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Monday 10 January 2022

Jack James Ryan interview: Jacob's dramatic return to the cobbles

After being able to finally escape Harvey’s drug gang, Jacob Hay is set to return to the cobbles. Jack James Ryan chatted to us about Jacob’s plan to make amends, plus a surprise new romance for the character. 

“The last time we saw Jacob he was causing a lot of trouble,” Jack reminded us. “He was part of the Harvey storyline, luring Simon Barlow into dealing drugs for his drugs boss. We recently saw Jacob again making an appearance with Kelly’s homelessness storyline where I think it was the first time we saw him thinking about someone apart from himself.”

Having separated himself from the drugs gang, Jacob is determined to turn his life around and be a better person. “I think he’s always going to be tied up in his unsavoury past, but I think he is genuinely wanting to change.

“I think it’s important to point out that Jacob is a victim in regards to the whole drugs situation. In the same way that Jacob groomed Simon, Harvey groomed Jacob in the first place to get him involved in this gang. 

“The reason he was doing all that stuff that he was doing was because he was being blackmailed. Now that Harvey’s back in prison, I think this is the perfect time for Jacob to be like: ‘This is my chance to get out to create a new life for myself.’”

At the start of his return storyline, Amy and Summer run into Jacob at the hospital. As Jacob tries to explain he’s changed, Amy swiftly orders him to stay away. “I think there’s a definite naivety to Jacob when he first comes back,” Jack said. 

“Although his intentions are good, I think he almost expects them to instantly forget about all the bad things he did. Amy and Simon are cousins, so of course she is going to be extremely hostile towards him, but I think he just feels totally rejected and a little bit lost, to be honest. It’s going to be a long road for him.”

In our recent interview with Iain MacLeod, Iain revealed that 2022 will see Jacob become Amy’s new love interest, which is sure to cause problems with Amy’s family… “They already know Jacob; they already hate Jacob,” Jack told us.

“Well, they think they know Jacob, but will they give him the opportunity to prove that he’s changed? Who knows? I think one thing for sure is that you do not want to get in the way of Steve McDonald and his girls, and you don’t want to get on the wrong side of Tracy Barlow full stop. He is going to have a difficult time.”

Jacob made quite an impression on Corrie during his first stint, and Jack told us how pleased he is to be back. “This is beyond my expectations. I hope the writers won’t mind me saying this, but when Jacob was first conceived, he was there to serve a purpose. 

“He was going to come in, be horrible, cause lots of trouble and then sort of vanish into the ether. Whilst I was filming the first time, I was working really hard to find some different qualities to Jacob. I tried to show that although he was flawed, he was human as well. 

“I really didn’t expect the reaction from the fanbase. It was hugely overwhelming. It was amazing, and I think that was also a big factor into why they decided to bring me back. I remember one fan tweeted me and said: ‘I love to hate Jacob, he’s a likeable Artful Dodger,’ and that’s always stayed with me. That’s a really good way to describe him.”

In addition to his own return, Jack’s older sister Rebecca Ryan has just joined the cast as Lydia (read our interview here). “I was so buzzing to find out she’d be joining the cast,” Jack told us.

“She was my biggest inspiration growing up. I’ve wanted to be an actor since I can remember and a big factor of that was since my sister was 11, she’d been on TV every week through Shameless, to Waterloo Road, to Casualty, now to this. I’m incredibly biased, but I think she’s a stunning actor and I know she’s going to make a great addition to the cast.

“She’s so used to being on set, she didn’t really need any advice from me. I just told her to enjoy herself. One of the best things about Corrie is everyone is so nice, so welcoming. I knew she’d settle right in, but beyond that I told her where the canteen was and the toilets, then she was good to go.”

Since Jack’s return to set, he told us how he’s settled back in himself. “Everyone has just been super supportive and seemed genuinely excited to have me back which has just been amazing. 

“Jane Danson, who plays Leanne, has given me lots of great tips and has been super supportive of me and my work, which is incredibly humbling. She was one of the actors that I really looked up to before coming on the show. It’s cool to now call her a mate.

“Jane Hazelgrove as well, who plays Bernie, has also been amazing. She’s just proper taken me under her wing and just looked after me and given me loads of great advice. I’d love to see some Bernie and Jacob scenes.”

Upon his return, Jacob is going to have a hard time trying to right his wrongs, and Jack is optimistic for his alter ego. “I do believe that everyone deserves a second chance and I hope that Jacob can prove to us all he really wants to change and be a better person. 

“Jacob as a character is very close to my heart. I love playing him and I’m really excited for the viewers to get to know him a little bit better. I think the possibilities for Jacob are endless.”

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Anonymous said...

The pairing of Amy and Jacob is nothing more than a recycling of Sarah\Callum which led to Sarah getting pregnant with Harry.
Will Amy end up pregnant as well?
I'm disappointed as I thought Amy has more sense.

C in Canada said...

Amy already went for bad boy (Tyler I think?) who Simon got tangled up with before, which also resulted in Amy being pregnant, so I hope this isn't just recycling Amy's storylines!

Anonymous said...

I will never for the life of me fathom why Corrie insists on bringing in new characters when old favourites like Kevin Kennedy have made it clear they'd like to return. I understand that new faces will always keep Corrie fresh, but a little more respect to the past would be welcome too.


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