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Monday 23 May 2022

Tyrone And Phill Fight In Concrete! Corrie Blog Interviews Alan Halsall and Jamie McKenna

Usually, Coronation Street love triangles follow a tried and tested formula of two women and one man but, with Tyrone, Phill and Fiz's romance storyline, that tried and tested formula has gone out of the window. What started as Tyrone's affair with Alina, this story, in my opinion, has given us far more weight, depth, and humour, since Alina departed for Romania, and they introduced tall guy/fall guy, Phill into Fiz's affections. A clever move by the storyline writers - longevity and an in-depth inward look into Tyrone and Fiz's past, future, and current blended family dynamic. Another interesting slant (mirrored in Daisy and Nicky's battle for Daniel) is that Phill and Tyrone could make great friends - they get along swimmingly most of the time! Aside from the Christmas Day fight (huge comedy, not anything vicious) things have cooled between them? This week, we see them fight again, and this time it's a concrete battle for Fiz's affections. Will Ty escape unhurt or is it Phill that comes unstuck? A proposal looks to be on the cards for Fiz, but who will it be? 

On May the 5th I joined ITV online for a Coronation Street Zoom press event, to chat with Jamie McKenna (Phill Whittaker) and Alan Halsall (Tyrone Dobbs) to learn all about it. 

Jamie, our first question is to you. Phill is about to have his secret uncovered! In tonight’s episode, it’s revealed that Phill is writing a book about John Stape. Is that his reason for being with Fiz all along??  

It's just a coincidence. I think the thing with Phill, is that you can always guarantee that he does everything with the best intentions - even this. It’s a seemingly weird freaky manoeuvre to write a book about her ex murderous husband - he has good intentions. His friend is a barrister who was on the case, and even though Phill has always been aware of it, he’s never talked about it to Fiz. He thinks he can free her from the past by writing a book and getting her side of the story out in the open. It massively backfires!

Alan, how smug does Tyrone feel when his suspicions about Phill are confirmed? Does he use this to try and win Fiz back? 

I think it’s got to that point between Tyrone and Phill, where Tyrone is quite clearly wanting Fiz back. He recognises that Phill is a good guy, and good for the girls and that Phill could be a great friend, in another life. Tyrone thinks this could be news for him when playing the long game. 

Jamie, as things backfire, Phill ends up having his car smashed by Hope and a digger! Has Phill been brave by taking on Fiz and the girls?

I think he is a brave man for taking on the girls. He’s always wanted kids but it never worked out for him. In his mind it's this perfect scenario - he's besotted by Fiz. They come as a package and he’s really happy. He thinks he gets on well with Hope, but she is volatile They come as a package, but maybe he should always be wary of Hope, and he hasn't been. What he hasn't thought through though, is that Hope didn't know anything about John Stape's past and when she discovers these things, her world falls apart

Alan, following all of this, Tyrone and Phill start fighting again, and in wet concrete! Can you tell us more about that? 

Well, I think Tyrone sees this book deal as an opportunity, and immediately opens his arms to Fiz telling her he will do anything to get back with her. He heads over to Phill’s house to pick up Fiz’s belongings, with the best intentions, but it doesn't go to plan! I think after what happened with the Christmas day episode, the writers saw something and ran with it again. Small man, tall man, and a comedy fight in concrete!

Jamie, How did you feel when you read the script? 

We both got a call to do a private zoom meeting with the producer. It was a bit daunting but he just wanted to ask our permission, concerning this scene, and if we were comfortable filming in concrete, and then hosing each other down, in our pants, after!! It was funny. 

Alan and Jamie share a behind the scenes selfie! 

Alan, do you enjoy filming these concrete fight scenes? 

No, not really! We are actors and that's what we are paid to do but I can't say I was excited or looking forward to it. It was in Didsbury, freezing cold, and in a garden somewhere. What we try to do with these scenes is have some fun and give the audience a laugh. As you can see on screen, there is a clear difference in the height of me and Jamie, and it's funny watching Jamie and me scrapping it out. Last time we had an inflatable unicorn and a toy sword, and this time it's concrete! It’s quite silly and I think people appreciate that kind of humour. That said, it is quite a sad situation, it's a family break-up, people trying to move on with their lives, heartache etc but to have that comedy, its corrie in the light-heartedness and that's very familiar in the script.

Another 'behind the scenes' pic! Thanks, Corrie


Alan, a question for you. Aside from the comedy, Tyrone realises that Phill has lost Fiz’s ring in this concrete, and he's planning on proposing to her. Does he see this as a real threat? 

Well, Tyrone learns that the ring is precious, and a family heirloom, He thinks if it's lost, Phill won't ask her anymore. The point has gone, and he's lost Fiz. Tyrone thinks it will be left at that, not realising that Phill has plans to go and speak to Fiz to see what will come of that. Tyrone knows that Phill won't search for the ring on his own, so Tyrone just tries to do the right thing and helps him look for it.  

Jamie, What makes Phill think this is the right time to propose?

I don't think he goes with the intention. The ring that Phill loses in the concrete was his grandma’s, who died last year, I believe that is what bonds Tyrone and Phill, at the moment. Tyrone is a family man who understands the ring's relevance and sentimentality. Phill feels awful and goes to Fiz to clear the air and apologise. He doesn't go with intention of proposing, yet it just happens It's a very lovely scene actually, he just goes with the moment. 


Corrie arent revealing Fiz’s answer to Phill’s proposal just yet, so it looks like there’s more to come, which pleases me, to no end! This storyline got me through lockdown and I’m glad there’s still more to come. Will Tyrone put a stop to a wedding? Will Hope cause more mayhem? Will Phill publish a John Stape true-crime blockbuster? ...we shall have to wait and see. 


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Fluttershy said...

I hate to sound like a broken record but:
Tyronne kissed Alina. One kiss. It was wrong of him and everything, but he didn't get together with Alina until AFTER Fiz threw him out. Hardly an affair. I scream this at the telly everytime anyone says Tyronne left her for Alina - he didn't.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I loathe these comedy fights. I don't care about any of the characters in this storyline. The whole lot of them could leave and I wouldn't care or probably even notice. I don't mind if Fiz and Tyrone get back together as long as they move away from Weatherfield for a new start.

Anonymous said...

I also loathe these fights as well especially since Fiz is not exactly worth fighting over.
All through her relationship with Tyrone,she has been emotionally abusive to him and to his daughter Ruby when she allowed Ruby to take the blame for HER daughter's bad behaviour and continued to berate and harass Tyrone after they broke up pressuring him to sell HIS house [with dollar signs in her eyes]to finance her moving in with PHil.
Needless to say,I didn't have any sympathy for Fiz when Phil's friends knew about John Stape and his crimes.In fact I cheered at her discomfort as I thought finally Fiz is brought down a peg or two.

Anonymous said...

I think it's just Jamie Kenna!

Anonymous said...

Exactly thank you

Anonymous said...

Finally someone gets it

Anonymous said...

No that should not happen


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