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Sunday 1 May 2022

Coronation Street Episode Review, Friday 29 April 2022

Hour-long episodes cover a lot of ground, tonight seemed even more packed than normal.  David believes that the way to solve Max's problem is to remove his mobile phone which gets locked in a drawer in Trim Up North.  Amy at least feels she has closure and can move on - but decides to divorce Daniel from the family.  Max finds that a brick can break a window and enters the barbers via a broken window and reclaims his phone - dropping it into his bag.

It is stag night for Imran and he is joined by Craig and Adam.  Only Craig gets dressed up as the costumes for Adam and Imran are child-sized.  The stag do is in Speed Daal.  Meanwhile Toyah's hens are gathering in the Bistro where Leanne is making it clear that she feels that the marriage should not be going ahead.  Toyah eventually asks for peace, Leanne reflects on Imran's earlier plea agrees and the two of them hug in front of the hens - Faye, Sean and Sarah.

Aggie is moving to gastro-enterology and apparently Mr Thorne the-soon-to-retire divisional director is the devil incarnate.  When he meets Aggie he tells her to use the coffee machine he has provided and seems out to smooth her path.  All a little odd.

Stu is aware of the meaning of Ramadam and attempts to get Yasmeen and Alya working more harmoniously.  Alya suggests to Stu that for Eid they hand out some food to the community and Yasmeen volunteers and agrees to pitch in.  She immediately tries to do too much so Stu steps in to take more of the little jobs.  Harmony is restored to Speed Daal.

Simon stays on Jacob's case so the latter buries his alleged "stash" in Victoria Gardens.  Simon digs up some Jacob's Cream Crackers.  Simon is very wound up but Jacob tries to apologise properly for his past behaviour and the troubles he inflicted on Simon and his family.  Simon storms away but as they pass the barbers they see Max collapsed on the pavement.  In leaving Trim Up North Max cut his leg badly on some broken glass - probably his femoral artery.  Jacob sacrifices his new jacket to try and stop the bleeding and with some encouragement Simon calls for an ambulance although he is not sure Max should be allowed to bleed, given what he did to Amy.  Jacob is doing everything he can to keep Max conscious.  Later we are told that Max needs an operation and has lost a lot of blood.

Simon has to admit that Jacob's actions may have saved Max's life.  Jacob reckons revenge is over-rated and Simon starts facing up to the nasty person he has become - with Jacob offering wise words.  Jacob admits that he did a first aid course - his best mate Reuben was stabbed in front of him; Reuben later died.  Jacob could only escape the gang when Harvey was jailed.  Jacob believes he is free of that life now.  So when Amy catches them having a drink together it is a huge surprise!

Imran and Toyah are very happy and are looking to the future with little Alfie-poo.  Meanwhile Abi has run out of money to pay the solicitor and he has pulled out.  So the wedding tomorrow (presumably Monday) will be a huge celebration of their love.

See you all in a couple of weeks.

Written by Julie Jones and directed by Becky Wild.


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Anonymous said...

Who gets married on a Monday?

Anonymous said...

I was in a wedding just 3 weeks ago, my friends got married on MONDAY! They resonated that most of their friends are in education and it was during a school holiday. And it was cheaper (25k, I am scared to know how much it would have been for a Saturday wedding!).


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