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Monday 23 May 2022

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 23rd May


All is well in Paradise-cum-Hardy apart from Hope is off school, which is going to be an important part of tonight's ep. Phil(l) for some reason won't let Hope, who is supposed to be ill, inside the house so when her tablet runs out of juice, he gives her his laptop and she opens a folder called "Stape". Never leave an 11 year old in charge of a laptop, that is a good rule for life. Also don't save your important stuff on your desktop. Hope is out for revenge and despite not having got her JCB licence, lifts the digger scoop and smashes it into Phill's car windscreen. Rude! She is taken back to the cobbles, where she asks Tyrone questions about John Stape and says she saw the info on Phill's laptop. I'm sure an almost 12 year old would have asked about her bio-dad by now surely? Anyway, Phill says it was research for a true-crime book that he wants to write about Stape's reign of haphazard terror. Uh-oh. Fiz leaves Phill and goes back to no. 2 where she and Ty read out the Corriepedia entry for John to Hope and she asks if the writers were on drugs, or sommat. "All he wanted to do was teach," says Fiz. And murder people. 


Phill turns up and tries to persuade Fiz with his ideas for a tie-in podcast and titles for the book: "From Sir With Love" or "Double Life: The Curious Tale Of The Teacher With A Temper". I think Phill has talent! 

Fiz has no truck with this or forgiving Phill. "We're mid-renovation!" he pleads. Some excellent dialogue from Simon Crowther in this ep.


Sally bursts into tears at work and is comforted by Fay(e). You know you're at a new low when you're seeking solace from the walking disaster that is your stepdaughter. Faye goes around to counsel Tim who finally agrees to see Dr Gaddas who, unlike my doctor, still does bookable appointments. Same day appointments! Dr G says she will change Tim's medication. Maybe Tim should've just read the leaflet that accompanied his heart medicine? Or at least google side-effects.


Dismal Daniel tells Ken that he's quitting teaching despite all that studying we never saw him do for his PGCE. Here's an idea Danny-boy, get a job in a school where you don't live in the same street as your pupils. Still, there's always jobs in packing. Always. He tries to persuade Daisy to get back together with him, but it's a no-go, as you might imagine. Naughty Nicki rocks up to the pub and pleads Daniel's case as well. Daisy does her patented trout-pout at her but later goes to tell Daniel that she misses him too but she can't go out with him whilst Nicki is living with him.


Jay-kub tries to persuade Amy to go home so she can study in a house with lighting and heating, although I bet Ken turned the radiators off back in March and is going around unplugging everyone's chargers to bring down the leccy bill. Jacob reveals that someone's dobbed them into the council for sub-letting. I think it'd be the sister who'd be in trouble for this, not Jakey-boy. Anyhoo, as we all knew they would, Jacob and Amy move into no.1.

Oh and Summer's not taking her insulin. I am more keen on the average 18 year old for the exam season - and thus this storyline - to be over.

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Fluttershy said...

I was feeling quite sorry for Phill up to the point where he kept digging himself further in, a simple apology and Fiz might have forgiven him (although not likely, she's not the forgiving type, although I suspect she's about to forgive Ty and reconcile).
But yet again it's all someone else's fault and Herp's behaviour can be easily excused. That child needs to be locked in an attic or something.

Anonymous said...

If Fizz didn’t want to be reminded of her past why did she keep Stape as her name? It would have been easy to revert back to Brown and give Hope the name as well.

fairycake said...

I believe our Fiz kept the 'Stape' name because of her daughter, Hope. X

Cowks said...

40 years ago, most of the characters seemed to be middle-aged widows (Betty, Hilda, Elsie, Rita, Emily, Annie, Ivy) and there were two children, Nicky and Tracey, who lived in their rooms most of the time; hence the need for a major revamp which took the form of the fire and the introduction of the MacDonalds, as I recall. The Corrie of 2022 seems to be full of young people who lost one or both parents in infancy (Simon, Max, Summer, Joseph, Hope, Ruby) and their 'issues'; inevitable, given the number of 'explosive exits' in recent years, but is it any less tiresome?

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): Found this whole plot line very disappointing. I thought Phill was going to have some real secret--perhaps a relative of one of John's victims??--and that he might have had ulterior motives in seeking Fiz out (only to fall for her, of course). But this deciding to write a book thing is just silly, particularly because he has only been planning it for the last week (it's not why he sought her out in the first place.) To have Phill, who supposedly wants to keep Fiz in his life, continue to pitch the book and its titles in "comic" scenes is just ridiculous.If he were serious about losing Fiz, and had been contemplating the book for only a week or so, surely he would just apologize and say he realized that it was a bad idea. Not keep ramming it in her face in the same way his lawyer friend did.

Sharon boothroyd said...

If Phil wanted to write a true life crime book, why hasn't he written ones about Pat Phelan and Richard Hillman before?
It would be good if he had (under a pen name) and the next one in the series one would be about John Stape.
Yes I agree, Fiz could have easily changed her surname back to Brown.


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