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Friday 6 May 2022

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 5 May 2022

Evening Corrie fans, it’s Kelly here with your Friday night review.

It’s the anniversary of Seb’s death and Nina and Asha have organised a vigil in the memorial garden later that day, though they seem to have forgotten to mention it to anyone as they’re the only two people there. Abi is invited to attend, but says she wants to go to the hospital to see Alfie who is being discharged to Toyah and Imran today.

Alone with her son, she considers taking him, but is interrupted by Toyah (or Laura Ashley as she calls her). Toyah tries to reason with her by telling her that she can still be a part of Alfie’s life, but she fires back that she is his real mum and Toyah is stealing him. As Toyah continues trying to reason with her, Imran arrives and threatens to call the police. Has Charlie De Melo offended the writing team, because they seem to be determined to make him the villain? 

In another part of the hospital, Aggie has decided that she needs to expose the evil Dr Thorne. Despite the other nurse telling her that he’s resigning in a few weeks. she prints off Peter’s file and reports him. When his operations are cancelled, he accosts her in the car park and tells her it’s her word against his (fair point, she has zero proof) and that when he’s back he’ll make her life a misery. Maybe put in a few weeks sick leave Aggs.

Over at Chez Grimshaw, George is still keeping himself awake. After he mixes up some ashes at work, Todd demands that he fess up to Eileen. With his secret finally out, and the house prepared with ear plugs he finally gets a night’s sleep. Unlike Eileen. Though I can’t help thinking that the pair of them squeezing into what looks like a single bed can’t really help either. Neither of you are size zero Eileen, maybe invest in a king-size.

In other news, Stu tells Yasmeen that he has a daughter who wants nothing to do with him. New character klaxon? This encourages her to ask Zeedan to move back into her four-bed mansion No. 6. Also, Kirk annoys everyone in the factory by buying an air-horn and letting it off every time someone makes a sale. The only person who seems to enjoy this is Faye, but then she lives with the most boring man in Manchester so sudden loud noises are probably one of the most thrilling things that ever happen in her life. 

Finally, as Toyah fusses over Alfie she has a moment of doubt and asks Imran whether Ben actually saw Abi buying drugs. He lies again and says he’s sure, and then sneaks off to give Abi Alfie’s teddy bear. Strange move. Has he hidden something incriminating inside it? We’ll have to wait until next week to find out.

If you want to remember the Imran good times, where he just defended Kelly and looked hot in a suit, please feel free to reminisce with me in the comments or on twitter @mskelstar.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think that Imram would sink even lower and put a camera in the teddy bear to spy on Abi.
Hopefully Abi finds it and goes to the police!
I have a sense of deja vu with this storyline and Toyah's obsession with a baby,first,she ,Eva and Adam drove Aidan over the edge [which led to his suicide]when they destroyed the factory as revenge for Aidan's affair with Maria,never told Aidan he was going to be a father and Toyah manipulated Eva to give up her and Aidan's daughter to her and now the Habeebs are driving Abi over the edge so they can keep Alfie to themselves.


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