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Thursday 5 May 2022

Coronation Street Episode Review;Wednesday 4th of May 8 pm

Dr Thorne proves to be a real thorn in Aggie’s side tonight. Her new boss (what kind of Nurse is she, exactly?) is as prickly as you like, chastising her for paperwork mix-ups, generally being pompous and giving her a verbal warning. Dr Thorne, is Dr Evil personified, and we discover he pushed through Peter’s liver operation; to see how quickly he could do it, all part of a bet! Coronation Street is doing a medical malpractice storyline!! Visiting the hospital for a check-up, Peter is given the all-clear and Aggie overhears the surgeon having an unofficial phone call discussing his bet! That very vague (and not seen on screen) liver transplant may finally have relevance. I'd predict Peter and Carla getting a massive NHS payout and buying a new business - a unit on the Weatherfield precinct, perhaps?  

Also, tonight is little Alfie’s custody hearing. Refusing any free legal aid, Abi’s solicitor campaign funds have lapsed, and it seems her luck has run out, too! Imran ( as morally vacuous, vicious, and slimy as ever) seeks new lows and uses his own dodgy paralegal to set up Abi for a fall when dodgy Dean returns to borrow drugs funds and is seen by prying eyes. Emotionally vulnerable at the best of times, the first anniversary of Seb’s death proves too much for Abi, and Imran’s nefarious malpractices reap the rewards. I imagine Imran defending Dr Thorne in the upcoming NHS investigation!. I'm glad to see Kelly on Abi’s side, by the way. One year is sometimes a really long time in soapland! Although she loses custody, Abi does has new legal representation (Elliott, Ray Crosby’s posh legal man), being paid for by a mysterious benefactor.  Kevin is the obvious choice but surely he'd tell her anyway, and Debbie is loaded but doesn't like Abi. Any guesses? 

Stu and Ken seem to be the newest BFFs on Coronation Street, and I’m here for it. Tonight, having been vanquished by Yasmeen, and again facing homelessness and joblessness, Stu serenades his Speed Daal sweetheart with an acoustic guitar lament, hoping to appease his halal food lie. Yasmeen, having had previous experience with flaky men, is less than impressed with Stu’s Ed Sheeran-like song, banishing him from the restaurant. Later, Alya changes Yasmeen's mind, who then forgives Stu, and tells her granddaughter she can move back to N0.6. 

Elsewhere; Max gets expelled from school for Amy’s drink spiking. Craig tells Beth about Faye and her early menopause. Bernie does sign language, and made a vegan croissant, which proved (again!) just how brilliant a character she is! 

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Anonymous said...

I take it you don’t like Imran then, Ryan ­čśä

Rachel said...

I think Kelly paid with her dad's money.

Anonymous said...

I think Kelly is Abi's benefactor as she recently inherited a fortune from her father and feeling morally responsible for Seb's death wants to ensure that Abi doesn't lose Alfie.
Besides recently Kelly did visit her former foster father Imram to convince him that Abi is clean and to not take Alfie from her to no avail.

C in Canada said...

I find it an odd coincidence that Abi's new baby's name is Alfie and Steve McDonald's real life son is also named Alfie! :)
Or maybe it isn't coincidence!

Anonymous said...

Yasmeen's action towards Stu seemed so out of character,she would never kick him out of the house in response to him doing what he felt was right.

Anonymous said...

Plus Kelly has no use for the money!

Charles said...

I reckon Roy is the one paying for Abi's solicitor. As underhanded as Imran's tactics are, his primary motivation does seem to be the wellbeing of his son and it's not difficult to see why he'd think keeping him away from Abi was a good idea. Not saying the ends justify the means, but most parents would be wary as Abi's track record with parenting is appalling.

The way Yasmeen asked Alya to move back in was laughable, the writers clearly had no idea how to move forward with that story. Where have Alya and Zeedan been living anyway?

I also think Bernie is superb, it took me a while to warm to her but her antics in the cafe are always entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Charles,Granted Abi may not win 'Mother of the Year' but nor is Toyah for that matter.
I think Toyah is becoming mentally unstable due to her obsession in wanting a baby,any baby even Abi's!
She was jealous when Leanne gave birth to Oliver [even refusing to hold her new nephew.],manipulated Eva to give up her and Aidan's daughter to her and showing no remorse in keeping Susie from her grieving grandfather Johnny after Aidan committed suicide and has now set her sights on Alfie acting like Abi deosn't 'deserve' to have him while forgetting that Elsie the little girl she claimed she wanted to be a mother to even existed.


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