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Monday 9 May 2022

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 8th May

Unless you eschew all media, you'll have seen that Corrie won Best Ongoing Drama at the BAFTAs last night, so to celebrate, here's a photo of Imran (a.k.a Charlie de Melo) and some other fellow*:

                                                                          (Photo from @charliedemelo)
* yes, I know who it is, don't write in.

Talking of hunks, I was watching Chivalry, Steve Coogan and Sarah Solemani's #MeToo comedy-drama, and who should turn up as a buffed babe but Richard Fleeshman - our very own original goth Craig Harris. 

What a difference 15 years make.
Peter and Dr Thorne - Coronation Street - ITV
Anyway, none of this has anything to do with tonight's episode, which is Peter-heavy. He buys a bottle of single malt for Mr Thorne (who is one, in everyone's side) and Aggie, whose patients are lying in their own urine whilst she goes around trying to bring down her nemesis, explains why Mr T has been suspended to the Barlows. I'm pretty sure that this is a breach of hospital confidence and a sackable offence, Ags! The chief surgeon explains that there is more - Mr Thorne took a selfie of himself holding up Peter's liver with the caption "Anyone for foie gras?" I'm sorry, but that is funny. Actually, I'm not sorry - the NHS staff cope with life and death every day, overworked and underpaid, and a bit of dark humour never killed anyone, unlike alcoholism. I wonder if the storyliner who came up with this had been reading Adam Kay's memoir and got inspiration? Anyhoo, Peter spots Mr T coming out of Kate Oates Memorial and demands an apology. When he doesn't get one, he follows him to the hotel set where he lamps Mr T one and is carted off to the cop shop and charged with assault. You crazy fool! Surely Mr Thorne is too posh 'n' privileged for the Chariot Hotel anyway.
 Summer and Aaron - Coronation Street - ITV
Aadi invites Summer for coffee which Asha reckons is a date, but Summer has her eye on someone else and has to let Aadi down gently. She meets up with Aaron in the community garden and tells him she likes him. I think relationships between people in support groups is discouraged, non? At any rate, she tells him about her body dysmorphia and bulimia and he legs it. Boys, hey.

Jacob and Kirk - Coronation Street - ITV

Sarah puts Kirk on reception to keep him out of trouble and away from the horn (missus) but he gets performance anxiety and Jacob has to answer the phone on his behalf, ending up securing a large order, for which Kirk gets the credit (and the commission).

Mary needs to sleep for eight hours otherwise it affects her hormones (you and me both, Mar) and George's snoring kept her awake all night. Georgie-porgie reveals that he is suffering from sleep apnea and has got a Darth Vader-esque mask for sleeping.
Oh and Kelly admits to Abi that she paid for her solicitor and Abi tells her that Ben was lying about her buying drugs. Kelly repeats this to Imran, innocently believing that her ex-foster dad didn't know about the fibs. I suppose it makes a change for a man, rather than a a woman, to be desperate for a baby on Corrie. Also I'm sure Toyah would use cloth nappies, not disposable ones.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

I don't get the Peter storyline at all. For one thing, Aggie is an experienced nurse and must have come across medical toffs like Mr Thorne before now. And dark humour is probably what doctors rely on to stop going off their heads. MASH, the sitcom about the Korean War, was full of macabre jokes. Mr Thorne is retiring in a few weeks so why would Aggie even bother with this. And, lastly, even hot-headed Peter wouldn't storm into a restaurant and punch him. I guess the point of the storyline is yet to come with Mr Thorne propositioning Carla. Haven't we been here before with Phelan and Anna Windass?

Anonymous said...

Lots of people in difficult professions make dark jokes or remarks, I think this is to stave off how bad things can be. Think about homicide cops and EMT's.

Are we really so PC that a person is not allowed to relieve their stress. Do we need to make another issue. Maybe this is a matter of diversity that we need to accept. A video is not OK though.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): If it were me or a loved one, I would be pretty upset to find out that my surgeon was clicking a selfie with one of my internal organs! It's hardly a time to pause, pose and click a picture... But on the other hand, if I or a loved one needed a life-saving operation, I would hardly care if the surgeon was a wonderful human being or an a------, as long as she/he were good at their job. I would just want to go ahead with the surgery as soon as I could. So the point of the storyline seems to be--how much rude and disrespectful behavior do we tolerate from these people who are superstars in their own field and who are performing a life-saving service for countless people? As such, I find it a lot more interesting than endless chatter about George's snoring, or Faye's early menopause.

But Aggie's role in the whole drama is, of course, ridiculous and unintentionally comedic. I mean, the first person Peter and Carla run into in the hospital is Aggie and she tells them everything about the complaint she made? I thought Thorne said at the beginning that the complaint was anonymous so why is she blabbing?! I fear Aggie will soon become yet another of Coronation Street's long list of well-educated, gainfully employed characters who finds themselves without a job, working in the Rovers or the cafe. Where she can join Toyah, Dr. Ali, the physiotherapist (forgot her name), Daniel (apparently) and all the rest of the poor souls who show up on Coronation Street with actual diplomas and university degrees and proper professional training.

Anonymous said...

Did Daniel ever get to finish school? I thought he didn't go because of Senead and the baby then she died and he took up with the sweater and the grief camp. When did he have time to get a degree? How is he a maybe teacher?

And I don't remember how to spell his wife's name.


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