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Monday 24 January 2022

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 24th January

Tim is having his chest shaved by a nurse for the operation - the NHS version of the back, sack and crack. As well as the nurse visiting him, both Sally and Elaine turn up and have a a war of the blouses over Tim's bedside. Sally's still banging on about how Tim didn't tell her about his condition, so it can't be long now before she leaves for Bovingdon. Tim goes under the knife earlier than expected and thinks that he hallucinates Sally fighting with a copper. It turns out that it wasn't a dream: Sally is in the cop shop and Elaine and Faye agree to keep it a secret. Instant karma, hey. This doesn't last very long though as Sally's al fresco toilet activities at NYE are revealed on the front page of the Gazette and to the police. I guess this puts paid to Sally's council ambitions? Unless she's going for the undinist vote. She is released with a caution, however, and returns to Kate Oates Memorial to reconcile with Tim and help him with a little public urination.

Dev wants to make an official announcement that he and Bernie are an item, so invites the whole Brown-Winters-Alahan clan to Speed Daal. In the meantime, Bernie tells Hope she's onto her and the scam, but says she'll be OK as long as she doesn't tell anyone anything. I'd be careful if I were Bernie, she doesn't want there to be a mysterious fire at number 5, does she? She also makes Joseph promise not to say owt, which I think will last until....second week of February?

Maybe now that Dev is Chesney's step-father-in-law (sort of), he can up Ches's wages, right? Or at least restore him to his rightful position of kebab shop manager, rather than just dump pink wafers near their sell-by on him.

Meanwhile, in the house of crime, there are some shenanigans about Craig's tablet and deleting an email. The fact that Emma and Fay(e) think that Craig is capable of solving a mystery shows how guilty they are feeling about dead Ted. But even if Craig worked out who the crutch belonged to, Emma (allegedly) found it in a charity shop, so how could it be linked to her or Faye? Anyway, Craig is called into the station, the girls worry that they've been found out, but it turns out Craig's been told off for wasting police resources on his stupid quest. Should've got into Wordle like everyone else, Craigy-boi!

Lydia congratulates Amy on her protest, saying she wants her son to grow up to respect women. I guess she wants her son to grow up better than Adam? Amy gets over-excited about her school win and she lets slip about Summer - and Daniel's suspension. Lydia quizzes Daniel about this and later says to Sarah that she thinks she should dump him, although Daisy sticks up for him and Lydia changes her mind.

And finally, Leo goes off to sort out the house that his smug housemates have just vacated. Does this man ever do any work? Has he packed in working for the water board in order to live off his sugar mummy? No wonder Weatherfield is sinking under all of its sinkholes. Whilst he's out, Carla takes the opportunity to have a go at the fragrant Jenny Bradley, telling her that she's neglecting her family (i.e. Johnny's family) for her new boyf, which is Jenny's prerogative, to be quite honest. The person Carla thinks Jenny is abandoning is Kate, who needs some cash for her extended world travelling. This is the same Kate who didn't bother coming back for Johnny's funeral? Just get a job in a bar, Kate! Carla then says that it's too soon after Johnny for Jenny to be dating - this is forgetting that they had split up long before Johnny dived into that sinkhole. Jenny tells Carla to do one, although she later she says to Leo that they should be taking it more slowly. Tsk.

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Anonymous said...

Dev and Bernie’s get together was like the Platt/Barlow Christmas do where half the people didn’t turn up or disappeared. No sign of Asha, Paul ‘couldn’t make it, Ches disappeared with the quads and why on earth would Joseph go back with him?
I was disappointed that Bernie didn’t get the make up on and do something different with her hair.

Anonymous said...

It's the old 4 people per scene Covid restrictions that they're still filming under. Hope that answers your query

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the reason that Kate couldn't attend her father's funeral was due to Covid restrictions?
Regardless of where she is,I think Kate is entitled to a share of her father's estate[same with Carla]more that Jenny who did cheat on Johnny with Ronnie when Johnny was in prison.
As for Leo,I think it will end in tears for Jenny as he'll pull either a con or a robbery on the Rovers with his friends.

Anonymous said...

Carla needs to back off, who Jenny dates is none of her business.
I also wish Bernie would fix herself up a bit, at least get a haircut.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I hope Jenny won't stay with Leo for very long. In the tradition of Corrie's female licensees, Jenny shouldn't settle down with a partner too quickly - if ever. The actress does comedy and tragedy so well that it would be a pity for her life to be on an even keel.

Bobby Dazzler said...

I love Dev and Bernie together, but we knew it wouldn't be smooth sailing didn't we?
As for Jenny...what? What is the weird thing about moving in with someone as soon as they've had sex a couple of times? What happened to dating? ewwww
Johnny didn't leave anything to the girls, it (20 thousand) went to Jenny..she's being generous to give some to Kate...and as for Carla..Pot, kettle, black...
Jenny and Johnny were not together when he died...and ..he's dead, not coming back...she has a right to live


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