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Tuesday, 6 October 2020

Gareth Pierce interview: Playing the new Todd Grimshaw

How did you feel when you got the part of Todd?

I’m just really excited starting on Corrie – it is an uncertain time in the acting industry and was for me a couple of months ago. I am aware of how privileged I am to even be in work. It’s such an exciting project, it’s great. It seems a long time ago since the casting process started, it was before lockdown and back in July I was told I was still in the mix

Are you a fan of the show?

It was a massive show for us as a family growing up in Wales. Two generations back my family is from Manchester so it was always important to us. It felt nostalgic and comforting, like coming home, to start working here. It’s a lovely place to work. It’s the first job where it’s not my mum and dad telling everyone what I am doing – it’s been half the town coming up to them. There have been so many well wishers.

How did it feel taking on a role previously played by someone else and did you do any research?

I can take a lot of confidence from Kate Ford and Ben Price who were cast to play roles played by someone else – it is an accepted convention in soap but I can see how it might be daunting. I watched footage ahead of the screentest as I wanted to drill down to what the core characteristics of Todd – cheekiness, some arrogance, he’s a bit of a chameleon and able to be different with people. Now it’s about taking Todd forward now and bringing what I can to the character. I didn’t want to just be an impersonation. The fantastic team of writers, storylines and producers are still all in place. They all helped to make Todd an iconic character.

How are you settling in?

Dan and Sue have been brilliant – that relationship started early. It felt so natural and from then on they have been welcoming every step of the way and told me they were rooting for me. We have become friends really quickly and that helps cement the on screen relationships.

Where has Todd been?

He is arriving under a bit of a cloud. He is tied up with some Manchester gangsters and he is over his head so he has come home to his mum for help. Trouble absolutely follows him back. Three years is a long time in his life and he has found himself in some very shady circles.

Is he planning to stick around at this stage?

He’s desperate, he’s in a big predicament there. He adores his mum, he’s so pleased to be reunited. For all of his faults, they have a close relationship. But it’s money problems that have brought him back. When the idea of faking his own funeral comes up, Todd dissociates himself from his actions and doesn’t automatically empathise – it’s opportunism and he sees a way out.

Is he after Billy?

Yes, is the short answer! He definitely sees the way that Paul has become potentially a replacement for him in Billy and Summer’s lives. The meeting between Todd and Billy is a wonderful moment in recementing the relationship to show how much it meant to them both and is a real chink in Todd’s armour. He is vulnerable and affected by his love of Billy, his shame and the sense of what he’s lost not to mention letting Summer down. He also has a grudging respect for Paul, it’s not cut and dry. It’s complex.

Are you going to be in both the Archers and Corrie for a while?

I am doing a lot of driving at the moment! The Archers is back recording in Birmingham. There will be some overlap. Gavin may well see justice and get his comeuppance. But I don’t know yet how that happens.

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