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Monday, 3 August 2020

The Week In Classic Corrie

MONDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 12th and 15th April 1996

The second of today's shows was episode 4000; yes, they did 4000 episodes in 36 years, then another 6000 in the following 24.  That's a hell of a ramping up.  Alec Gilroy explained that he was back in Weatherfield to run Sunliners' new travel agency on Rosamund Street.  (There was a great moment when he drove past the Rovers and Jack shivered, as if someone had walked over his grave).  Steve wasn't keen on his granddad in law making his presence felt again, but Vicky felt sorry for him, particularly when she saw what a dump his new agency was.  He moved out of the Wethy Quays flat and into a B&B.  The horse trainer turned up on the Street with Betty's Hot Shot, much to the amusement of a tiny Tyrone Dobbs, and demanded payment for his living expenses.  After a lot of rowing the syndicate managed to get the money together, though Judy was annoyed that Gary had used her holiday money.  Don was confirmed as the new owner of the garage (DUM-DUM-DUMMMM), though he immediately regretted it when Kevin told him the compressor had packed up and needed to be replaced, and Jamie got into trouble when he stopped a girl from stealing Josie's bike.  Thanks to gossipy Percy Sugden, Don assumed he'd robbed it and stopped her from giving him a reward; Tricia lost her temper with Josie for calling her son a thief.  She worried that if Jamie carried on causing trouble he'd end up in care.

TUESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 17th and 19th April 1996

Maud got the ladies of the Street to invite Maureen round for a night out to get her out of her funk.  She ended up having a high old time with them at Liz's, with Deirdre complaining about her job interview where they asked her if she knew how to use PowerPoint, and the rest of them bemoaning men in general.  Sadly she was soon depressed again when she saw Reg had put his flat above the Kabin up for sale.  The police turned up and interrogated Vicky about the dodgy statement that cleared Steve over the stolen whisky.  He seemed unworried until she was arrested on suspicion of perverting the course of justice; then he lost his temper with her for cracking and telling her Uncle Nick the whole story.  Don refused to spend money on the new compressor, telling Kevin and Tony to make do, even as he went to Thirsk to watch his horse run, and Judy started work behind the bar.

WEDNESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 22nd and 24th April 1996

Vicky confessed everything that was happening to Alec.  He advised her to follow Nick's advice so that she could extricate herself from Steve's mess.  Unfortunately, Steve had decided to make things worse, visiting Malcolm Fox in prison to try and persuade him to stonewall with the police.  Malcolm said his wife had told the police everything so there was no way he could help.  Steve told Vicky that she was the one who'd get in trouble, not him, as she was the one who handed over the bribe.  In other "Awful McDonald Family Members" news, Jim was released from prison, leaving Liz frightened he'd come hammering on her door again.  She decided to stand up for herself and went in the Rovers with Deirdre with her head held high.  Jim went in the pub while she was there (and Jack shook his hand, grrr) but he told her he would be civil around her.  Also fighting back was Maureen, who moved into the vacant flat so she could claim it as a marital home and get some of the money from its sale.  She got Bill to change the locks and they flirted outrageously.  The financial pressures were getting a bit much for the horse syndicate, so they decided to get rid of it, with Fred proposing they sell it to the Belgians for meat.  Their wives were horrified.

THURSDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 26th and 29th April 1996

Vicky vacillated between supporting Steve and legging it, but when Steve was arrested, she decided that was it.  She packed her bags and moved into the B&B with Alec.  It turned out it was just in time, because when she went through her accounts with Uncle Nick, her inheritance had taken a hell of a beating.  Vicky cleared out the joint account and Steve told her he didn't need her anyway.  All the while his eyes boggled out of his gaunt face and it's blindingly obvious why Simon Gregson's about to need a few months off.  Don put his stamp on the garage, sending a stream of taxis through for check-ups, and boring the heck out of Kevin and Tony.  He was surprised that there wasn't much profit pouring in.  There was also an awkward scene where Liz plonked herself down next to Gail and unburdened herself, even though Gail wasn't really keen; suddenly it was clear why they didn't have another conversation for twenty-odd years.

FRIDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 1st and 3rd May 1996

All this week Kelly the Childminder and Ashley Peacock have been circling one another, but it's been so boring I haven't bothered mentioning it.  Well, finally some actual plot happened, as Ken left her minding Daniel at number 1 while he went to a conference.  She invited Ashley round for a bit of hanky-panky while she had the house to herself.  However, Ken returned and found him wearing his dressing gown - thankfully it wasn't a kimono - and he asked Kelly to be more subtle with her shenanigans.  Don (who Tony nicknames "Hopalong", which is appallingly disablist of course, but at the same time it's Don, so whatever) was watching over the mechanics, keeping an eye on what they were up to and getting on Kevin's wick.  He told him to get stuffed and Don obviously took it very calmly - nah, not really, he blew his top and called him a jumped-up grease monkey, because he's horrible.  Steve and Vicky went to court, charged with perverting the course of justice, but while she pleaded guilty, he pleaded not guilty, making her fret that she was going to get all the blame and end up in prison.  Elsewhere, Alec took Deirdre on at the travel agency, Andy argued with Des and was asked to move out of number 6, and we got the last ever appearance of Phyllis Pearce, bantering with Maud in the hairdresser's.  Jill Summers had been ill, on and off, for some time, and this was her first scene in the show since February.  She wasn't written out, as the hope was always that she'd return to the show, but sadly Jill passed away the following January.  Phyllis was a legend of the Street, funny, warm and clever, and the show will never be the same without her.

If they don't stop banging on about that horse, @merseytart is going to turn it into dog food himself.

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