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Monday 16 May 2022

Coronation Street Episode Review, Friday 13 May 2022

Good evening.  I will get the elephant out of the room much further down but it is a big elephant.  
In the interim we have the continuing story of Imran, Toyah, Alfie and Ben. Ben is now a drug addict (did you see that coming? no, nor did I!) and he is demanding money with menaces from Imran who offers him £100 to go away.  

He goes and scores - but Abi gets it in on her mobile phone (plastic bag of a white substance as well as the money - both are waved around with abandon).  Blackmail works both ways and Abi demands her pound of flesh - that Ben admits his lying in court.  Abi's solicitor, Elliot, is soon on the phone to Imran demanding a meeting which will happen on Monday otherwise he will have no alternative and will have to contact the police.  Also on Monday Alfie has a naming ceremony but I don't believe R'Toyota has ordered fireworks.

Much of this week has been centred around what feels like a quite absurd story about Peter's liver transplant and the arrogance of his surgeon.  I am a recipient of NHS hospital services and I should like to place on record that the teams who over the last three or four years have contributed to my continued existence and well being are wonderful people and I feel that this story is ill-judged given the pressures that have existed.  

I can understand arrogant surgeons exist and Peter's wish for an apology allied with certainty that there will be no repetition - but feel that such a story at this particular juncture is far from ideal.  Tonight the dispute continued with another nurse, Tricia, from Mr Thorne's department being prepared to provide evidence.  And it gives Peter and Carla a story which has been long overdue.  

The elephant cruising around the room took the shape of an Argos delivery van - obviously they want more evidence of their financial might!

Adam seems to have found a new hairdresser since lockdown ended as his hair appears now to be totally unruly.  He is worried their practice is going to go to the wall - and to be honest given the allegations from Lydia and the skills Imran has been deploying would you trust either of them at the moment?

Tim has an appointment with his doctor, lucky man.  Tim is not sure he wants to go and eventually flunks it.  He also flunks a bedroom appointment with Sally by telling her that he has to work and then convinces Steve that he has to work as well.  Apparently Dr Voggle can provide the answer but Sally arrived home at just the wrong moment.

Fiz is on a half day to ensure the new washing machine is delivered and having missed the bus Ty takes her home and finds that Phil can afford a huge mansion with an APPLE tree in the garden.  To say the least he is jealous (to be fair I once had had a house with an apple tree and it was very nice too).  Somehow you sense that it cannot be right for Fiz and the girls to have an apple tree!

Aadi tries to ensure that Summer is not suffering - but her negative body image problems means she gives him short shrift and then a chocolate bar surfaces from her bag.  She rings Aaron but gets his voicemail.  She stares at the bar and eventually consigns it to the bin.

And for reasons which may become apparent Ken's brother David Barlow the footballer had a mention this evening as Kev was discussing football.  David and his son Darren were killed in a motor car accident in Australia many years ago.

Which wraps it up for tonight.

Written by Alasdair Morrison and David Isaac; directed by Alex Jacob.


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Anonymous said...

I presumed Fizz and Phill had just got a good sized semi not a whacking great (what looks like) detached which must have been very expensive even though it needs renovating.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Very unhappy with Peter's storyline. There are similarities to the storyline of Phelan and Anna and we didn't need another one about a bully blackmailing a woman to save her partner. In fact, blackmail has been a consistent thread in a lot of recent storylines. But back to Peter and I really don't think a recovering patient would either want to or have the energy to punch the doctor who worked miracles on them.

coconno196 said...

Me too. It looks like a 5-bedroom mansion, totally over the top. Especially with Phill currently unemployed!
Peter's story getting daft now, and it's in poor taste.
Don't know what they can do with David Barlow unless widow Irma is still alive. No long-lost grandchildren because son Darren was only a child when he died.

coconno196 said...

Yes, it looks like a 5-bedroom mansion. Way over the top. Isn't Phill unemployed?
David Barlow? Nice touch reminding us of his football career but only possible follow-up would be return of his widow Irma. No chance of long-lost grandchild because Darren was only a child when he died.

Anonymous said...

After seeing Toyah show off Alfie in the factory as she did with little Susie in the Rovers 2 years ago,I find myself rooting for Abi more and more.
Both Toyah and Imram [with his dirty tricks]see Alfie as a 'prize'or possession to win away from Abi who does look at her son with love and genuinely wants to be his mum and is working hard to stay clean.
Toyah is aware that Sally[I loved Sally telling her off] and Abi are friends hence another reason for Toyah to show off Alfie because she knew Sally would tell Abi about his 'visit' and stick to Abi even more.
Sadly the little girl Elsie whom Toyah and Imram claimed they wanted to adopt is all but forgotten now that Toyah thinks she has an infant 'son'.

maggie muggins said...

Fiz & Phill's house is huuuuge! It's a Hyacinth Bouquet dream house! What job does Phill do again?


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