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Friday 7 January 2022

Coronation Street Episode Review; Wednesday 5th January 7.30 & 8.30 pm

Happy New Year!. My first review of 2022, and it seems Corrie has begun this year with crime capers, albeit with a few familiar plot devices, that raise a few more questions from your dedicated Corrie connoisseur! We may have left behind 2021 and Curtis’ factitious heart defect, but with the new year dawning, Corrie has begun 2022 by giving Tim a heart defect instead!. Nurse Aggie continues to cover for him, and accompanying him to the hospital, the consultant tells Tim that he needs a triple heart bypass! Less factitious then, and more like Tim being the new Jack Duckworth / Stan Ogden etc. Also, unsure if Sally has had a personality transplant, or is Aggie been moulded into a new confidante for Tim? 

Following their New Year hit and run death crash, Emma and Faye have gone from being newly acquainted friends - to partners in a dubious crime - to being flatmates! I wasn’t sure where Craig was living (if with Beth and Kirk, then where do they live?) I think he’s lived with Sally and Tim for just a few days, and aside from the ‘sexy’ dancing and fitness fads, you can’t blame him for wanting to move. That said, he’s a copper, and his ex-convict girlfriend has just committed another litany of crimes, so we can see where this is heading? Also, I'm not being funny or anything, but couldn’t they have given Emma a break? The ditzy airhead has had a run of bad romances, yes, but I’m unsure whether she has the character to carry a criminal conscience, like her Dad Steve did, for example. 

Anyway, Faye left a false nail at their victims flat, which puts Faye at the crime scene, and Emma signed for a parcel. With PC Tinker on the case, will Craig end up covering for his girlfriend and flatmate? It remains to be seen, of course, I just wonder how much many Corrie crime capers the writers can muster? 

Another thing with this New Year dawning, it seems Speed Daal (fire damaged and closed days before Christmas) is redecorated and ready for reopening!? Did I miss something? The fire was just before Christmas Day 2021, it’s now the first week in January 2022, and the place is ready to dish out the street food! Insurance money paid up, did it? Also, what happened to the £50K money laundering plot? Did that die with Hashim? Who owns the place, now? Tim’s Mum sold her bit, didn’t she? With the romance between Zee and Mariam seemingly refiring, I guess that Hashim death/crime/money plot will reignite again, too! I’m a big fan of Alya, Yasmeen, and Ryan, just another wrath of corrie crime, isn’t it! With ex-homeless Stu suddenly cheffing in the place, Yasmeen will be distracted by a newly budding romance? Meanwhile, I’m chuffed to see my favourite, Peter Barlow, back on the cobbles - but I do wonder where Carla is ?!  

Elsewhere - Sam finally speaks, and Lydia gets a new job at Underworld. More trouble for Adam and Sarah, I assume. Let’s hope it doesn’t lead to a crime! 
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Fluttershy said...

Kirk and Beth live in the flat above the kebab shop, I believe. I think they used to live in the flat above the community centre but moved next door following Aiden's suicide. There was a jokey storyline about Beth eyeing up the flat during the funeral or some such.


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