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Saturday 1 January 2022

Rebecca Ryan interview: Newcomer Lydia set to cause trouble in 2022

After befriending Sarah and developing an attraction to Daniel, newcomer Lydia is set to cause quite a stir on the street in 2022. We chatted with Rebecca Ryan about Lydia’s potential to cause trouble, as well as how Rebecca is settling in on the cobbles, and familiar family! 

“Lydia is a really fun, cool girl,” Rebecca said. “She’s there to sort of cause a little bit of trouble, but not for her own doing. She gets put in situations, shall we say, that she reacts to.”

Since Lydia’s recent arrival, she has found a good friend in Sarah, but soon realised she has a previous connection with Sarah’s husband, Adam. “[Lydia] sees him and realises, ‘Oh, I recognise him’. They had a 6-month long relationship years ago back in the uni days, and he doesn’t remember her, he doesn’t know who she is.

“That’s a bit of a punch in the gut. She’s a bit upset by it and a bit taken aback by it that he doesn’t remember this relationship, but then as things go on, stuff happens where he doesn’t seem to like her being on the street or around Sarah because they become really good friends.”

Amid the drama between Lydia, Sarah, and Adam, there is also an instant attraction between Lydia and Daniel. However, this is not plain sailing either…

Lydia said: “I think it’s a genuine, instant attraction and they’ve got a lot in common. They read a lot of the same books and poetry; they’re very like-minded, it’s just unfortunate he happens to be related to Adam. That doesn’t help the situation because then I think if anything does happen, she immediately blames Adam for sort of ruining things.

“I think they would be really good together. Like I say, they’ve got a lot in common, they’ve got a lot of similar interests. For Lydia, it’s just come at a really awkward time because he has still got this thing with Daisy. Taking everyone else out of the situation, they probably would get on really well, and they probably would have a lovely little relationship, but that’s not how it works in the land of Corrie.”

With Lydia making her presence known, Rebecca told us how much she’s enjoying her time on Corrie. “It’s been a dream come true, especially being from Manchester myself; it’s such an iconic show. Everyone is so lovely, so I’m having the best time.

“It’s lovely getting to work with Tina [O’Brien, who plays Sarah] again because we worked together on Waterloo Road, so that makes it feel much more comfortable and lovely.

“I would love to work with Sally Carmen [who plays Abi] again because we worked together for a few years in Shameless, and I think she’s incredible.”

It’s not just Tina and Sally providing a familiar face for Rebecca in the studio, as Corrie fans will know her brother, Jack James Ryan, as the recently returned Jacob Hay. “It’s so amazing to be working with Jack,” Rebecca told us. 

“That is a dream come true to be able to work with Jack at the same time in the same thing. Jack came on Casualty while I was there, but we didn’t get to work together on it. I’ve worked with my older brother, Charlie, before because we’re all actors. 

“We’ve only had one day up to now where we’ve actually been in at the same time. I think as it goes along now, there’ll be more days we’re in at the same time, which is good for [Jack]. He’s like, ‘Can you come in earlier and drop me off please?’ So at least he’s getting a lift there and back now!”

Viewers will have to wait and see what Lydia will get up to in the new year, but Rebecca told us what she hopes for Lydia’s future. “I’m looking forward to her causing a bit of trouble because that’s always good to play. 

“She doesn’t go in there intending to cause trouble, she doesn’t do these things just because she wants to ruin everyone’s lives. I do want to show the nice, softer side that she [has], and she is creating genuine friendships, and her relationship with Daniel is a genuine connection. I just hope that comes across.”

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