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Thursday 20 January 2022

Coronation Street Episode Review; Wednesday 19th January 7.30 & 8.30 pm

In the week that a real-life cost of living crisis has engulfed the U.K, you cannot fault Corrie for this Joseph storyline and its epic timing. The Brown/Winters clan are a family of working-class adults with multiple kids and scant funds. It's a storyline that would resonate anyway, now so, more than ever. Remembering that whole supermarket/promo plot from the past, I think this current strand gives the reality of their situation much more credit, and it does have legs for longevity during 2022. Tonight, with a reporter on their toes, and money woes in droves I think I may be right, and I'm also becoming a fan of Clint. Tonight’s line of the night went to Chesney ‘I could have kissed that Clint!’ It’s a bit early for that kinda talk, but I do hope we see more from the hippy, who has an element of Spider Nugent about his person, which I quite like. It's also worth mentioning that more Bernie screentime is a good thing too. The moral dilemma and display of matriarchal pride is a long-held corrie story arc. It has long been tried and tested, and this is my favourite storyline of the year so far.  

Tim and Sally’s marriage woes are entertaining! but, is it overshadowing this serious issue of triple-heart bypass surgery? Life on Coronation Street is very issue-heavy at the minute, and if we're having to add humour to a middle-aged man's health crisis, isn't it time to slow down the pace of such storylines? I’m unsure why Tim hasn’t told Sally yet, nor Faye come to think of it, and Sally’s drunkenness (alongside phone tagging/stalking) has been a little out of character for her. I’m assuming Steve’s Christmas visit to that castle in Wales has kept him off-screen, which is why Peter is playing BFF for this storyline. My main concern is when Tim will finally admit the truth? 

The other entertaining (?) strand to tonight’s episodes *I think* is Faye and Emma’s crime story - or have I got that wrong? Is the crutch of this story a literal crutch, and not the (drunk driving instructor) hit & run death of an old man! Craig’s policing skills are a long-held joke, so maybe that is what this is? I am a fan of Faye and did hope for retribution for her (Kelly Neelan style) so this crime malarky is a bit of a letdown, and to quote our Faye tonight - ‘It’s a bit weird’

Summer’s diabetic / eating disorder/uni application issue fest now has added upskirting and going viral into her heady mix of sensitive woke soup. Women’s lib remains a highly contentious issue and I even enjoyed the feminist education slant. I always thought Pankhurst was the horse one too! although I do appreciate my educational tips from Roy Cropper if I’m honest.  However, hasn’t Summer got enough (or not enough) on her plate, already? Talking of Miss Goody two shoes, Amy Barlow, being uncharacteristically rebellious (even with her parentage) is also what I'm here for, and more Tracy on our screen is always a gift! 
I think these heavy issue / woke storylines are relevant, gleaned from the headlines, and what today’s audience expects. Mixing the older / legacy characters into things means a confident start to Corrie in 2022, and I'm enjoying these Wednesday night reviews! Let us know what you think! 

Elsewhere on the cobbles (or, stuff I don’t find too interesting); The Nazir saga continues, Dev and Bernie have a lovers tiff, and Shona tells Abie about Tim and Aggie’s secret liaisons. 

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Louby said...

I've been a Corrie fan for about 45 years now, and I really like the good young characters who are in it now; Amy, Summer, Aadi, Asha, and most of all Nina. Storylines can be a bit dubious but their acting is excellent. I just wish it wasn't all so "issue driven".

C in Canada said...

I also fail to understand why Tim won't tell Sally about having to have heart surgery. Wouldn't you want the support of your spouse through a health crisis? I don't get it.

C in Canada said...

Does the UK not get any snow??


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