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Saturday, 1 August 2020

Coronation Street episode review Friday 31 July 2020

And for the benefit of the Weatherfield police here is the car and driver responsible for the hit and run in Coronation Street on Wednesday evening.  I am sure that your imaging equipment will get a very clear picture of him and the number plate is very clear.  And a question for Coronation Street experts - are there any CCTV cameras on such a dangerous Street and if not why not?

The driver does a runner and this allows Gary to tell Sarah that all he has done he "Did it for you".  Gary has never loved anyone like he loved Sarah.

Much of the episode takes place in the hospital where Sarah's initial story of simply walking out into the road to be saved by superhero Gary is somewhat rubbished by Tyrone who from his vantage point in the garage saw the whole thing (oddly the Street was otherwise empty - no extras wandering around at all!).  The operation goes well and Gary will make a full recovery.  Sarah and Adam depart before the police can question her - she needs to work out how she can tell a story that matches Tyrone's - she can't say she was running away from Rick Neelan's killer before he took her to Beacon Woods to dig a deeper hole for her and Rick.  Nor can she tell the truth now that Gary has saved her life.

Tim has been telling Geoff about the visitation from Elaine.  Geoff reminds Tim that his late mother was Tess, not Elaine, and he does not like speaking ill of the dead but she was a piece of work - her inherent laziness, rudeness and dipsomaniac tendencies (above).  Tim are you listening - is that also how he would describe Yasmeen and if anyone thought to ask would he say the same about Elaine/Philippa?  Geoff's initial theory is that Elaine has been paid by Alya.  At home Tim repeats the story to Sally who started pulling a funny face - is it possible that Elaine is Tim's mum?  Sally is looking very puzzled.

In a semi dark Speed Dahl Alya sympathises with Elaine - it was never going to be an easy task meeting the family again given the way they parted and (above) Alya refers the long running television programme re-uniting families.  Anyway Elaine points out that Tim obviously knows nothing - and the story goes back 50 years.  And Sally (Tim's wife) is a key witness for Yasmeen,  It looks like Elaine is going to stay.  And when Geoff does catch sight of her a little later it seems to knock him for six - is the noose closing?

Geoff suspects that Elaine might have gone into the Rovers - but it is empty and Jenny is playing darts.  He manages to upset her in seconds and then asks if the B&B is closed.  It is and apparently the Scott storyline has been given the coronavirus boot.  And whilst we are about it - can we please stop this nonsense of not paying by cash.  Working out all the strange unreceipted entries on the bank is doing my head in.  It is legal tender - take it.  As he leaves the Rovers Jenny resanitises her hands!

Gosh it is fortuitous that the former pharnacist is actually a qualified nurse who returned to the NHS just before the virus appeared and now due to the ward sister having tested positive is locked up in a hotel in isolation for her thirtieth wedding anniversary - which is pearl.  So for everyone's benefit she has her new pearl earrings delivered as part of a care package by Michael and James.  The events of 30 years ago are recalled and Aggie tells us about recent events.  They toast each other.

Maria tells Gary she knows everything and that he is such a hero.  She says that he is the nicest, loveliest most genuine person that she has ever met.  Obviously she does not know about the factory roof, Rana, Rick and Brian's metal detector.  Gary is just worrying if Sarah will tell the police the everything that Maria does not know!

And just a brief personal note. I have some (hopefully minor) health issues at present so to ease my workload slightly Corrie Comicals is going on an extended break.  Once the medics have put me right I hope to be back - and will still be here most of the time in my alternate week slot.

Written by Jonathan Harvey and directed by David Kester.


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CK said...

Get well soon!

Anonymous said...

I hope the truth about Gary sabotaging the factory roof comes out just so Maria will realise that Gary is not a 'hero' as his sabotage resulted in Rana's death and her brother Kirk being injured.
As for Sarah who claims that she puts her son Harry 'first',she needs to listen to her lawyer husband's advice and tell the police the truth about Gary[who cares only about himself]otherwise she could be arrested and jailed for obstruction of justice or perjury.

I also hope you get well soon!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your posts, always insightful. Hope you get well soon.

maggie muggins said...

Be well, Kosmo! We'll hold your place for you while you mend. Love your blogs here.

Lily Bigfield said...

Get well soon, Kosmo! Will look forward to your blogs in future.


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