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Monday 24 January 2022

The Week In Classic Corrie

MONDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 5th and 7th January 2000

Jez arrived at the hospital to visit Leanne just as she was being interviewed so she kept quiet about the attack on the Rovers.  He wiped out her debt in gratitude.  Les boasted about her being the hero of the robbery and an annoyed Toyah suggested she wasn't as innocent as she seemed.  Rita got the Kabin completely rebuilt in about twelve minutes without a sign of a builder (it's now very green); she was considering adding a post office to the shop.  Linda accepted Mike's proposal and went to the Rovers to show off her ring - in front of a sad Alma.  Mark was disgusted with her, but he she threatened to claim he raped her if he tried to tell anyone about their shenanigans.  What a charmer.  Martin told Rebecca that they could only be workmates nothing more.  Obviously he almost immediately turned up on her doorstep for some sex.

TUESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 9th and 10th January 2000

Gwen opened up to Jim about her ex-husband, saying he was a violent man and she never wanted that sort of relationship again.  Jim made a "yikes!" face and pulled at his collar.  He admitted to having hit Liz and Gwen legged it.  Les was on a hunt for Jez Quigley, thanks to a tip from Steve, and he went to the Wethy Arms.  The barman kicked him out, thinking he was a friend of Jez's, giving Les an idea of what kind of scumbag he was.  Dev's philandering past caught up with him when a woman, Amy, arrived from Birmingham professing her love.  He chucked her out, but she ended up at the Rovers and, when she saw there was a vacancy for bar staff, persuaded Natalie to take her on.  It was lucky she had the extra staff because Leanne confessed that the whole robbery was her fault.  Disgusted, Natalie threw her out.

WEDNESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 12th and 14th January 2000

Les managed to track Jez down but it went badly for him.  Jez told him all about Leanne's drug habit, so Les flew back to Coronation Street and confronted her.  Vinnie told Natalie to sack her for being a junkie, but she decided to keep her on if she went to counselling.  Janice meanwhile was upset that Leanne hadn't talked to her.  Dev was horrified to find Amy behind the bar.  He tried to tell her she meant nothing to him but she said she was pregnant.  Gwen decided to forgive Jim, and took him to bed.  It was a great day all round for him, as Natalie asked him to be a temporary manager at the Rovers while she went on holiday with Vinny.  At the factory, Mike was furious to learn he'd taken on Alison while she was pregnant, meaning he was liable for maternity cover.  He instructed his new business partner Mark to fire her but he refused. 

THURSDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 16th and 17th January 2000

Kevin and Alison planned their wedding.  They decided not to invite her parents, what with them thinking she was a murderer.  They did invite Sally to the reception, and Kevin promised not to let the new baby affect his relationship with Sophie and Rosie.  Leanne went to her drug counselling, but didn't enjoy it, possibly because the person running the session was Robert Preston with a Southern accent and she knew deep down he was a chef not a trained counsellor.  She had some cocaine in her handbag but threw it away; she was going to make an effort to go clean.  Mark couldn't stand being around the happy couple any more so he moved out to Sharon's old flat above the Kabin.  Linda thought he was running away from her overpowering sexual allure.  Yes, he is, that's the point.  Dev spoke to Amy and said he'd marry her - if she proved she really was pregnant.  Do you think he promised that to all the women who worked in his corner shops he got pregnant and who've been conveniently forgotten?

FRIDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 19th and 21st January 2000

The row of shops Roy's Rolls is on was being redeveloped by Duggie Ferguson, Tom's dad, but he had a crisis: his contractor had gone bust.  Steve offered his services, which solved one problem, but Tom still wanted nothing to do with him.  Mark introduced his new girlfriend Claire to Mike and Linda.  Linda made it clear she didn't like her.  Dev demanded a picture of the baby's scan, but Amy claimed the machine was broken and it had been cancelled.  Meanwhile she told Leanne that he was pressuring her to have an abortion, and obviously this triggered bad memories for Leanne.  Alison had her hen night with the factory girls in the Rovers so, as he was at a loose end, Kevin popped over to number 13 to check the girls were ready for the wedding in the morning.  He shared a drink with Sally and reminisced about their past together, but it soon devolved into a row as they raked over the coals of his affair and her chain of boyfriends since they'd split.  He ended up confessing he still loved Sally... and they went to bed together (though they seemingly managed to keep their clothes on the whole time, including Sally's roll-neck jumper).  They were full of regret afterwards but they both knew that there was still something between them.

Friday's second episode was broadcast exactly 22 years to the day after it was first shown.  This pleases @merseytart immensely.  

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