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Friday 20 May 2022

Nicky Proposes to Daniel? Corrie Blog Interviews Kimberly Hart-Simpson

When Nicky Wheatley returned to Coronation Street, it appeared her intentions for Daniel were platonic, and although Daisy sensed something else, the animosity between the three cooled somewhat. However, this is soapland, and things change quickly. After splitting up from Daisy, and Nicky losing her teaching job, Daniel and Nicky have been thrown together into a sort-of blended family, albeit one with two kids living above a corner shop, seemingly in harmonious domestic bliss. Does it appear Daisy was right all along? Tonight, Nicky declares her true feelings for Daniel, proposing that they have a future together! 

Last Friday, I had the pleasure of joining a Corrie press day to chat with Kimberly Hart-Simpson, who plays Nicky, to learn all about the character's sudden change of heart?

Read on to learn more about Coronation Street's latest love triangle!  


Hi Kimberly! it has been quite the whirlwind since Nicky resurfaced in Weatherfield, with her past life coming back to her haunt her, ruining her chances of being a teaching assistant, and now flat-sharing with Daniel. Nicky has also had a few run-ins with Daniel's on/off lover, Daisy. How's the relationship between those two women at the moment?

Daisy thinks she has lost the man she fell for because of me (Nicky) but I don't think it's a Nicky problem, maybe Daisy has some underlining feelings of jealousy, which Corrie have yet to explore - the way this has all come about is quite hard for Daisy to accept. It's completely unheard of, this scenario, of how these two (Nicky and Daniel) came together. As it stands, Nicky and Daisy are still very frosty, but there does appear to be something between the two of them, they are very similar characters. We don't know much about Daisy’s past yet, but maybe she has something in common with Nicky, I don't know, it's just little looks between them. They can either fight or hug and you don't know which one they are going to do!           

Whilst this is going on, Daniel is now doubting his teaching abilities, he's feeling very vulnerable, and he faces criticism from Tracy, Amy, and the Barlows. We then see Nicky standing up for Daniel and defending his honour. Do you think Nicky is a better influence on Daniel, in a way that Daisy isn't?  

I don’t believe she necessarily thinks she’s a better influence, it's just that they share more common ground. They are both parents so they have that maturity level, and she’s also seen and met Daniel at his most vulnerable - warts and all - and she still likes him. They have mutual respect and recent sexual chemistry. Daniel has a big conscience and possibly couldn't contemplate that he does really like Nicky, as he's had too much going on. 

Tonight we see Nicky profess her feelings for Daniel and she proposes a future for them as a family unit. Why does Nicky feel that she’s got a future with him? 

It's that sort of pre-made package family, isn't it? We've got to remember that Nicky is after that prize of a family unit, it looks like a postcard, and he’s the closest thing that she’s had, to a chance of that family package, in several years, which is why she is gravitating towards that. 

Does it come down to Nicky wanting to be saved?

Even from a woman's perspective, no we don't want to be saved but yes we want to be loved. It's not about the saving, if she was on her own she would still get by and fight the good fight. This is her vulnerable side and she’s not after a man for just money, anymore. What she doesn't realise is that Daniel has that kind of saviour personality. 

What was the turning point in her feelings for Daniel? 

I think this is what we will see in Friday’s (tonight) episode. We've seen these little moments when she’s been locking eyes with him, and although she respects Daisy, she realises that there is some fragility there, so she thinks why not take the chance whilst she's got it. Nicky is at peace with her feelings whereas Daisy is sometimes a bit more uncomfortable with it. She recognises the nice domesticity of the situation and thinks that this could work between them, this could be their moment. 

What would the ideal situation be for Nicky? To stay in Daniel’s flat, make a go of it, and live happily ever after. Maybe get back into a teaching job, or whatever she wants to do, and move away from everything that she’s come from. 

We won’t reveal how Daniel reacts, or how he responds to Nicky’s proposal, so let's talk hypothetically. If Nicky was to get together with Daniel, how do you think she would handle Daisy? 

I think Nicky could negotiate with that, she is feisty, and she would want Daisy to find some happiness, maybe. It could work out, crazier things have happened on the street, and it would be a case of Daisy having to move on. She wouldn't go to the rovers for a bit, maybe just a drink in the bistro, instead. 

And what if Daniel was to choose Daisy? 

Nicky would find that hard. It's not just about losing Daniel, it would be that picture postcard family unit as well. That whole scenario would mean that she’s homeless, Maisie’s life would be interrupted again, and she’s got no job. However, it's not that she’s using him, she does have genuine feelings for him. It is a brave move, having told Daisy previously that she would stay away, and she lays her feelings on the line. It's something she has to do. Her previous life was based on risk so she's just taking another chance. 

Do you think Daniel and Nicky would be a good match?


I do think they are a good match. She can put him in his place a lot and gives him that stability that is needed. He’s had a few women since Sinead died, he’s like the casanova of the street (being Ken Barlow’s son) and it's the stability he needs, which is something that Nicky can offer him.  


How will Daniel react to Nicky’s real intentions? Will we see Daniel reunite with his former flame or does he still have Daisy under his skin? Can Daisy and Nicky ever be true friends? This is a classic corrie case of blonde bombshell versus the deviously dark brunette, and in true corrie tradition, we have a Barlow male at the forefront of this romantic dilemma. 

Make sure you watch tonight’s Coronation Street and find out what happens next!

I am @rybazoxo your Cobbles connoisseur and Coronation Street superfan. 

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Candice said...

Sorry, I don't think Daniel's much of a prize, Daisy would be better off without him. Have at 'er Nikki, he's all yours.


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