! She chose a murderer over her marriage,so she has no right to paint Adam as some bad guy.

Anonymous said...

New/Old Carla offered to give Nina a black eye - if a male character had done the same would it have been acceptable? Or if a man had thrown a stapler at a woman's head? Double standards.

Sharon Boothroyd said...

Sorry, I must have missed that the actor playing Simon was shielding. Apologies.

Bobby_Marz said...

The Micheal and Tiana storyline actually happened in real life. It was on a police show from 2018


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