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Tuesday 11 January 2022

Sally Dynevor interview: Sally's fears when Tim collapses

How has Sally been feeling about Tim’s behaviour since Christmas?

She is feeling hurt, she is sure he has gone off her. Tim and Sally have always had a very physical relationship so it is odd that he is behaving this way. First he was avoiding exercising with her and he is doing anything not to have to go to bed with her so you can understand why it is upsetting for her. She is even starting to think he doesn’t want to be seen out with her.

He tried to tell her but the moment was lost, did Sally not notice? 

Sally is always thinking about so many things at once. He started to talk to her but she had got thot message about Sophie having the accident and she was all over the place stressed about that so he didn’t want to burden her.

She finds out that he has bought some flowers. What happens?

She is delighted to find out he has bought a large bouquet of flowers and she is convinced he is trying to make it up to her but when he returns home with no flowers and goes straight to bed she is really baffled and hurt. All she can think is that he has bought them for someone else. 

Is the fact that she is so involved with the council election making her oblivious to his worries?

It probably is yes. He is acting very strange but she is distracted by other things so she doesn’t really stop to think there might be something more to it. She just jumps to the conclusion that he has gone off her or is uo to do good, or both! If she stopped for a moment and sat him down he would come clean but she doesn't really give him that opportunity. 

How does she feel discovering the smashed wedding photo?

That is really upsetting for her and she jumps to the worst conclusion that he has smashed it on purpose and then she sees him going to the solicitor’s office, he has no idea what he is doing is sorting his will.

What makes her finally confront TIm with her suspicions?

She is at the end of her tether and confides in Kevin. Kevin tells her she needs to speak to Tim rather than jumping to conclusions. 

What happens when she confronts Tim?

She just asks him outright if he is having an affair and of course he denies it but when Sally tries to hug him he won’t hug her and he runs off to have a bath. She doesn’t think this is the actions of an innocent man and she goes off to the pub and gets drunk with Abi. Abi of course has non idea what Tim is up to but she does try and persuade Sally that he is not the type of bloke to cheat. But Sally decides to take action and when she gets home in her drunken state puts a tracker on Tim’s phone.

The tracker has disastrous consequences what happens?

First of all she sees that he is at a hotel and she is convinced he is there with another woman so she goes to confront him, but he knew she was coming as he spotted the tracker app and they make up. But meanwhile Shona tells Abi that Tim has been spending a lot of time with Aggie and later when the app shows he is at Aggie’s house Sally is spurred on by Abi she storms round to confront him and he collapses with chest pains.

How does Sally feel when she finds out the truth about Tim’s deception?

There are all sorts of emotions going through her head, she is scared and feels guilty but also hurt, angry and confused about why he hadn’t told her. What does that say about their relationship that he has kept it from her?

This is going to be a tough time for Sally and Tim do you think their relationship can cope with this deception?

The issue is here that Tim has kept things from her before and she has forgiven him. But she really can't understand why he wouldn't tell her about this and that is going to be hard for her to cope with. It might help that he hasn’t told other people close to him too like Faye and Elaine but he has told a lot of other people which makes her feel embarrassed. He was doing it for the right reasons but she can't really see that at the moment.

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