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Tuesday 4 January 2022

Ellie Leach interview: Faye and Emma in New Years nightmare

Struggling to adjust to life outside of prison, Faye Windass has again found herself in deep trouble after running over Ted in last night’s episode, whom we later discovered had died. We chatted to Ellie Leach to find out what Faye plans to do next, and whether she'll be able to keep this deadly secret. 

In a bid to settle back into her old life, Faye started driving lessons with Craig. “I think she’s just away with the fairies, to be honest,” Ellie said. “She’s trying her best to do exactly what he’s telling her, but I think it just really frustrates him. That’s why Tim decides to ask Emma if she will give Faye driving lessons because I think he thinks that she’ll be a bit more patient with her.”

As we saw last night, Faye was driving a still tipsy Emma home from a New Years Eve party when Ted stepped out into the road, where Faye then hit him. “Emma’s still a bit tipsy from the night before, she’s having a little bit of fun with it. She’s singing along to the radio and all sorts, and Faye’s obviously trying to concentrate because she’s still a learner driver.

“She’s still a bit wary in the car and she’s trying to tell Emma: ‘Please, can you just calm down, it’s stressing me out.’ This guy just comes from nowhere. They don’t see him until he’s right in front of them.

“She’s worried about what could’ve happened to him, they’ve hit him, and they don’t know whether he’s alive or if he’s dead. Emma’s tipsy, Faye hasn’t got a driver’s licence, she’s just learning. I think she’s just praying that he’s still alive.”

Ted appeared fine, and the girls drove him home and put the kettle on. However, things took a dark turn when they later returned and found Ted had died in his armchair. Ellie said: “Faye’s first thought is: ‘Oh my god, I’m going back to prison.’ I think she’s so worried about going back to prison that she can’t even really begin to think about that they’ve caused this to happen.

“Obviously, then she is worried about what are they going to do because this guy is dead and they’re in his house and they don’t know what to do. It’s only those two who know about it, so if they plan to keep this a secret and they don’t tell anyone else about it, then it’ll all just go away.”

Faye and Emma have become close recently, but could this tragedy put an end to their friendship? “With Emma giving Faye driving lessons, they have built quite a strong bond, and obviously this is a bit of a traumatic thing for them both to go through together. The pressure of that could put pressure on their friendship, but I think for the time being, they are really strong.

“It’s not an easy decision for them to make, but at the time, they just think: ‘What’s going to be the best way for us not to be caught up in all of this.’ Hopefully they’ll be alright, but it depends what happens.”

A week later, Craig sprains his ankle and Tyrone lends him Ted’s crutch, and the pressure increases for Faye. “She hates lying to Craig because he’s such a do-gooder and he always wants to do the right thing. She does want to do the right thing, but it would mean putting herself in a position where she could go back to prison, and she had a hard time there. She doesn’t want to lie to Craig, but I think she know it’s for the best. 

“Over previous years, Craig has done anything and everything to protect Faye. During the storyline where Faye did go to prison, they put their relationship on hold so that he could focus on his career. I just think that he would want to stick by Faye, but also, he’s a police officer, so I think he’d be in a very sticky situation if it came to him finding out.

“Now the crutch is in the situation, it’s going to be hard work. The girls know who’s crutch it is and why it’s there, but Craig doesn’t and he’s so inquisitive about everything, he’ll be asking questions about where it’s from and how it got to be in the flat.”

Trying to move on, Faye feels confident that she can keep this secret on her shoulders, but she’s not so sure about Emma. “I think [Faye] does worry about Emma because she’s a bit of a blabbermouth; she says things without thinking. But then, she also probably thinks: ‘How long can I keep this a secret?’ because obviously it's pressuring her, as well. 

“I think she feels more guilty because she was the one who was driving. I think she’s still carrying guilt from before she went to prison, so it’s probably just all adding up.”

With Faye and Craig agreeing to move in together in last night’s episode, Ellie hopes that they can stay together. “I love working with Colson; he’s my best mate at work, and we always have a laugh.

“I really do hope that Craig and Faye can stay together, and I know they’ve been through a lot and still come this far, so I’m hoping that they can carry on the relationship and kind of put things behind them.”

With the threat of going back to prison looming, can Faye keep this terrible secret? 

Sophie Williams

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