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Saturday 28 May 2022

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 27 May 2022

As we all know next week the Street is spinning out of control (even I have not managed to avoid the flipping adverts) so tonight was very much set-up time before we all go on a spin cycle (now there is an idea for Councillor Windass - turn the Street into a cycleway).  Peace and harmony has been restored for Fiz and Phill who are now engaged and she has returned to his house (what was the point of the area being covered in cement - too small for a patio or any other use - apart from allowing two men to get mucky together?)  as Fiz tells the factory girls, above - there is even still some cement left on the ring as a reminder.  The wedding is to have a Frozen theme with Ty as Olaf and Nana as Sven the reindeer!  A little later a fly lands in the ointment when Fiz relays to Tyrone that Hope wishes to change her name from Stape to Whittaker as she does not want to be burdened by the name of her late father.

In tonight's "blink and you miss it moment" whilst discussing the ring Dirk snuck past behind Beth.

Faye is scouring the internet for non-HRT treatments and inevitably there is an awful lot of possibilities out there, although Craig is not convinced.  He does however indulge in a shared liquorice tea as it is supposed to ease menopausal symptoms.  [Does anyone like liquorice or am I alone in not liking the stuff?].  Beth observes Craig finding the tea objectionable and later makes some herbal tea with sage which helped Beth's mother before the doctors put her on HRT which Beth still believes is the best solution for Faye.

For those amongst us who do not understand the Summer story I undertook a little research.  Taking insulin means that glucose enters the cells as opposed to being in the blood stream doing damage.  With more glucose entering cells weight gain is a possible side effect.  To avoid weight gain when you are a diabetic count calories and be physically active (which is exactly the same advice as given to non-diabetics).  Skipping meals is not advised nor is skipping insulin; the former means the potential for sugar levels going too low; the latter too high - as Summer demonstrates in her 'A level' maths exam when she starts losing her sight and ends up in a hospital bed.  Billy and Paul try to re-assure that she will still get a University place - and that the exam board will make allowances.  Summer also gets a visit from Aaron Sandford (James Craven) who has been finding it hard to stay away from her.  He admits that he also had a difficult time when he first went onto insulin, gaining weight, not taking insulin and it nearly killed him - so when Summer admitted her problems he did not feel he could handle it.  Then.  But now he asks if they can start over?  It seems they can.

Kev has, in a move which little surprises us, discovered that he is still in love with Abi.  Jack materialises and admits he has been missing Abi as well so Kev heads off to the flat where Abi is living and invites her back to the Street, however she cannot accept and tells him that now she has fake passports she will be heading to Costa Rica with Alfie on Monday - although as she found earlier she needs a fake visa to go with the fake passports.  Kev tries to tell her it is wrong - but admits he is still on her side even when they are 5-0 down and she has been sent off for punching the referee!

In a welcome development, Sean, having spent much of the episode complaining about being single, decides to help Frank Bardsley (Simon O'Brien - in a former soap incarnation was Damon Grant in Brookside) who has arrived for a first date with Don (who is into extreme couponing).  After Frank and Don have been chatting Sean rushes into the bar and accuses "Fred" of being a serial dater having told Sean he wanted a relationship and claims his heart is broken and that Frank has an alarming rash "down there".  Don does a runner and eventually, after prompting from Jenny and Daisy, Sean actually manages to ask Frank out for a drink!  

After a change of heart Kev gives Abi some money and admits that he would be planning to do the same in her shoes.  And before he goes Abi tells Kev that she loves him too.  

Written by Nessah Murthy and Emily Gascoyne, directed by Abe Juckes.


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coconno196 said...

Why on earth is Abi going to Costa Rica? I doubt she speaks Spanish so it would be difficult to get a job.

Anonymous said...

possible reunion for Billy and Paul maybe? like the arm grab and the fact Todd isn’t there??

Charles said...

I'm finding all of the Abi stuff increasingly unwatchable. Imran is absolutely right to do everything his power to keep Alfie away from her as she's a totally unfit parent and a danger to her children, but the show acts like Abi somehow deserves to have her child back just because she's managed to stay clean for a few weeks.

Kevin being attracted to Abi was interesting at first because she explicitly wasn't his type, but the more he keeps circling around her, the more I wonder whether he's really thinking about Jack's interests at all - hasn't Abi messed him around enough?

I also can't wrap my head around where she's getting all the money from to buy fake passports and visas to start a new life in Costa Rica. Next week is going to be a real chore for me.

DavidA said...

Cement is the powder from which you make concrete (or mortar, or grout). Phil and Tyrone were therefore rolling about in concrete.
A very common error on tv nowadays.

Anonymous said...

Charles,I believe that Abi does deserve to be a mother to her son Alfie.
She has made a great effort to stat clean and has played by the rules unlike Imram who'll do anything to hold on to Toyah who's just as bad marrying Imram so she could be 'mother' to Alfie,the same Toyah who along with Eva drove Aidna to commit suicide manipulating a vulnerable Eva to give up her daughter to Toyah.
Although I do not agree with Abi's plans to flee with Alfie,I sympatheise with her desperation as she knows she could never have a chance to be Alfie's mum with Toyah around.
Case in point,the naming ceremoy in which Toyah was the one who held Alfie not his mother who even had to ask permission to take pictures of her own son!


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