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Saturday, 1 August 2020

Coronation Street Weekly Update, August 1 2020

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Yasmeen’s in hospital after suffering a heart attack caused by the stress of the upcoming trial, which is now postponed. But there’s a newcomer in town who just might be able to help poor Yas. Her name is Elaine and she’s played by the wonderful Paula Wilcox. Elaine is Geoff’s first wife and she’s also Tim’s mum. But she had to leave Tim as a baby in order to get away from Geoff’s evil hands as she suffered in the same way as Yasmeen.

Elaine’s not sure at first if she has strength in her to go through with helping Yas but comes through in the end and says she’ll give evidence against Geoff. However, when Elaine calls in at the cab office to tell Tim she’s his real mum, Tim’s confused, upset and angry. He thought his real mum had died, well that’s what Geoff told him, and when he confronts Geoff about Elaine, Geoff stalks Elaine on the street. Oh no… will Geoff bump off Elaine before she’s got a chance to give evidence that will help Yasmeen?

Elsewhere this week, Gary tells Sarah he still loves her, she runs away from him on the cobbles and into the path of an oncoming car. Gary pushes her out of the way and saves her life, but he’s hit by the car and ends up in hospital. Two hospital scenes in one week? It’s like Kate Oates is back in charge. Anyway, as you can imagine, Marie is beside herself with grief and goes to the hospital to see her beloved Gary. She doesn’t know he loves someone else but then Marie’s never been the brightest button in the box as far as men are concerned. Adam’s also at the hospital and curious to know what was going on between Sarah and Gary.

Ed and Aggie celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary apart as Aggie’s been told to self-isolate at a local hospital after her ward manager becomes infected with the virus.  It’s quite a touching scene right at the end when they raise their glasses to each other through their phone screens. But I’m still not warming to this family. Actually, I tell a lie. I AM warming to Aggie and Michael but not to Ed or the other one who’s name I have forgot. 

And finally this week, there’s been some great scenes in the Rovers Return as the pub responds to coronavirus on the cobbles. Jenny wears gloves and sanitises everything in sight, including the customers if she could. The pub’s shut of course, only open for takeaway beer and wine by way of Jenny behind the bar. The B&B part of the pub’s operation has closed down and Scott has “gone home” Jenny tells Geoff who calls in for a bottle of wine. 

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Anonymous said...

I was enjoying the intrigue of Scott, but I'm wondering if that storyline will get scrapped now because of covid...
Paula Willcox is a great addition, fab actress.
Gary's storlyine fell flat this week. I don't like Adam/Sarah or Maria/Gary so all this drama just bores me. Maria has got to be the dumbest character in soap history. Last night she had some corkers. 'Did he fly through the air like a ragdoll?' A) Who even asks that? B) Has she forgotten her late husband and father of her child died in a hit and run? Really weird...
For the first time ever I enjoyed the Baileys (well just Ed and Aggie). I thought the skype call was really touching and a great way of weaving covid into the show.
One affect of covid that I'm liking is having less storylines to focus on. I'd love corrie to do some two handers, more character driven stuff would be great.

Louby said...

The Scott storyline, I really hope that's not the end of it, at least Johnny could explain what the back story was when he finally returns if we are not going to see Scott again.

I loved Ed and Aggie's call. I quite like them all but James will be better when he's allowed to be involved with other characters and not just be an "issue".


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