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Saturday 21 May 2022

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 20 May 2022

Greetings Corrie fans, it’s Kelly here with your Friday night review.

Tempers are still pretty frayed at Chez Metcalfe following the disastrous hotel night. Tim apologises to Sally for inferring that she’s a sex maniac (I mean if the PVC stiletto fits, Sal). He promises he will get the problem sorted, but it’s clear he’s still feeling embarrassed and sensitive. 

Sally urges Gail to keep schtum on the Tim-potence. Err have you ever met Gail, Sally? She tells Sally to organise something to take Tim’s mind off his problem and Sally hits on a bright idea to ask Ronnie if he will donate his Weathy County tickets. Unfortunately, Tim hears them discussing it over Steve’s new doorbell cam, leaps to the wrong conclusion and rushes over to punch Ronnie in the face.

Meanwhile, Daniel is cramming for his interview, while panicking that Tracy might still sabotage his chances. But when the interview finally dawns, it seems like Mr Osbourne has decided to sabotage himself. He gives the bemused panel a mixture of sarcasm and depression which is unlikely to win anyone over. Then when questioned by Mrs Crawshaw on his appalling performance, tells her he’s not cut out for teaching. 

Drowning his sorrows in the Rovers, Daniel tells David that he’s done with teaching. David declares it the best news he’s heard in ages and then puts the boot in a bit further by telling Daniel that he might as well move away, as there’s nothing left for him in Weatherfield. Not true Dan. There’s probably a vacancy at Underworld. No previous experience necessary, they’ll take on anyone. And without the pesky teaching getting in the way you might even have time to sort out your house inheritance or do some actual parenting of your son?  

Back at the flat, Nicki offers to 'help him through his problems' which I think might be code for putting on Sinead’s sex cardigan again. She tells him they could have a future (of frumpy knitwear role-play) together, but he turns her down. 

Elsewhere, Jacob and Amy have a broken boiler and no money to pay the electric, meaning neither of them can have a shower and Jacob is reduced to sneaking furtive squirts of Kirk’s Lynx Africa. When Mary comes in the caf√© having left Tracy’s order book at home, Jacob sees an opportunity. Offering to pick the book up for Mary while she enjoys a rock bun, he treats himself to a shower at No. 11. He is of course surprised by Eileen who practically shoos him out with a broom. 

Tracy sees the commotion and forces him to admit that he and Amy are not only living in squalor but staying there illegally as it’s his sister’s council flat. And this means that there’s no chance of getting anyone to fix the boiler or sort out the damp. We get a glimpse of Jacob’s troubled upbringing with an absent father and mum in and out of prison, but it’s not enough to melt Tracy’s heart of stone and she just insists that her daughter can’t live in those conditions. 

In other news, Phill claims that he is going to Leeds to pick up some tiles but is overseen by Tyrone handing some bloke a suspicious looking envelope. Does no one ever think of, oh I dunno, just going somewhere private when they’re up to something dodgy? 

Finally, Gail overhears Ronnie and Steve discussing Tim and assumes the Tim-potence is all out in the open. With all the subtlety of a toddler with a snare drum, she approaches Tim and tells him that Sally told him all about his problem and that it’s very common. Furious at being talked about, Tim rages at Sally that she has made him a laughing stock. 

And that’s it for this week. 

Like Gail I shall probably spend the rest of the weekend watching Carry on Screaming! on DVD, as it is undoubtedly THE best Carry-On film. Feel free to argue for Camping or Up the Kyber in the comments or on twitter @mskelstar, where your views will be completely ignored.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

I thought the scene between Gail and Sally in the pub the other days was funny. But the writers can't leave it there. They have to make Gail so stupid that she would eavesdrop on a conversation in the pub, get the wrong end of the stick, and then approach Tim directly to offer advice. Not in bad taste, just very unfunny. And I wish Corrie would stop this tired device of over-hearing or observing something and getting it completely wrong.

coconno196 said...

You beat me to it Humpty. Also, when Sally was asking Gail to keep shtum, why on earth would Gail keep repeating the word "impotence" in a crowded pub?!

maggie muggins said...

It was hard to out-joke Corrie this week. Thanks for doing it anyway, Kelly! Loved Gail and Sally for sure, and Steve, Tim and Ronnie all yucking it up for a change.

Also found the moment of silence & flowers from Gail & Eileen at the memorial bench for Martyn really lovely. A few tears fell here for the victims of the Manchester Arena terrorist attack 5 years ago.


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