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Thursday 26 May 2022

Coronation Street Episode Review;Wednesday 25th of May 8 pm

Fresh from Hope's psychotic attempts at D.I.Y digging and car wrecking, Phill has a few challenges in front of him tonight, and by the end of it, he's fought Tyrone in concrete, made amends with his frenemy, and proposed to Fiz! Is he as crackers as John Stape, hell-bent on writing this true-crime story, or just genuinely in love? What about Tyrone? He's laid his cards on the table with Fiz just recently, and after flailing around in that concrete, fighting Phill, and then finding the ring, it seems he's disregarded his own feelings for Phill's romantic intentions, instead! Less true crime and more a Mills & Boon I think, but you never know with Corrie, is Phill hiding something else, maybe? Tonight, with Fiz back at Number 9, Tyrone relishes the possibility of getting the family back together, ignoring Evelyn’s caustic caution, and Kevin’s wise words. Fiz informs the factory lot of this split - these classic machinist gossip moments make Underworld's modern interior and lax security a lot more bearable. Unlike Sean, who continues to irritate.

Heading over to Phill’s, Tyrone disregards Kev’s advice and the boys are soon fighting in the wet cement. The wet cement was possibly a metaphor here, and I think it worked. I could have done without the gratuitous semi-nudity and the hosing down, but of course, comedy is all about subjectivity.  The banter between the boys and bloke-ish humour certainly had me laughing, anyway. We know these two will be best mates in the end, and with them reconciling for the sake of Fiz, Phill ends up proposing marriage, which is accepted. Tyrone as best man, perhaps?  

Talking of reconciliation - hurray! for Daniel and Daisy who are now back together - but where does that leave Nicky? That tiny cramped corner shop flat must be more of a tardis than Eileen’s! Tonight, Nicky tells Daniel she’s moving out, feigning the chance of the exciting new opportunity, whilst struggling to hide her upset at having her hopes of romance dashed. Daisy’s even had a new hairdo in celebration (yes she's gorgeous, and yes she knows it). With Nicky now out of the way, I guess she’ll now want Paul out of the way as well?

Meanwhile, Abi visits Imran and Toyah with gifts for baby Alfie and takes advantage of Toyah's better nature, by requesting sole access to Alfie for a day out on her own - next Monday. Toyah agrees. Toyah also receives a call from social services asking them to adopt Elsie, due to some sort of incompatibility issue. Ironic, given Toyah and Imran’s fraught circumstances, and highly implausible, but still, this is all geared towards next week's dramatics so we can let it slide. Abi is expectedly upset at their good news which prompts a thoughtful look on Kev's face. Next week is a big one for Coronation Street so this is a harbinger of a plot device sown in, in the middle of a mid-week episode. 

Elsewhere tonight - Weatherfield’s jubilee flag committee have been busy ( I’d guess Roy and Mary are behind that). Summer’s exam strife continues, affecting the flow of tonight's drama, and it makes the production and direction go a bit weird for some reason. Faye’s early menopause causes Craig some earache, but her heart-to-heart with Sally added a sweet poignancy to proceedings. N0.1 Coronation Street has loose tiles, which nearly maimed Tracy, opening up a neighbourly feud between Ed and Steve. Loved having Bernie back in action tonight, but Paul does seem a bit superfluous in terms of Summer's plot. 

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