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Wednesday 5 January 2022

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Wednesday 5 January 2022


TIM IS HEARTENED TO FIND A FRIEND IN AGGIE Sally insists Tim goes on a run with her but worried about his heart he is going too slow and lets Sally go on ahead. Aggie secretly goes with him for his appointment after he refuses again to tell Sally but Tim is shocked when the consultant tells him he needs a triple heart bypass.
ALYA SEES AN OPPORTUNITY TO GET RID OF MARRIUM As Yasmeen and Stu get the restaurant ready for tomorrow’s reopening, Alya reminds Zeedan that it’s time he got shut of Marrium. In Victoria Garden, Zeedan and Marrium admit they’re going to miss each other and kiss tenderly.
ELSEWHERE. When Daniel wants to know why Lydia lost her job, a frosty Sarah suggests he asks Adam. 


TIM’S HEART SINKS AT THE REALITY OF HIS SITUATION The consultant warns Tim that without an operation, his next heart attack could be fatal. Tim struggles to cope with the diagnosis and remains in denial despite Aggie imploring him to listen to what the consultant has said. Sally is hurt when he refuses her suggestion of a sexy night in.
FAYE AND EMMA AGREE TO STICK TOGETHER When Craig reveals that he’s arranged for them to move into the salon flat with Tyrone and Emma, Faye does her best to hide her unease. Emma heads home to find Craig and Faye on the doorstep with their bags. She’s not happy to discover they’re moving in.
ZEEDAN AND MARRIUM REKINDLE THEIR RELATIONSHIP Zeedan confesses to Marrium that he’s still in love with her and reckons they should give their marriage another chance.  Marrium admits she feels the same and suggests she moves up to Manchester, Zeedan’s taken aback. How will Alya react to this development 
ADAM IS IN THE FIRING LINE When Lydia reveals that Carla’s given her the PA job at the factory and it was Adam who sorted it out, Sarah’s pleased for her and Adam’s relieved to have finally got something right. Sarah finds Adam busy cleaning the word ‘scum’ off his office window. Adam reckons it must be Jeremy Bremner’s doing and he still hasn’t got over his boundary dispute.
ELSEWHERE In the cafe Mary sets about teaching Sam some famous chess moves.
Having borrowed Hope’s walkie-talkies, Nick plays chess with Sam in the bistro and Sam talks to him for the first time since his Mum’s death. Nick’s overjoyed.

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My opinion is that Lydia wrote that bit about Adam being scum. I also believe she's only dating Daniel to upset and unnerve Adam! What worries me the most is that no one will come out of this unscathed! I wish the writers had just left well enough alone and kept Daniel and Daisy together! Why the writers are causing so much havoc and poison in the Barlow's is beyond me. The only positive thing they've done is to bring Roy back! Now if they would just stop this nonsense about Fiz trying to sell Tyrone's house that'd be great! Fiz OWNS the house that Chesney lives in. Why doesn't she sell that house or why doesn't Tyrone threaten to turn her into the council for not living in it herself and subletting it to her brother? Then why won't the writer's do something about Ruby going home to live with her Father??? I mean Tyrone is her Legal father, Fiz is not any form of a legal relative or guardian! It's about time these Writers brought Coronation Street back to it's original moralistic foundation that Tony Warren intended!! The way it started was the way it was ment to go on! Not this current mess!

Louby said...

I must have missed the bit where Fiz owns Chesney's house. I thought it was still a council/association house which it became after Don Brennan died and the Battersbys moved in.

I agree it's a mess! We've had enough of affairs and children turning up to surprise their father who previously didn't know they existed!

Sharon boothroyd said...

I didn't know Fiz owned Chesney's house either.
When did that happen? Why hasn't Ty said to her 'You own Chesney's house- why not sell that instead?'
I also wonder what happened to Evelyn's house, and Cathy's house, too.
The writers cause havoc because they need to introduce conflict and therefore drama.
That's what makes strong, entertaining fiction, and motivates people to watch TV, plays and films, and read fiction, too.
If everyone on Corrie lived happily ever after, it'd be pretty boring to watch! When they do, we don't see it, because it'd be dreary for the viewing audience.
But I was moved by Sam and Nick talking on the walkie talkies.
No-one is supposed to come out of the Sarah /Adam/ Lydia triangle unscathed.
If you've seen the spoilers, you should know that Lydia is going to turn out to be a bad 'un.
I think it's clever how she's already manipulated Sarah and Adam into quarrelling.
I'm sure there is more to come for Daisy and Daniel.

Anonymous said...

Evelyn was due to leave her previous property, that's good she ended up living with Tyrone.
It's been said on here before that I think that Ruby is still with Fizz and Hope as, although not biological sisters, Tyrone has allowed them to stay together as they've grown up together, which seems fair enough

Anonymous said...

I thought the council owned Chesney's house not Fiz?!
Besides it would make Fiz look more heartless throwing her brother and his family out of the house then it does manipulating Tyrone to sell his.


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