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Monday 3 January 2022

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 3rd January

A very happy new year; I wonder if it will be for our Weatherfield residents?

Top tip: never go driving when you're hungover. Fay(e) and Emma drive home from wherever they left the car and run over an old man coming back from the shops. Is Freshco open on NY Day? (for the purposes of this review, we're all pretending it's Saturday 1st Jan). He must be the robust-est man in Salford as he gets up, uninjured, and asks to be dropped off home. He doesn't even want his ginger nuts replaced. Imran spots that Emma is still drunk and says he should report her to the feds as she would be liable if they had an accident. Faye keeps schtum, although she's more talkative when Craig asks her to move in with him (she says yes). The two return to the scene of the crime, or at least Ted's flat, and find out that he's dead. The girls young women debate what to tell the police, but in the end promise to keep the accident a secret. I Know What You Did Last January?

Adam takes Harry to the Red Rec, and has a go at Lydia for talking to Sarah about their six month relationship. Sarah softens a bit as Adam reassures her that Lydia means nowt to him. I think we all know where this is going, don't we? Once she finds out that Adam is Lydia's baby-daddy, Sarah-Lou will leave him, and then will discover she is pregnant.

On the other hand, I don't know what will happen in the Abi/Kev/Imran/our Toyah love triangle quadrilateral. Since Abi has lost the twins and Seb, she might want to bring up a baby with Kev (given that Kev did try and foist his illegitimate child onto another man). On the other hand, we know how desperate Toyah was for a babby and since Elsie is mostly silent and unresponsive, then maybe she and Imran could bring this one up together? Anyway, that's a few months off yet - at the moment, the storyline is at the protagonists-meeting-clandestinely-in-parks stage. Kev overhears them rowing and Abi makes up some guff about Kelly and their NA meetings. Later, she tells Imran (in front of Toyah) that everything's alright. Does that mean she isn't preggers?

Despite Tim dropping his trews in front of Dr G, both he and Sal have passed their health check ups (Dr Gaddas is also open on NY Day? Wouldn't her wife have sommat to say about that?) with flying colours (one suspects that Sally's colours are more airborne than anyone else's). Although from Tim's expression, it looks like he's lying about a clean bill of health, and he later makes an appointment without telling Sal.

Oh, and Sam is still talking on the walkie to Hope, but no-one else. I do hope Hope isn't giving him arson tips. Sam is also interested in Roy and Mary's new year's chess game and Roy says he will teach Sam. This is like the beginning of The Queen's Gambit, but without the drug addiction (yet).

Apologies, no review again next Monday as I'll be on holiday. In Bognor. This is not a joke.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Faye hasn't learned her lesson after she left Adam for dead.
I fear that poor Emma will take the fall for the accident.
Surely Craig and Faye are not moving in the salon flat?
There's no room!

Fluttershy said...

I assume the mention of Dr Gaddas having a wife means that they'll both becoming regular characters in the near future?

Sharon boothroyd said...

Corrie fact - Ted was played by Duggie Brown, who is the late Lynne Perrie's (Ivy Tisley) brother off screen.
Yep, it looks like this story is going be put on the back burner for now, until 3 month down the line, when Ted's grandson will look into it.
Why would Abbey and Imran meet in a public seating area to discuss a very private problem?
Why would she turn up at the flat, knowing Toyah will probably be there?
Surely she'd just text him?
It didn't make sense!

Anonymous said...

I think they met there as it'd be more suspicious if they meet elsewhere, such as Roy's rolls. A text can be read by other people.
I think it was meant to cause Imran at much discomfort as possible, which I think it did.
I think it was well publicised who Ted was played by. I hope this makes sense to you now

Anonymous said...

I think the writers got themselves in a right muddle time wise. As you said would the doctors really be open New Year’s Day,along with the garage and the cafe? And according to Nick Sam is starting back at school on Sunday!

coconno196 said...

Ted did admit that he got a "little bump on the head" so he could have had internal bleeding. On the other hand maybe he died of natural causes? Ridiculous to see them cleaning up the crime scene!


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