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Thursday, 6 August 2020

Preach! How Wednesday’s Corrie Got Political.

“I mean if you go back a few years they said we didn’t need experts.” 

“Mmm they said we didn’t need immigrants either. Or ‘unskilled’ workers.” 

“You know the question I keep asking myself is now is, do I really need this? And it doesn’t matter whether it’s a pair of shoes or half a pound of butter I’m just…re-evaluating what is essential”. 

“Same. Do you like this body cotton? I don’t know whether to get it in black or grey.” 

“Do you know what really matters Faye…is love. Love and family and common decency.” 

A brief interaction between Sally and Faye from Wednesday night’s Corrie. Brief but powerful. A few lines of dialogue that separate generations but shine a light on our common interests. Love, security, understanding and acceptance. Very deep for half-past-seven on a Wednesday night but it was the PERFECT opening to an episode of Coronation Street. 

Scene framed with hand sanitiser and cleaning cloths, the rather political exchange covers Brexit, immigration, the pandemic and consumerism all in thirty seconds. Those topics aren’t mentioned once, but it’s all in there. And while Corrie writers tread carefully when it comes to politics, these are thoughts and conversations we are all having at the moment either with ourselves or out loud with others. 

Will we be different after the pandemic? Do we have too much “stuff”? Do we need less immigration or should we embrace and celebrate it? 

I have my own feelings on all those topics but this isn’t the place to go into it. I just love that Corrie chose those two characters at a time like this to ponder along with the rest of us. Sally and Faye don't come down on one side of an argument or another in the scene, they just put the discussion out there, but we know what they are thinking. Very clever. The episode was written by Simon Crowther and while Sally’s main concern in the episode is the situation between Yasmeen and Geoff, the wider anxiety of 2020 life is clear to see in that opening scene. 

Some might think such discussions are too political for a soap. Preachy even. I say if we’re doing it Corrie should be doing it. So preach away Sally. And listen up world. 



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Louby said...

I agree, this was really good. Soaps are supposed to reflect real life so what's better than showing a conversation like this?

I hope we get to see a lot more of Faye, and they come up with a good storyline for her, for example pursuing a good career rather than just working at Speed Daal.

Sue said...

If only Louby. I can’t recall any young person apart from Craig pursuing a career, and even then he still works around the area he lives in.

Cowks said...

Fine, as long as the views expressed realistically reflect the characters’ opinions. This can be a way of using the characters as a mouthpiece for the writers.

maggie muggins said...

I'm glad you brought these lines up in your blog, Stevie. I thought I was imagining things in my late-night tiredness when I watched this episode yesterday. I happen to agree that they weren't so much preachy or issue-driven, as simply reflecting and venting, or ignoring, the needs and the stressfulness of our time.

I'm imagining Ena Sharples and Hilda Ogden having a somewhat similar conversation back in the day. And likely with words more sharp and judgemental.

dhvinyl said...

Tremendous admiration for this scene...especially as I think Faye will be the one secure ghastly Geoff’s arrest and incarceration. Also tremendous admiration for the whole Corrie crew for, unlike East Enders and Archers, taking us seamlessly through the lock down. But please please PLEASE just keep it to three episodes a week.

MartesBC said...

It's the 'moments' that makes this show work for me. Thanks fof highlighting this one. Will look out for it when it airs here.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Louby, Faye works at the Bistro. I was under the impression that she is going to school as well. I also think she is going to be the one who brings Geoff down.

abbyk said...

It’s going to be sad for Amy to see Asha and Summer go off to university while she’s driving a cab or pulling pints. She is just as bright and capable but can’t imagine it’s in Steve and Tracy’s plans.


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