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Saturday 1 January 2022

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 31 December

Happy New Year Corrie fans, it’s Kelly here with your Friday night review. 

At the Rovers, Daisy finds Jenny awake at 5am putting her face on, so that her younger lover won’t see her looking less than perfect when he wakes up. Her misgivings are compounded when Leo talks about an NYE house-party plans with his millennial mates. Despite Daisy trying to convince her that she is gorgeous and Leo adores her, Jen worries about the age gap. This is ridiculous for many reasons, for one I’m pretty sure Johnny was about 200 years older than her, but mainly that Jenny is of course a goddess and should probably have temples built in her honour and possibly the occasional sacrifice.

Over at No. 13, Abi is still obsessing over Kelly when Kev decides to deliver the knockout blow of some home truths. He points out while Kelly did start the chain of violence that led to Seb’s murder, Abi put in motion the circumstances that led to Natasha’s death, so they’re kinda quits. My goodness, that was very intelligent and perceptive for Kev wasn’t it. I thought the inside of his head was completely filled with fanbelts and chippy teas? Maybe this is a new Kev? And if so, can he please get a new jacket. He’s been wearing that purple monstrosity since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Things are looking up for Kelly herself. She’s been offered her job at the salon back and is settling into living at Chez Gaz and Maria. This is despite getting stick for spending too much time in the shower and destroying the polar ice caps by Weatherfield’s answer to Greta Thunberg. Just out of interest Maria, have you got rid of your huge gas-guzzling Chelsea tractor yet? 

Meanwhile, Sarah and Adam check into their NYE hotel. It’s quickly ruined when an indiscreet waiter tells Adam not to forget his wallet again, and it transpires that it’s the same hotel where he did the dirty with Carla. When Sarah questions why he would bring her back to the scene of the crime, he doesn’t help himself by admitting he booked the hotel because he had a voucher for a spa treatment. I mean I won’t go down the Scot’s being tight route because I’m better than that but... With the moment ruined, Sarah then ups the stakes by telling him she knows him and Lydia were together for six months and, before you can say complimentary slippers, they’re having a full-blown row. Sarah storms off to the Rovers to drown her sorrows with new bestie Lydia, who calls Adam cheap and shifty (hmm does the lady protest too much?), while Adam takes advice from the Street's top shagger, his ageing lothario grandad. When he finds Sarah again, she tells him she can’t trust him anymore, which seems like something of an overreaction from someone with quite a few exes of her own (most of whom are living or buried less than 10 metres away).

Elsewhere, Faye is continuing to badger her friends and family for free driving lessons. She’s got a job now hasn’t she, I don’t suppose it would occur to her to actually pay for some professional ones? At the end of a fairly fraught journey with Emma and Tim she manages to shut her poor dad’s fingers in the car door. She and Emma take him to A&E only for Emma to spot Curtis in the car park. She apologises to him for not believing him over the missing money and with zero shame about his other gigantic whoppers, he makes her feel guilty for not believing him. He then tells her he’s at the hospital for a psychiatrist appointment, but she spies him in the cardiology department up to his old tricks trying to convince the nurse that he’s dying. When she confronts him, he tells her he still loves her, but she realises that she can’t help him anymore and ends it for good. You’re well rid Em! 

As the new year fireworks begin, Leo turns up at the Rovers having ditched the house party to snuggle up with Jenny, and Sally gets blotto leading to her getting caught short in the garden and her and Tim pledging to start a healthier lifestyle in 2022. 

Finally, Abi sends Imran a  text saying she needs to see him urgently and tells him she thinks she is pregnant. Really? A one-night stand in Corrie resulting in an unwanted pregnancy? Well, we didn’t see that coming did we…said no one…ever!

And that’s it for 2021. What are your Corrie hopes for 2022? Mine are for Jenny and Leo to get a happy storyline and him to not turn into a dodgy bloke who’s after her money and for someone to for the love of God give the residents of the Street a crash course in contraception.

If you can think of some better resolutions for the characters let me know in the comments or on twitter @mskelstar. Happy 2022!

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Anonymous said...

Sarah is getting really irritating, she is the one that keeps trying to rake up Adam’s past and make a big thing of it. She knew he’d had quite a few girlfriends before she married him and as this blog has pointed out she was hardly the virgin bride herself.
I cannot believe that Sally would stoop so low ( no pun intended!) as to relieve herself in a public area.
Well done Kevin for putting Abi straight but why didn’t he do it weeks ago? Though I still have no idea what he sees in her.

Anonymous said...

Brill review, as always, but here ooop North, we have Cheshire tractors, but Chelsea tractors. Same thing, just slightly less as expensive

Anonymous said...

Finally,Kevin told Abi a few home truths about her actions which led to Natasha's death!
Perhaps Kevin should have added that at least Abi got to see Seb grow up whereas Natasha will never see Sam grow up.

I'm also getting tired of Sarah,who seems to be regressing into a spoilt teenager wanting to be the center of attention and is a hyporcrite judging Adam when she had 3 children with three different fathers[2 before she turned 18!}!
I feel sorry for Adam who can do no right in his wife's eyes and if Sarah is not careful she'll lose him.

CK said...

I wonder if someone filmed Sally going in public to use against her in election? Also, I guess Sarah will sleep with someone and get pregnant and Adam will think it's his and then Lydia will say her son is his...another convoluted family tree

Sharon boothroyd said...

I agree about Sarah being a spoilt brat.
She seems to be arguing for no apparent reason.
It's irrelevant that she's had 3 children by 3 different fathers before she was 18. However, I couldn't quite see why she is determined to go over Adam's past.
That hotel/ classy bar/ wedding venue set is from Stillwaters, as they kept the goldy panels.
Sally was literally a few steps from her front door, so why Ms snobby needed to pee in public is beyond me. Would she really do this?
As you say Anon, maybe someone has filmed it or taken a snap to disgrace her?
Calling Ken a serial shagger is crass and unkind. I don't think he's had many one- night stands, they were all relationships, long- term affairs and marriages.


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