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Friday 14 January 2022

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Friday 14 January 2022


THE JIG IS ALMOST UP FOR JOSEPH After a fruitless night searching for Joseph, Chesney’s at his wit’s end. Dev offers to set up a fundraising appeal so he can offer a reward for information. Fiz orders Hope to tidy her room and explains that someone is coming to value the house. Hope watches from her bedroom window as a tearful Chesney and Gemma make a public appeal for the safe return of Joseph. Meanwhile, a forlorn Joseph wanders the streets carrying a holdall and a rolled up tent. A strung out Chesney admits to Gemma that he fears he’ll never see his son again. Evelyn’s horrified to realise Hope has slipped out while her back was turned. Having called Tyrone and ascertained that Hope isn’t with him, Fiz is beside herself. 

SUMMER GETS AN AWFUL SHOCK As Summer and Amy head out of the hospital after Summer’s diabetes appointment, Jacob approaches with his arm in a sling. Jacob assures them that he no longer has anything to do with the drugs gang. Amy orders him to stay away. In Victoria Garden, Amy and Summer are disgusted to find Max looking at an upskirting photo on his phone. Summer’s horrified to realise it’s a photo of her. Amy and Asha urge Summer to report the upskirting photo to the police, but Summer’s too embarrassed. Amy tears a strip off Max for looking at upskirting pictures and tells him she intends to find out who’s taking the photos and make sure they’re punished. In the flat, Summer stuffs herself with chocolate and then heads to the bathroom where she makes herself sick.

TIM FEARS SALLY MORE THAN THE OPERATION As Sally casts her eye over Maria’s election pamphlet, she’s furious to realise Tim must have let slip about County’s new training ground plans. In the Rovers, Tim confides in Peter that he’s awaiting a triple bypass operation but can’t bring himself to tell Sally. Tim swears Peter to secrecy leaving him deeply concerned. Tim returns home and as he takes off his coat, he knocks their wedding photo off the sideboard, smashing it to smithereens.

CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME FOR YASMEEN When Zeedan suggests they use Hashim’s dirty money to pay for somewhere else to live, Alya reckons it’s a terrible idea. Bernie calls at Speed Daal with a collection box for Joseph’s appeal. Yasmeen eyes the box thoughtfully. When Ryan reveals that someone has made an anonymous donation of £30k to Joseph’s reward fund, Zeedan and Alya suspect their Gran of giving away Hashim’s cash.

ELSEWHERE Shona starts work at the Kabin and takes a delivery of new stock from Gordon, a supplier. Declaring that she can’t take any more of his boring stories, Shona shoos Gordon out of the Kabin. Jenny warns her that Rita and Gordon are the best of friends. In the Rovers, Sally and Maria row over County’s plans for the new training ground. 

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Fluttershy said...

Why is Herp's bedroom the one at the front? These houses still only have one window at the front,and that's the big one. Did Tyrone ever have that loft extension he started? (Todd bought dodgy timber for Jason's builders, Tyrone fell through). And where is Ruh-Beh? We only get occasional glimpses of her.

Anonymous said...

The girl's may have the bigger bedroom as there's 2 of them? That's not something that'd concerned me before.
It's been mentioned on here numerous times that Corrie are still filming under the 4 people per scene rule. If Ruby, that's how we pronounce it here in Manc, is not needed then she won't be in the scene

Anonymous said...

I'm also wondering where is Ruby?[I hope she isn't framed for Joseph's dissappearence.]
Perhaps Ruby is the one who reveals where Joseph is?
As for Fiz,she couldn't be bothered to contact Tyrone to help Chesney search for Joseph but is upset that Hope is 'missing' and expects Tyrone's help?

Anonymous said...

Please see reply above for details about Ruby.
Fizz did try to contact Tyrone. He was out on a call.
Hope isn't missing, she spoke to Fizz to ask for some crisps to give to Joseph

Sharon boothroyd said...

I knew it would be resolved quickly, as they couldn't have a missing child story drag on.
I still don't understand why Tim doesn't tell Sally about his heart. It seems silly, really.
Ches and Gemma seem to leave those 2 year- old quads upstairs a lot!
I know it's due to filming restrictions, but... this is why trying to portray reality doesn't work sometimes.
I liked how Shona got rid of the boring sweetie chap!
I wish they'd give Ryan a better job on the street.
He's not a bad actor, but he's been Alya's sidekick for a long time now. A thirtieth birthday stuck with those 2 miseries in a run- down cafe can't be much fun.
He needs to break free of that family and stride out.


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