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Sunday 29 May 2022

A Happy Future For Abi, Alfie, and Kevin? Corrie Blog Interviews Sally Carman

By the time this goes to press, you will be aware of a Corrie car crash that leaves Toyah unconscious and Imran battling to save her life. Abi’s relationship with the slippery solicitor is acrimonious at the best of times - any cooperation over baby Alfie’s welfare has had Toyah acting as an innocent intermediary, whilst Abi’s recovery and thirst for motherhood are apparent. As the crash causes serious repercussions, I wonder if vehicle mechanic Abi has anything to do with this car accident?   

On May the 5th I joined ITV online for a Coronation Street Zoom to chat with Sally Carman, who plays Abi, to learn more about it. 

Hi Sally! What has the past year been like for you, with everything that Abi has been through?  


It’s like wow, can so much happen to one person! It's been amazing, and then something else happens like surprise births, children being taken away, etc I cant believe I get the chance to have a go at these kinds of storylines, I’m just delighted and I’m rubbing my hands with glee every time I get the scripts! 

With the latest storyline, Abi has found out about Imran’s various schemes enabling custody of Alfie. Is she surprised at how low he goes to get what he wants? 

No. the one thing about Abi is that she is honest - even if she gets it wrong. She took Imran at his word she believed that he wouldn't fight dirty in the custody of Alfi so when he shows his true colours, using her drug addiction against her and in an untruthful way, it's just gutting. She's trying to build up trust within herself and for other people, and this is as low as it gets for her. He’s not gone about it in the best way. 

Is she disappointed at Toyah’s behaviour? She’s been there for Abi and supported her, even though she is Imran’s wife? 

I think it's a bit different with Toyah because Abi can recognise that she’s a good person. She has her vulnerabilities, and I believe that Abi thinks that Toyah is trying to do the right thing although the lines are getting blurred. She knows that Toyah has been manipulated by Imran and knows that Toyah has always wanted a child. Abi has proven herself to be unstable, yet Toyah was the one who told her to fight for this child in the first place. Abi did do Toyah wrong by sleeping with Imran. Nobody has come out of this looking good.  

This week, in the build-up to the crash, Abi seems to have regained her inner passion and fight and seemingly will do anything to keep her son. Do you think that Abi is the best parent for Alfie? 

I think when Abi thinks about her failings, it instils a fire in her belly to try and do things right by carrying on. She has a good heart, and it has to always come from there - the amount she feels things, and she has a desperate desire and craving for a family unit - she has a lot of love to give. When she makes her mind up, and has clarity for wanting to keep Alfie, and has the chance, then yes she does. Abi can get through anything.   

Kevin is also enamoured by Abi and her newly found fighting spirit, deciding to help her to leave the country with Alfie. Does Abi still love Kevin? 

When Kevin does come up trumps for her, conspiring to get her out of the country, Abi is blown away by his devotion, falling even further in love with him.

Do you think that Abi could co-parent Alfie with Toyah and Imran if that option was on the table? 

Yes, she would. There was a scene in Roys Rolls where Roy suggested that to her, which hit home. Abi wants to do what is best for her son. 

In this upcoming Corrie week that we are talking about, Abi is preparing to escape with Alfie, when news reaches her and Kevin that Toyah and Imra have had a car crash. How does she feel when the police take them both in for questioning? 

Abi’s had many past moments falsely accused of such things. It makes her think that this is the time, and she’s concerned about what Kevin may have done to the car. She gets reassurance that he hasn't done anything, but she does still panic and struggles to rationale the situation.  

Is she shocked when Kevin tells her that he wants to fight for Alfie and be a family together? 

Yes, she thought that ship has sailed, and that she was blown that big time. It's a bit of a pinch yourself moment for her. She’s talking about fleeing the country and Kevin wants to help her with that, it's very bittersweet, but is determined that nothing is going to stop her from keeping her son this time. 

Abi has been at the forefront of some serious Coronation Street drama these past two years. How do you wind down at the end of a typical ‘Abi’ day? 

When it's full-on, you're looking at 12 hour days, and reading scripts at the weekend, so when you get a chance to zone out I find it easy to put the telly on and rest up. I’m good at being able to do the scenes and then turn off. I never take work home, Abi stays very much in Weatherfield!

Thanks, Sally!

Abi has been at the forefront of Corrie dramatics these past few years, even torching Ray Crosby's car, in the not too distant past. Could she have tampered with Imran's vehicle, too? No spoilers from us but I would suggest you definitely watch it this week! Some shockers are surely in store...

The accolades and awards bestowed on this actress aren't surprising, and I can tell you something else, Corrie fans, Sally is an absolute delight to interview! It's so good to hear her laugh, unlike the downtrodden Abi Webster! 



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