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Tuesday 17 May 2022

Fiz Finds Out Phill's Secret? Corrie Blog Chats to Jennie McAlpine

In last night's episode, Fiz was left reeling having discovered Phill is friends with Graham, the prosecution solicitor who presided over her criminal trial following John Snape’s murder spree. Fiz confided in Tyrone, telling him how she’s never told Phill about her crazy ex-husband, as she doesn't want to scare him away. It then transpired that Phill actually knows all about John Snape, and would never think badly of her.

However, we will soon find out that Phill is hiding secrets too!

On the 5th of May, we attended a Coronation Street Press Day, and the Corrie media gang promised us that there is still a lot more to come in this long-standing love triangle between Phill, Fiz, and Tyrone. John's daughter Hope wreaks havoc with a digger, Tyrone digs for the truth, and Fiz contemplates a marriage proposal! In our latest Corrie cast interview, we spoke to Jennie McAlpine, who plays Fiz Brown, to learn all about it!

Hi Jennie! All seems to be going well for Fiz and Phill until the spectre of John Snape comes back into Fiz’s orbit. How does Fiz feel when she meets Phill’s posh friends for dinner, only to discover that Graham was a prosecution solicitor on John Snape’s murder case? 

Well, she's dead nervous about this dinner, meeting Phill’s posh friends. She doesn't know what to wear, Sean tells her to put some more make-up on - so she’s in a right state, anyway. Then she gets this huge bolt-from-the-blue in the form of John Snape when he’s mentioned, and he becomes the whole content of conversation over dinner

Phill doesn't know anything about Fiz’s past, even though he’s supportive of her, and the girls, and seems to be an absolute gentleman. This week we find out that Phill is also hiding something, and Hope is the first to find out his secret. What does Hope do to Phill?

First of all, Hope gets hold of a giant digger and smashes it into Phill’s car. We all know that you don't mess with Fiz’s daughter! It’s quite tame for her really, and she could have been a whole lot worse, actually. Fiz is then really angry and distressed. For some reason, Hope finds out that Phill has a whole load of info about John Snape, and subsequently learns a whole load of things about her Dad, that she didn't want to know

How does Phill react to the attack on his car? He is mature about it and just concentrates on trying to smooth things over with Fiz. He has a whole lot more to worry about!!

How does Fiz feel when she finds out the truth about Phill. Will it change her perception of him? 

Yes, the shine is knocked off when reality hits home, but she still likes him and wants to cling to the idea of them. She doesn't want to be on her own, nor leave the posh home they share, having thought he was ‘the one’ for her. 

We all know that Tyrone is hoping to get back together with Fiz. Do you think she could go running back into his arms? 

Would Fiz go back to him? Yes, she would, but it would be the Tyrone that didn't run off with Alina, nor break her heart. It's just that she can't get over what he did, and tearing the family apart. 

Does she have genuine feelings for Phil? I think she does, but she's putting the family first, and the girls first ahead of her feelings. It's a new start away from Weatherfield and Phill can give her all the things that Tyrone can't. He has no baggage (that she knows of), no kids, and seems stable...

Phill and Fiz end up on shaky ground this week, and then Phill proposes marriage. Is this something that Fiz wants? 

I think this is the thing, Phill is romantic and kind to her, all of the things that Tyrone wasn't, he’s really sweet. There’s a line in the script where Phill lists all of the things that he loves about their relationship and it's the same things that Tyrone said he hated about their relationship before he left her for Alina. It reminds her of that original conversation but the outcome is completely different. I think she gets swept away by Phill’s romance 

Would you like to see Fiz marry Phill? 

Well, if you remember my last on-screen wedding, it was in a prison with only Chesney and prison guards as guests, so it may be nice to have a white wedding. However, Evelyn points out to Fiz that if she does get married, she can't wear white, and Fiz disagrees, so we shall see!


What is Phill hiding? Does Hope take this vendetta further? and will Tyrone stand aside to let Fiz get married? This press day was part of a big set of storylines coming up, so keep your eye on the Coronation Street blog for upcoming spoilers, backstage gossip, and more cast interviews! 

I am @rybazoxo your Cobbles connoisseur and Corrie superfan. 

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Sharon boothroyd said...

I always thought was John STAPE, not John Snape. Maybe I'm wrong?

coconno196 said...

Yes it's Stacey. Annoying storyline. Now Phill, like so many others, has a deep dark secret.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it was Stape.

Anonymous said...

Definitely Stape.

Anonymous said...

Defo Stape, check the credits at the end of the show

Anonymous said...

Yes, like Abi is Abi not Abbie or anything else.

Sharon boothroyd said...

I just wondered why the character had been called John Snape in this blog post.

Anonymous said...

Since she was married to John Stape, surely Fiz would have been aware he has a brother Phil and a daughter Jade?
It's ridiculous that John's relatives are coming out of the wodwork now and they are nothing more that a ploy to make the viewer sympatheise with Fiz[which I don't]
First it was the pschyo Jade cauisng trouble after Fiz let Ruby take the blame for Hope's bad behaviour and now Phil is the latest baddie in her life after Fiz pressured Tyrone to sell HIS house that she has no right to


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