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Monday 17 January 2022

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 17th January

Does Covid still exist in the Corrie universe? No-one wears a mask, not even to do that annoying thing where they walk into a building from outside and take their mask off as they enter. Bubbled actors are snogging. People say "we've had a hard year", but that could apply to any year if you're a character on a soap opera. Even Aggie doesn't mention it any more; in fact, her job seems to be comforting/berating Tim rather than changing the bed pans of the unvaccinated. However, I do wonder if the Tim storyline is Covid-adjacent, a bit of a metaphor for the medically-hesitant people who stick their head in the sand and claim that the doctors are wrong rather than take medical advice and procedures freely (literally) available on the NHS. Tim should be flipping happy he's being offered an operation now and not in 2024. The Kate Oates Memorial hospital set must be used, I suppose. 

Anyway, Tim has an appointment at the hospital and says he will tell our Sal the truth after that. In the meantime, Sally finds the broken wedding pic and Tim finds George to arrange his own funeral should anything go wrong with the op (maybe Sally could have taken a leaf out of George's book and bought it for Tim's Xmas present) and also has a meeting with Adam to make a will, which Sally of course thinks is for a divorce. She asks him straight out if he's having an affair and he says no, but still acts shiftily, and so after a drunken conversation with Abi, Sally puts a tracker on his phone.

I am a big fan of the Bernie/Dev pairing (Bev? Dernie?) but I have to say that whilst Dev's donation was generous, why doesn't he just pay Chesney more, then he would be able to pay for Joseph's trip to the war museum? It's like Jeff Bezos paying his deliverers £3 an hour and then dropping off some tins at the foodbank.
Talking of Bernie, does Clint really think his plan for the £29K reward money is going to bear fruit? We all know that the pint-sized Karen Matthews (Hope) is able to lie like a certain blond politician, but Joseph is the weakest link here. He'd fess up for a Sunny Delight and a Dairylea triangle, particularly when Bernie starts questioning him and the devil child about the sweets Hope has bought with her ill-gotten gains. They style it out, but Joseph later gets upset when Gemma treads on his tablet and cracks the screen. Bernie goes to Dev's to ask for first dibs on food items past their sell by and talks about how when she was young and there was mould on the jam, her mum would tell her it was penicillin and it was good for her. Damon Rochefort, I love you, hun, but this joke was used before when Teresa was on the Street.
Gen Z Amy has gone full #MeToo, complaining of the verbal and physical harassment girls at Weathy High have experienced. I think Mrs Crawshaw needs to do a talk in the hall. Instead she suspends Amy for graffiti-ing on the wall (see above). I do hope that Amy isn't going to have loads of free time in which to hang around railings with miscreants. Summer writes an open letter in support of Amy on Insta. That'll show 'em!

Talking of free time, Craig, instead of hunkering down in front of the TV for a Homes Under The Hammer marathon, has decided to spy on the neighbours during his sick leave. What could possibly go wrong?? He goes a bit Rear Window and calls the police on Bob, "a talented actor and driving instructor", who was "fighting" with Mary in the street with a balsa wood sword. I see a boy crying wolf type situation arising.

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E15 said...

Thought we seen a glimpse of the BBC logo when we came back from the break during the 7:30 episode…

coconno196 said...

Maybe this ridiculous Tim & Sally "affair" story is preparing for Sally Dinevor taking time off for Dancing on Ice. She could go to stay with Sophie - why else has she suddenly been mentioned recently?

Sharon boothroyd said...

Ah yes, good point coconno.
Yes, covid seems to have disappeared on the street. Everyone wears masks in shops and I think in secondary schools, but not on Corrie.
I didn't understand why Mary and friend (who we've never seen before) are play acting in the street with a pretend sword like a couple of kids?
Has she joined an am dram group? If so, I missed her mentioning it
I see Adam Barlow is sporting a similar hairstyle to Zeedan's.

C in Canada said...

I think Tim having a heart attack is how Sally gets time off for doing Dancing on Ice - she'll be so focused on Tim's recovery that they just won't feature them for a few weeks.

Anonymous said...

Sally confirmed that she will remain on the show while doing the dancing on ice.


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