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Saturday, 10 October 2020

Coronation Street weekly update – October 10 2020

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This week Sally and Tim were wed in Weatherfield. Geoff thinks he’s invited to the wedding and plans to turn up, but Abi’s got other plans for him and locks him in Sally’s conservatory. Meanwhile, Alya visits Yasmeen in jail and tells her this story and it fair puts a smile on Yasmeen’s face.  Gail’s back this week and is bridesmaid to Sally, along with Abi and Faye.
Eileen returns from Thailand to come face to face with missing son Todd. Turns out he’s in debt to a nasty fella called Mick who he clobbers with a plank.  Eileen’s worried about Todd who needs to do a runner from Mick if he wants to stay alive. So when Todd comes up with a plan for Eileen to identify a random dead body at the cop shop and pretend that it’s Todd, will Eileen go through with it, to save her wayward son?
Oliver’s still in hospital, Leanne’s still crying, Steve’s still looking sad and I’m still whizzing through these scenes. I pause it every now and then if one of their facial expressions suggests something’s actually happening and here’s what I think I know. Tracy’s refusing to sell the florist shop to pay for Oliver to be sent to Germany for treatment – and good on her for putting her foot down. The doctors at the hospital all say that any treatment in Germany or anywhere else won’t save Oliver but Leanne and Steve aren’t ready to give up on their son yet. There was an awkward scene in the hospital when Nick  brought his son Sam and ex-girlfriend Natasha in to meet Leanne. Young Sam is so delightful it’s impossible not to smile when he comes on screen. He even seemed to melt Leanne’s heart too. Gail met her grandson virtually through a webchat and comes face to face with Natasha next week, which will be a scene worth waiting for!
Elsewhere this week, PC Craig is developing a crush on Faye but she’s already got a boyfriend and sees Craig as nothing more than a good mate. He’s crushed. 
In the bar at the Rovers Return, Jenny and Evelyn get sloshed on free wine from the brewery rep and there’s some lovely funny scenes I would have loved to have seen more of. As they sit and get drunk, Scott scowls at Johnny and it’s clear that whatever bad blood these two have got between them, isn’t quite over yet.
And finally this week, Shona moves back in with the Platts which causes no end of stress for David and Gail, while Shona breezes through it all. 
And that’s just about that for this week.
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Tilly Flop said...

I must say, I really enjoyed this week's episodes. Abi was a star, and I loved watching Yasmeen's reaction when she heard Geoff had missed the wedding, but I loved Geoff's squirming reaction even more when Alya taunted him with the tale .
It was wonderful to see different members of the cast back too. Welcome back Gail, Eileen and Evelyn. You've been missed!

Anonymous said...

I also missed Gail[who I hope demands a DNA test on Sam]Eileen and Evelyn.
I wonder if the dead body that Todd wants his mother to identify as his is Phelan's cohort Vinnie?
Regardless,I hope Eileen doesn't go through with it as that dead person is someone'e missing loved one.


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