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Saturday, 1 August 2020

Five Things We Learned In Corrie This Week

Keep the public house public.  This weird, semi-lockdown we're all currently going through (you can visit ONE family member but ONLY if you both have R in your name AND you can name all the members of Lindisfarne, except for viewers in Scotland) means that the Rovers Return, the beating heart of Weatherfield, has been out of action.  Admittedly, the pubs are now open again - I went to one yesterday, and it was ridiculously stressful, though the alcohol helped - but back when they filmed this week's shows they were still closed.  Hence the Rovers is suddenly a takeaway, which sounds like a good idea in principle, but is actually nonsense.  You don't mind paying three pound a pint* in a pub because you get to the pleasure of being in a too-warm over-crowded bar with your mates listening to terrible driving rock while a man at the next table shares his racist opinions too loudly.  It's a price worth paying.  Take all that away, though, and you may as well buy your booze from the supermarket.  That crate of beer Michael bought for the party probably would've been a third of the price at the Co-op by the tram stop and he could've got some nibbles while he was there.  I mean, Geoff went in the Rovers on Friday and bought a single bottle of questionable white wine and it was twelve pound seventy five.  I don't mind that one so much, though, because (a) I'm happy to see the odious Geoff get absolutely fleeced and (b) it meant we got the return of the Amazing Jenny Bradley Faces, with her pulling a particularly disgusted sneer as she turned away from him to the back of the bar:

This came after he said the Sainted Jenny resembled his mother.  I presume it was only social distancing guidelines stopping her from smacking him round the head.  She did reveal that Scott and His Awful Name have left the premises; will the dream that I've had for weeks that we never actually find out what his deal was come true?  Fingers crossed!  When Geoff left, Jenny immediately sanitised her hands, scrubbing them like he'd coughed all over the bar, and frankly I don't blame her.

*Yes folks, a pint of beer is about three quid a pint in t'North, less if you go to one of the dodgier establishments, and now you know why I moved up here twenty five years ago. 

Keep yourself busy.  Mary revealed that she's been spending lockdown keeping Sean busy with daily tasks.  I'll be honest, I'd not really thought about the nightmare of flatshares during the crisis.  Sharing a house with a moaning parent or boisterous children must be nothing next to the hell of 24/7 with an unhygenic nudist with no inhibitions and a fondness for curry.  Mary at least sounded like she was trying to make their time fun, with her singing out the window and entertaining little assignments, and I am not at all surprised that Sean took it really badly and was a massive misery throughout.  I suppose it could've been worse; Eileen is apparently trapped in Thailand with Jason, at least until Sue Cleaver has grown the pink dye out of her hair, and if all three of them had been trapped together in that tiny house the sustained and intense levels of campery over the months would've caused number eleven to collapse into a glittery rainbow wormhole.

Isolate for your safety and others.  The Baileys are back, and you know what that means?  Yes, it was time for another SERIOUS ISSUE.  After conquering homophobia and racism they now rode back into the Street to educate us about the valuable contribution the NHS is making to the battle against Covid-19, with Aggie working all the hours God sends at the hospital to keep you - yes, YOU - safe and well.  Ed tried to make things better by organising a Zoom party with all the family, including the much discussed but never seen Dee-Dee.  Unfortunately it never went ahead, denying us the opportunity to see her; to be honest, after all this build up, when Dee-Dee does appear she'll have to be played by Lupita Nyong'o and arrive on a flaming unicorn or it'll be a tremendous let-down.

Aggie has been isolated in a hotel for two weeks because the Matron on her ward has shown coronavirus symptoms and I have to confess I'm worried.  Let's be honest, in a close-knit community like Coronation Street, it would be pretty unlikely that nobody got the virus, so I can see the producers wanting someone to come down with it, if only so they can use the Kate Oates Memorial Hospital set - they love doing that.  And giving it to Aggie would mean they could really hammer home that message about healthcare workers being heroes.  But a little part of me is worried that she might not make it.  After all, Lorna Laidlaw didn't make any live appearances in the show, only showing up via video call.  And her first appearance in the show was on the 12th June 2019, meaning that her one-year contract might be expiring.  And I can't help thinking the former Mrs Tembe may be a bit disappointed with how little she's had to do in the show.  Please don't kill her, writers.  Not least because she's the best Bailey.  If you have to kill one of them James is right there.

Fill in the gaps.  When Tim first arrived in Weatherfield, he was a bit, well, dodgy.  It was only as time went on and Joe Duttine continued to turn in a charming roguish performance that they sanded off the edges and made him the lovely Mr Metcalfe we have today.  It does mean that his biography has been somewhat confused, and this week, they tried to clear some of it up.  His mum's name, for starters, because there seem to have been several candidates over the years; it turned out Paula Wilcox was his real mum, and that Tessa woman who died and who he'd called his mum was Geoff's second wife who'd taken care of him.  He didn't take the news that his real mum was alive at all well, believing that she must be a con artist, because who would abandon their infant child?  Well, Tim, you would, because let's not forget that you dumped Faye and her junkie mum and fled, but anyway.  Now we've got a bit more of his life story in the show, perhaps they can explain what happened to the two older brothers he used to talk about, and they can clarify why he thinks Geoff was such a great caring dad when Tim managed to go forty years without ever learning to read.

Elsewhere Geoff spotted Elaine in the Street and immediately recognised her.  For a moment I thought that was unrealistic, given it was nigh-on fifty years since he last saw her, but in fairness Paula Wilcox still looks like she did when she was Chrissie in Man About The House so... fair enough.  (Incidentally, did you know that in the American version of Man About The House, Chrissie is the name of the ditzy blonde i.e. Sally Thomsett's character?).  Anyway, he's now brooding in unsubtly devilish lighting, so who knows what his next move will be.  He doesn't need to do much really, because Elaine spent the entire week fleeing in terror from Alya and all she did was smile at her and offer to buy her a cup of tea.  A bit of aggressive growling and she'd be on that tram and never come back.

An eye for an eye will leave us all blind.  Of course the biggest storyline this week was The World's First Socially Distant Stunt, as Sarah-Lou was saved from being run over by Gary.  Unfortunately the driver legged it, so we'll never know exactly how he'd managed to get up to such a high speed in that tiny bit of Rosamund Street between the florist and the cab office, but still, it was all highly exciting.  The most disappointing part of it was that in the preview pics the dummy Gary pushed out of the way lost its head but Sarah-Lou remained in one piece.  I thought we were also going to get Coronation Street's first decapitation but sadly not.

Sarah-Louise is now in a bind.  On the one hand, Gary is a confessed killer.  On the other hand, he saved her life and confessed he loved her, so what's a girl to do?  I would hope that any rational girl would immediately run to the police, but this is Sarah-Lou we're talking about.  Adam may be handsome, professional, and about to buy her a nice flat in that Redbank apartment block over the barber's, but Gary has a murder van he's borrowed off Dennis Nilsen, so deciding who's best is a real quandry.  Still, next to Maria, she's practically Rachel Riley; in Friday's episode Maria turned up at Gary's bedside apparently fresh from some horrific brain injury, as she whittered on about Morrissey and yanked down her protective face mask at his bedside without a moment's thought.  I think Maria may actually be getting stupider with age, and when you look at her history, that's quite an achievement.

Of course the scariest storyline involving Gary this week was when Bernie offered to go on a date with his dad.  Bernie Winters and Eddie Windass; what a truly gruesome twosome that would be.  It doesn't bear thinking about.

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Anonymous said...

Sarah's loyalty should be with her husband and son not Gary who's not a hero for 'saving' her life but the one who's the reason for her almost getting hit by a car in the first place!
I'm also betting in the next few days well see either Gary threatening Tyrone to change his story that he saw Gary chasing Sarah or else!

Anonymous said...

Maria’s never been the brightest spark but the show is desperate to extinguish the few brain cells she has left. The rubbish she was coming out with last night was just nonsensical. ‘Did he go flying through the air like a ragdoll?’ – um Maria, remember Liam? Your ex-hubby, father of your kid? Died by a hit and run? Then there was that line about listening to Morrissey and doing a number 2.
Dear Lord give me strength…
Gary please do us all a favour and bump her off!
Sadly Gary disappointed us all by pulling through. Then again, the car was only going at the speed of four miles an hour so it was never going to be fatal, was it?
I don’t buy that Sarah still loves Gary. They never had some great romance. Plus she’s married to Adam the hunk so there’s really no contest. I won’t be happy to see this story go down the love triangle route because I’m not remotely invested in any of the couples involved. Corrie really needs to invest more in its couples because there’s not a single couple on the street I care about at the moment. It says a lot when Adam and Laura have more chemistry than Adam has with his own wife.
My favourite moment of the week was Jenny going to town on the hand sanitiser after her creepy interaction with jiggle it Geoff. That face she pulled when he left was just classic! You’ve gotta love Jenny!
Also, I’ll be disappointed if this is the end of Scott. That was building up to be quite the mystery and I thought the show was laying the groundwork for him to be the next villain, so I’ll be annoyed if it’s given the chop.

fairycake said...

@Anonymous 21:41...I was thinking the same thing about Maria and her own situation with Liam all of those years ago!

coconno196 said...

Yes, Maria forgetting that Liam died in a hit-and-run is almost as bad as Kevin forgetting he'd lost a baby son! Also, her babbling on about being in the barber's cutting hair made no sense because it would have been closed.

Scott: great line about Lupita N'yongo, made me chuckle.

Anonymous said...

It makes perfect sense. Barbers reopened on 4/7/20, the same day as pubs, and the Rover's Return is open

Anonymous said...

I hope Aggie doesn't leave, she's the only Bailey I like. But I wouldn't be surprised if she does leave because, like you say, the actress has had nothing to do. Then again, you could say that for a lot of the actors on the show. The cast is so huge that most of the characters are overlooked. I could see the likes of Alison King leaving soon if things don't change. Carla's had nothing to do for the longest time now. Toyah's another one that's gone off the grid. I wish Corrie would stop bringing more characters into the mix and focus on the ones they've already got, otherwise actors will get bored and jump ship.
But if the Corrie God's want to thin out the cast, here are a few helpful suggestions: Gemma, the quads, Chesney, Alina, Seb, The Baileys (excluding Aggie), Paul, Bernie, Sean, Maria, Summer, Izzy, Ryan, Alya, Gary... The list could go on.

Anonymous said...

I am confused, are you saying that Mary or Shawn is " an unhygenic nudist with no inhibitions and a fondness for curry." Did I miss something?

Anonymous said...

Ed annoys me as well as the soccer playing son. Keep Aggie and the son with the kid. He knows his mom so well and they can take in the ex and raise the little kid together.

coconno196 said...

Well the timing is all over the place then. Corrie only started lockdown last week, which was early April in real time. Have they jumped 3 months?

Anonymous said...

No the timing isn't all over the place. It's as up to date as it can be, hence social distancing, hand sanitising, not being able to eat in the café or drink in the pub, take out's only. I think they're doing a brill job, all things considered. They do film up to 6 weeks in advance, and things change so much, so quickly. Here in Greater Manchester we've been plunged into partial lockdown again with 3 hours notice on Thursday night. TPTB cannot anticipate things like this happening, I know I certainly didn't. It took us all be surprise. Please cut them a bit of slack and use your imagination.

Anonymous said...

“longest time now“, didn’t Carla/ Alison King had a big psychotic storyline last year? There are many actors/ characters on the show who haven’t had their own storyline in lots of years. As for Aggie, they are doing a storyline with her which is more than enough considering The Baileys have only been on the show for a year. Get them to interact more with the other characters than giving them more and more storylines.

Sharon boothroyd said...

The Maria prattle was strange, but the script-writing team must have been under pressure with changing the Yasmeen storyline,as they couldn't have a court trial.
Friday's episode was a bit tedious, but the team can only do so much. It must be a strain, with a lot of older actors not being able to work because of self isolation.
I think Corrie has done incredibly well. Slowing the episodes to ensure no breaks has been the right thing to do.
It was nice to have a break from the long, drawn out, Oliver plot.
There's a steady cast of supporting characters such as Izzy,Kirk,Rita,Sean,Simon,Summer, Gail,Craig, Mary,Ryan and Alex who aren't really given storylines.
It'll be nice to see Debbie Webster return though.

CK said...

I agree with the Maria babble, who would ever ask about someone hit by a car if their body flew up in the air like a rag doll? I was like is she referring to Liam? No just a random person she heard about on the news .. weird

Anonymous said...

yes they said they jumped time on 24th of July.

You cannot kill James off, more gay killing won't do the show's image any good.


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