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Wednesday 12 January 2022

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Wednesday 12 January 2022


CHESNEY GOES BEHIND JOSEPH’S BACK Chesney quizzes Joseph about the bullies at school and offers to speak to his teacher. But Joseph gets upset, adamant that would only make matters worse. When Chesney goes behind Joseph’s back an angry Joseph is furious with his dad for breaking his promise and reporting the bullies.  Chesney feels awful and heads out to the backyard to apologise to Joseph, only to discover him missing. After a fruitless search, Chesney returns home and reveals Joseph’s run away. Gemma calls the police.

MARRIUM DOESN’T BUY ZEEDAN’S LIES Marrium discovers that Yasmeen has disowned Alay and Zedan and demands to know what is going on.

AMY SENDS SUMMER SPIRALLING Aadi urges Amy to bury the hatchet with Summer as they used to get on so well. Summer returns home with a bag of junk food, but suddenly she’s startled when Amy appears. Summer quickly hides the food, hoping Amy didn’t notice it.

ELSEWHERE When Sally suggests a dip in the hot tub, Tim makes excuses and Sally’s hurt. When Jenny lets slip that Tim bought a huge bunch of flowers earlier, Sally’s pleased.

When Brian and Cathy reveal that they’re booking a holiday, Jenny urges them to book some cover, convinced Rita won’t be able to cope on her own.


JOSEPH HOPES TO MAKE A POINT Chesney and Gemma report Joseph missing to the police.  As the officer heads out, Chesney fears for Joseph’s safety and scours the streets for his son. When Gemma comes out of No.5 and reveals that the police have found Joseph’s jumper. Chesney feels sick. When Hope wonders what’s going on, Fiz explains that Joseph’s missing. 

ZEEDAN MAKES A SACRIFICE When Zeedan refuses to be drawn, Marrium takes offence and asserts that if he can’t be honest with her, they should call it a day. When Zeedan tells Alya that it’s time he told Marrium the truth about the money laundering or he’ll lose her for good, Alya warns him that he’s in danger of losing his family instead. What will he do? SUMMER CAN’T PURGE HER ANXIETY Having clocked the sweets, Amy assures Summer it’s up to her what she eats.  A guilty Summer makes out they’re not for her. Summer returns home and takes out her stash of sweets, loads them into her school bag.

ELSEWHERE Brian explains to Rita that he and Cathy are off to Cornwall tomorrow but he’s arranged for Shona to help out in the Kabin. As Rita talks Shona through her duties, Shona assures her she won’t let her down. Tim calls at No.3 and with flowers for Aggie and thanks her for all her support. When Tim returns home without any flowers and heads straight to bed, Sally’s convinced he’s hiding something.

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Anonymous said...

For heaven's sake isn't Rita's retirement long overdue! She is in her 80's, a tad old to be standing behind a counter all day. I am surprised the Kabin is still in business, what with Dev's next door. Time to shut it down.

C in Canada said...

I think that would be Rita's choice no?
If she feels up to it, then let her be there, what harm does it do?
Also, Dev's doesn't sell newspapers/magazines/cards etc which is what the Kabin specializes in. Dev's is more of a small grocers.
Brian and Cathy were an excellent choice to keep the Kabin going strong!

Fluttershy said...

Quite why the quads are sleeping and crying like newborns is a mystery, they're two.

Sue said...

I think Rita likes working at the Kanin cause it makes her feel useful as I think when Brian & Cathy brought the shop there was a storyline about Rita being old & useless.
I’m surprised that the factory is still in business but they need some sort of big employment on the street and the factory has been there forever.
If I was Joseph I would be running away to get some attention too poor kid living with 3 adults and 4 baby siblings in that tiny house.


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