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Friday, 21 August 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 21 August

Evening Corrie fans, it’s Kelly here with your Friday night review.

Abi is being taken away in an ambulance with good Samaritan Peter by her side. When she wakes up after having an operation on her shoulder, Seb tells her that the twins have already gone to Australia but that he understands why she gave them up and thinks they will have a better life. He’s changed his tune. He’s been moping around telling her she’s a terrible mother for months. Still, maybe he’ll cheer up now. Oh no I forgot, he’s still got Alina to sulk over. Give me strength!

Meanwhile at Victoria Gardens, Mary, Billy and Sean are on a stakeout, hoping the errant Todd will be lured by the bag of money they’ve left as bait. When a random girl turns to collect the money I did for a moment think I know they’re replacing Todd with a new actor but this has gone a bit far. But as it turns out she's just a chancer who says she found Todd’s phone by the canal. The man himself remains mysteriously absent.

Over at No. 8  Adam is collecting his stuff. Sarah begs him to forgive her but he says they’re over unless she changes her mind about protecting Gary. Needing a bit of moral support, our favourite Scot asks Daniel to go for a few beers with him but Dan turns him down claiming he’s got someone coming round to do an energy survey. That someone turns out, predictably, to be Nicky, who has apparently taken two buses to get there. I’m no expert on what your average escort earns, but I'd have thought she could have stretched to an Uber.

Norman Bates, sorry Daniel has made her dinner and insists she wears his dead wife’s cardigan again. When she tells him she needs to go, he offers to pay her double. What the...? Where is this money coming from? Has Daniel sold a kidney on the quiet? Come to think of it, we haven’t seen Bertie in a while. Has the poor kid been sent to work up a chimney to pay for his dad's cardigan habit? Nicky wisely refuses the offer, (probably terrified he’s going to make her do Sinead’s voice), and tells him that she’s booked up for the rest of the week and he really needs to talk to his family. Yes, either that or a really world-class psychiatrist.

In other news Paul tells Bernie and Cathy that he’s worried about Gemma being depressed again. Gemma assures them she’s not, she just didn’t want Paul to find out about the surprise birthday party she’s organising for him.

Back at the hospital Abi is in physical pain and emotional distress over the twins. When the doctor gets distracted by another patient, she takes the opportunity to steal some morphine from a medical trolley. She’s caught by Peter who tells her to put it back, but doesn’t shop her to Kev or Seb. Ooh Mr Barlow you are very protective. Could there still be a spark between these two?

And that's all for this week. But if anyone knows how Abi manages to maintain such a perfect manicure while fixing cars all day please do let me know in the comments page or on twitter @mskelstar. 

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Humpty Dumpty said...

The two buses was an excuse to ditch Daniel early in the evening. She'll be in the Bistro with her next punter when Daniel happens to walk in?? Think I read that he comes across the two of them somewhere. Wasn't it lucky how Abi so quickly found the very clearly marked morphine? And while it was good to have a break from evil Geoff, it was noticeable how thin the other storylines are. That being the case, they'll stretch Geoff's out for as long as they can.

coconno196 said...

Ah yes, the mechanic with the perfect manicure, like various cleaners and charladies over the years. Not to mention the perfect teeth and hair extensions that women on minimum wage could ill afford. At least we are seeing a few lockdown hairstyles at the moment - Sally's usually neat crop is looking rather shaggy.

dhvinyl said...

Abi’s nails are laugh out loud, and only hours after she’s been ankle deep in grease at the garage. But my word she’s strong..that jauntily angled engine fell on her and yet it was then bouncing up and down on her chest as she was breathing. With no children allowed on set, Jonathan and the lads have had to vanish them with no explanation. We’ve already forgotten what Dev’s new son looks like. And as for Todd who’s that dim he has no security on his phone, but then nor does anyone....still, it gave a nice young girl a chance to earn £100 for her spoken line and to have Coronation Street on her CV!

Anonymous said...

Oh no, would hate Abi and Peter to have an affair! If Peter cheats on Carla again, then he's officially a scumbag. He's lucky Carla forgave him the last time! But Peter loves playing the white knight, he can't resist a damsel in distress, it's like he only loves Carla when she's at her lowest, and once she's built herself up she's too domineering for him so he starts looking elsewhere for an ego boost. Typical Peter Barlow.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Abi’s nails are laugh out loud - in addition, I see that she still has the red polish on her nails in the hospital bed. Anyone who has been admitted to hospital has to have nail varnish removed. It is important to remove your nail polish so that the doctors and nurses can see your true color during the surgery and in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit. The color of the skin and nail beds is an important sign of blood circulation.

Anonymous said...

What a crap week…
I know it’s a soap and you have to suspend your disbelief to some degree, but there was so much wrong with last night’s episode that it took me out of the story. From Abi having perfectly polished nails, to her helping herself to morphine from the trolley, to Peter accompanying her in the ambulance and visiting her in hospital despite Covid restrictions. Peter’s role in all this seems a little contrived which makes me think they’re going to revisit Peter and Abi’s history, which I’m really hoping isn’t the case. Also the stunt itself when the ‘heavy’ engine fell on her was so poorly done it was laughable. I like Abi and I’m glad she’s getting a storyline at long last but it’s gotten off to a terrible start.
Corrie feels like it’s hit a slump again. Geoff and Gary’s storylines are going round in circles and blatantly stalling for time. The socially distanced wedding was awful, the Ben Shephard blanket was not even remotely funny, neither was Steve and his sausages. Daniel’s story is boring and downright creepy, and having Gemma back front and centre isn’t helping matters. Oh and Mary and Sean as a comedic duo, terrible idea... Todd's return should be serious, but instead they're turning it into a comedy (and not a funny one).
There’s nothing compelling me to watch, the show feels stale and just plain odd at times. For example that scene with Shona randomly appearing and giving Sarah some bloke advice- what was that all about? Did the writers forget she has brain damage? There’s really no justifying it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I agree Corrie's a bit all over the place at the moment. Gemma, Chesney and Gary are in it way too much - no one else gets a look in. The only storyline I care about is Yasmeen's but that's gone on hold.


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