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Friday 20 May 2022

Coronation Street Episode Review;Wednesday 18th of May 8 pm

Despite some initial trepidations from yours truly, I am now really starting to warm to Tim’s impotence storyline. It’s a good mix of seriousness, whilst also delivering full-on 'Carry On Corrie' innuendo. Tonight, Tim and Sally head to the hotel ( it’s called Chariot Square, as I found out on the Corrie tour). Tim keeps the pills a secret from his wife and heads to the hotel whilst waiting for their delivery to N0.4. As the couple get amorous, Tim realises he needs the pill, driving quickly back to the street, still in his dressing gown, explaining to Gail that he's collecting a present for Sally (guffaw)! Those scenes of the Metcalfe’s in bathrobes, sipping gunpowder tea, the aquatic blue lighting, and Sally’s observations at the hotel were hilariously high-camp!...loved it. Although this is a sensitive and potentially serious subject, Tim’s medical reaction to the tablets was lightly done but served a purpose. It meant that he had to tell Sally the truth, so in the end - a point was raised - it just wasn't Tim's (ahem). The fact that these two were at it like rabbits from the beginning of their relationship (we viewers were always aware of it) means that the storyline does have solid ground to spring from and didn't seem fudged for some awareness week or other. 

 I also enjoyed seeing Gail and Sally sit in the rovers discussing the finer points of Tim’s pill-popping - some real Corrie gold from longtime show scribe Damon Alexis-Rochefort (he was also a pop star you know, talented fella) Fans of Classic Corrie will be familiar with Sally and Gail being longtime friends, but in our modern-day version, we seldom see them together. Tim confiding in his comedy partner, Steve, and leading to them bickering like an old married couple, worked on two levels, and Steve’s advice was surprisingly good. Tracy and Steve in tandem with Tim and Sally - more of that please, writers! 

Daniel's Platt pact with Max has firmly pitted him against his own family, and when Tracy is in your family, that's never a good move. Tonight, Daniel is left defenceless, in the absence of Nicky, and upon having a chat with Ken, he’s confronted by a fuming Tracy and Amy. It’s not what he needs, especially when preparing for a job interview at Weatherfield High. Tracy threatens to tell Mrs Crawshaw all about the spiking cover-up. Tracy also visits David to try and convince him that the cover-up needs reporting, but the hairdresser is less enthused about dragging up the recent past. It takes Amy to straighten Tracy out, and alongside Ken’s advice, she seems to lose sight of revenge, for now at least. Daniel, on the other hand, has had a full barrage of stress from the Barlow’s and Platt’s, and by the end of tonight’s episode, it looks like he’s questioning his future career.  

Fiz’s past continues to catch up with her tonight, as news of John Stape’s murder spree becomes gossip for underworld staff. Was that really over a decade ago?! The clever thing about Corrie’s 60-year history is that there aren't many shows that can do this. At Underworld, Michael’s true-crime enthusiasm upsets her, as does Beth’s typically harsh attitude (I loved that leopard print top, by the way) and Fiz storms off in floods of tears. Later on. Fiz confides in Phill about John’s past, and Phill takes an ominous phone call. 

Meanwhile, Toyah softens to Abi’s recovery and decides to let her take Alfie out for the afternoon. In that controlling signature style of his, Imran overreacts, has a go at Toyah, and immediately gets on the phone with Abi. Baby Alfie is returned home in perfect condition, but the damage to Abi’s trust and self-worth will surely be more harmful. By the end of the episode, Abi is seen on the phone ordering a fake passport! 

Elsewhere tonight - Shona’s random monologues are becoming a hidden Corrie gem, and Max enjoys his first day at the pupil referral unit. 

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Anonymous said...

I thought Toyah is just as controlling as she initially wouldn't let Abi go alone with Alfie either nor would Toyah let Abi hold her son in the naming ceremony.
Toyah has become obessive possesive with Alfie so it's no wonder that Abi wants to flee.


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